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Night Crumbs

May 16, 2017 / Posted by:

Zac Efron must really want to hear the apocalypse-summoning words, “And the Oscar for Best Actor goes to Zac Efron,” because he’s playing Ted Bundy in a movie. I can’t wait for his Oscar campaign tour when he tells reporters that he really sacrificed for his art by working out for 4 hours a day instead of his usual 8 – Lainey Gossip

Pirates of the Caribbean 5 has been snatched by cyber pirates who are demanding a ransom from Disney to not leak bits of it on torrent sites like Pirate Bay. I really didn’t type the word “pirate” enough in that sentence, so pirate pirate pirate! – Celebitchy

I read “Kendall Jenner Fakes Eating Shit,” and thought, damn, Pimp Mama Kris is really making her hos take it to the next level in their leaked sex tapes – Drunken Stepfather

Kid Flash from The Flash came out as bi – Towleroad

What in warped constipation-face HELL is going on with Gigi Hadid’s mug in that fourth picture? – Popoholic

Gaze at the burrito peen of some Italian footballer, because why not? – OMG Blog

If Bella Thorne takes a picture and she’s not flashing her belly button in it, did she really take the picture at all? That is the question! – Hollywood Tuna

Honestly, I’d rather see the actual Queen Elizabeth II as Lisbeth SalanderPajiba

Katy Perry is officially an American Idol judge now – SOW

Well, if you got ass injections or butt implants, you’d want to show them off on Instagram too – IDLYITW

HBO ordered a spin off of The Young Pope (YES!!!!) but Jude Law is probably not going to be in it (NO!!!!) – Just Jared

Abby Wambach and her Christian mommy blogger girlfriend got married – Popsugar

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Night Crumbs

May 15, 2017 / Posted by:

St. Angie Jolie had a Mother’s Day dinner with Pax last night and no other members of the child army were seen. I’m going to guess that the others did go, but decided that they didn’t want to use their allowance money to pay for that fancy Mother’s Day dinner so they dined, ditched and left poor Pax with the bill – Lainey Gossip 

Julian Assange’s boo looked like a sparkling fresh dew drop lying on a rose petal at the Baywatch premiere – Drunken Stepfather

Because I guess Sean Bean really wants to become a five-time divorcé, he’s getting married for the fifth time – Celebitchy

Since marriage ruins EVERYTHING, Jim Parsons and his partner of 15 years are totally getting divorced next year – Towleroad

Today in awful, Dina Manzo, formerly of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and her boyfriend got beaten up by thieves during a home invasion. I too am wondering if Grandma Wrinkles is okay – Reality Tea

When I wake up in the morning, I can always expect to see two things throughout the day: 1. My crying face in the mirror as I weep about my undying loneliness. And 2: Bella Thorne’s belly button in a selfie – Popoholic

Casual elegance IS Kate Upton’s sweats and heels combo – The Nip Slip

FYI: Alia Shawkat is into peen and poon – OMG Blog

This promo for the return of Will & Grace is nothing without Jack’s Cher doll! – SOW

Okay, but why is Annette O’Toole on the poster for a movie starring Jennifer Lawrence? Not that I’m bitching or anything – Popsugar

Fuck you, Jenna Dewan, for killing my hope that the Britney/Justin dance-off really happened – Just Jared

Powers Boothe has died and his velvet voice is now caressing the ears of the angels in heaven – Pajiba

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Night Crumbs

May 12, 2017 / Posted by:

Fox has announced that their next live musical will be Rent and it would take me five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes to give all my reasons for why it’s probably going to be a G-rated mess. But instead of doing that, I’m going to light a candle and pray that they don’t cast Lea Michele as Mimi (she’s brown haired and that counts as Latina passing in Hollywood) – Just Jared

As we all wait to see Penelope Cruz in Donatella Versace drag, here’s Edgar Ramirez looking pretty much exactly like Gianni Versace – Lainey Gossip

How many off-brand Barbies were scalped to make Bella Thorne’s weave? – Drunken Stepfather

If this is true, the parking lot outside of Pippa Middleton’s reception will be filled with people showing their asses while changing into their second outfits in their cars – Celebitchy

In other words, Lisa Rinna is trying to squeeze more coins out of Bravo. Bravo should honestly drop her and cast the bunny instead – Reality Tea

Katy Perry’s hair is looking very skater boi. Avril Lavigne would totally fuck her – Popoholic

Colton Haynes offers advice on how to relieve anxiety, and sadly, none of his advice involves fapping – Towleroad

Tyga and Tori Spelling take note, because this is also a good way to hide from your creditors – Hollywood Tuna 

Emily Thorne and Daniel Grayson from Revenge are getting married for real – Popsugar

RiRi hit the Dior show looking like a Santa Fe, New Mexico socialite who works part-time as Johnny Depp’s stylist – Go Fug Yourself

Pic: Columbia Pictures


Night Crumbs 

May 11, 2017 / Posted by:

