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Paris Hilton And Her Fiancé Talked More Shit About Lindsay Lohan

August 3, 2018 / Posted by:

Because Parasite Hilton got a lot of attention (read: posts from TMZ and this damn site) for spitting out Lindsay Lohan’s name again and again, she’s back at it.  While walking through LAX (which is one of Paris Hilton’s few professional skills. alongside speaking in fake falsetto and achieving success with only four combined brain cells) TMZ asked her and fiancé Chris Zylka more about what they thought about Lindsay’s reality show. First they laughed off the question about watching the show, saying they were “too busy…we’re working!” Yeah, Chris you better work hard if you want to pay back your Sugar Mama for that ring she bought herself. Once pressed for any advice which they could give Lindsay before her big show, Chris gave this actually-useful piece of wisdom: “Stop.”

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Open Post: Hosted By Paris Hilton Reminding You How Much She Hates Lindsay Lohan

July 18, 2018 / Posted by:

For the second time in twice as many months, Paris Hilton has taken time out of her busy schedule of ring-polishing and DJing to drag Lindsay Lohan on social media. Eh, I’m sure Lindsay appreciates the Google alert.

The Cut noticed that Paris commented on an Instagram video posted yesterday by a fan account. The video was from 2006, in which a much-fresher Lindsay tells paparazzi that Paris hit her with a drink at a party. Lindsay later walked back her story for a new set of photographers, saying Paris was her friend, and that her friend would never hurt her.

Paris could have kept her shadiness subtle by simply liking the video of Lindsay being peak-messy. Instead, she chose to comment with a laughing-till-crying emoji and the hashtag #PathologicalLiar. Hmmmm….Lindsay said something that clearly wasn’t true? Call me crazy, but I’m starting to think the black kid maybe wasn’t driving after all.

It’s really too bad that Paris and Lindsay can’t get along. They seem like a perfect match for each other. They both still love those mid-2000s thick n’ long hair extensions, they’re still spending most of their time in clubs, and they love attention. Honestly, 50 years from now, if you put them in a dilapidated home filled with cigarettes and EDM music, you’ve got a great remake of Grey Gardens.


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