Miley Cyrus released her new single Malibu (not a Hole cover, thank the fuck) and the video for it, and confirms that she’s done with twerking and grills and now she’s all about being Colbie Caillat (well, Colbie Caillat with meth hair). And if you really don’t want to sit through the video, I screen capped the only best part: Miley’s dog who is definitely thinking, “I am so not getting paid enough for this shit.” – Lainey Gossip

I think Barbie is probably made of less plastic than Kylie JennerDrunken Stepfather

Thanks to these pictures, “Kate Hudson is knocked up with her latest piece’s baby” rumors will land any day now – Celebitchy

They’re broken up, I know, but these Katy Perry bikini pictures still need more Orlando Bloom peen in them – Popsugar

Did Kelly Bensimon have Face/Off surgery because she is giving me Harpo, Who Dis Woman?Reality Tea

Dear Elle Fanning, I haven’t gotten my mom a Mother’s Day gift yet, so can you please hand that rose bush hat over. Thank you – Popoholic

Shepard Smith talked about coming out as gay at Fox News, and okay, but I’m still not totally convinced that he’s not a robot who goes rogue every now and again – Towleroad

This dog needs their own Cops-like show – Hollywood  Tuna

I am rolling my eyes at Kellyanne Conway calling Anderson Cooper’s eyeroll “sexist” – Pajiba

One of the worst things to come out of the 2000s talks about the best things to come out of the 2000s – OMG Blog


Proof that ABC is a mess: They dropped American Crime but picked up a show starring Lea MicheleJust Jared

Flawless diamond Mamie Van Doren says that Trump isn’t the first unsolicited pussy grabber in the White House – Boy Culture 

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Night Crumbs

May 10, 2017 / Posted by:

BREAKING: Meghan Markle has already had two fittings for the dress she plans to wear as Prince Hot Ginge’s date to Pippa Middleton’s wedding. If Meghan Markle has any sense, she’s having two fittings because she wants to make sure her dress will easily allow her to have quickie fuck times in the bathroom during that boring wedding – Lainey Gossip

Frye Festival promo outtakes? – Drunken Stepfather

Goldie Hawn talked about how she and Kurt Russell have kept their sex parts from wandering during the decades they’ve been together – Celebitchy

Abby Lee Miller is going to pretend like she’s shooting a movie in prison. If it was a movie, it’d be a horror movie, especially for the chick who has to share a cell with her – Reality Tea 

Alicia Arden isn’t wearing coochie cutters, she’s wearing cervix cutters – The Nip Slip

Liam Payne is using his nipples to sell his solo single – Towleroad

The Instagram Filter Awards: Nicole Scherzinger on the beach – Popoholic

Emily RideAJetSki totally thinks she’s the star of this pic, but little does her ass know that blondie in the back is stealing the spotlight – Hollywood Tuna

Thom Yorke is scoring the Suspiria remake and that makes sense to me – Pajiba

Red wine stocks will plummet, because Scandal is ending next season – SOW

That porn star shark attack video that looked 100% fake is 100% fake – Jezebel

Ben Affleck has really, really moved out of his and Jennifer Garner’s house. For real this time. I think. – Popsugar

More pictures of Ariel Winter showing up her homely-dressed cast mates are coming our way because Modern Family was renewed for two more seasons – Just Jared



Night Crumbs

May 9, 2017 / Posted by:

Charlie Hunnam says that he isn’t big on grand gestures of romance and he’d rather consistently drop smaller gestures of romance all the time, like buying his chick’s favorite groceries and cooking for her. I bet that when Charlie brings his girlfriend an amazingly romantic gift from Ralphs, like pretzel chips, spinach and frozen edamame, she swoons on the inside and only because CharlieHunnamsHumpingAss.GIF is playing on a loop in her head  – Lainey Gossip 

Estella Warren is still a mess – Celebitchy

Just when I was starting to have a severe panic attack from going almost the whole day without seeing Bella Thorne’s belly button, I have seen Bella Thorne’s belly button. Crisis averted! – Drunken Stepfather

Guess Joanna Krupa’s husband was sick of the stray cats running into the room every time she took off her panties to bone,” said Brandi Glanville somewhere – Reality Tea

Diddy’s ex-private chef is accusing him of making her cater orgies, pretty much – The Superficial

Pepe the Frog is dead – Towleroad

Um, is the competitive sport of hobby horsing only for girls? I’m asking for a friend who is really me – Hollywood Tuna

The police chief from Stranger Things is probably going to star in a reboot of HellboyPajiba

Kate Upton plays with puppies. Actual puppies, not her tits, but those are in this picture too – Popoholic

A Hammaconda sighting! A Hammaconda sighting! I really hope that the makers of Planet Earth are collecting these pictures and plan to use them in a special called Planet Girth – SOW

ABC has announced that they’re officially bringing back American Idol. What a dumb mistake. Nobody cares about American Idol. If ABC is really that desperate for a hit, they should’ve brought back one of their greatest creations: The Charmings!  – Popsugar

The Ukraine probably really banned Steven Seagal because they want to protect their people’s eyes from the dreadful sight of that Eddie Munster lace front – OMG Blog

Christopher “Big Black” Boykin from MTV’s Rob & Big died at the way too young age of 45 today – Just Jared



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