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Night Crumbs

December 2, 2016 / Posted by:

Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence are still whoring out that space movie and she looks absolutely thrilled about it. But she should be smiling about her hairstylist pulling one of Brit Brit Spears’ old busted swamp weaves out of the gutter and gluing it to her head. Trick’s got an important American artifact on her head!  – Lainey Gossip 

In “everyone’s got bills to pay” news, Evelyn Lozada is going back to Basketball Wives L.A.Reality Tea 

GOT IT: Christie Brinkley still does – Drunken Stepfather

The media seems to be whistling into the air and playing with their thumbs whenever the sexual harassment allegations against Casey Affleck come up – Celebitchy

Bradley Cooper’s future baby mother did some kind of soft-core porn version of the pottery scene from Ghost. I was kind of disappointed that she didn’t go all the way by making a ceramic dildo – The Superficial 

EVERYONE IN MANDY MOORE’S FAMILY IS GAY! Okay, just her mom and two brothers – Towleroad

A dog and a fringed purse: a love story – The Hollywood Tuna

Natalie Portman is really, really pregnant – Popoholic

Zack Morris took a machete and a razor to the pussy bush on his face – SOW

Madge is bringing her sad, slutty, drunk clown act to Miami tonight – Boy Culture

Awkward IS Kristen Stewart trying to bring the sex while grinding on a pole at a gas station – Pajiba

Well, if anybody would know about fake asses, it’s the Bratz doll version of Kim KartrashianJust Jared

Fuck you, pixels! – Popsugar

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Night Crumbs

December 1, 2016 / Posted by:

Orlando Bloom rubbed Katy Perry’s stomach at the UNICEF Snowflake Ball and that could mean one of two things. One, he put a Bloom baby up in there, or two, she had a giant fart bubble in her stomach and he was trying to rub it out. That’s some Whitney/Bobby type of love right there. – Lainey Gossip

Hide yo sugar tits, Hollywood, because it looks like Mad Mel has been welcomed back into the awards circuit – Celebitchy

Andy Cohen’s basement ass-looking Clubhouse is finally getting an upgrade – Reality Tea

Never mind that Lindsay Lohan has suddenly started realizing that something is going on with her face, trick is writing like she’s British now – Drunken Stepfather

Bella Hadid is as full of life, charisma and personality as ever – The Superficial

My new heroes are Mike Pence’s neighbors – Towleroad

Jennifer Lawrence is giving me modern pilgrim business woman – Popoholic

Rose McGowan’s nipples were also at that event where Debbie Harry brought the glamour as a new wave Lady Godiva – (site NSFW) The Nip Slip 

Vintage Cindy Crawford showing the Bella Hadids how it’s done – Hollywood Tuna

I see that Andrew Garfield really wanted to see more “Are Spider-Man And Emma Stone Back Together?!” headlines – Pajiba

The creator of Full House used some of his Full House money to buy the actual Full House. I won’t be impressed until he buys the house next door and gives it to Kimmy GibblerSOW

The Duggars have been legally given the ok to ruin another life – Starcasm

Come over to my house, Loretta Lynn, and we’ll vape while singing Fist City together – Jezebel

Precious angel in a wig Dolly Parton has set up a fund to give $1,000 a month to every family who lost their house in the Tennessee fires – Just Jared

Ashton Kutcher is somebody’s father AGAIN – Popsugar

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Night Crumbs

November 30, 2016 / Posted by:

Ethan Hawke and Winona Ryder had a little Reality Bites reunion at the Gotham Awards and he looks like his brain is elsewhere. Either he’s really got to shit and is holding it in or he realized that Reality Bites came out over 20 years ago and he could feel the grey hairs sprout between his toes as the pepaw musk wafted off of his nuts. Me too, Ethan, me too…. – Lainey Gossip

Here’s Christina Ricci’s nipple knob, because why not? – Drunken Stepfather

As Brandi Glanville cackles into the night… – Reality Tea

The Fixer Upper couple’s church hates gays more than I hate shiplap – Celebitchy

What in Juicy Couture Security Guard HELL is RiRi wearing? – The Nip Slip

Bella Hadid once again proves that no trick does the Mannequin Challenge like she does. That’s what she’s doing, right? – The Superficial

Anthony Rapp is playing a gay fungus expert in a new Star Trek series – Towleroad

That one chick from Games of Thrones and Joe Jonas are still together – Popoholic

Julianne Moore and others went SANS FARDS for the Pirelli calendar – WWTDD

The xx’s new video has naked man nalgas in it – OMG Blog 

And yet, I’ve still talked to worse customer service reps at AT&T – Hollywood Tuna

Kyra Sedgwick and Matthew Broderick say that they dated in high school – SOW

I do have a fanfic wet dream fantasy of being the Monica Lewinsky to Prince Hot Ginge’s Bill Clinton…. – Jezebel

Jennifer Aniston is still shitting on the tabloids – Popsugar

Hilary Duff and that trainer are done doing each other full-time – Just Jared

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Night Crumbs

November 29, 2016 / Posted by:

Brad Pitt apparently spent his Thanksgiving with a dude friend in Turks & Caicos. The dude friend was most likely Jacques Jolie-Pitt (aka Brad’s only fwend), but I’m waiting for the tabloids to say that the dude friend was Jon Voight who is plotting with Brad to take his daughter down! – Lainey Gossip 

Rich privileged white man is worried that he’s perceived as a rich privileged white man – Celebitchy

Something I did today: spent at least 15 seconds trying to spot the camel toe on Bradley Cooper’s ex-beard – The Nip Slip

Something else I did today: spent at least 5 seconds trying to spot the latte leather camel toe on Selena GomezPopoholic

My guess is that Jessica Chastain went brown-headed for a role, because covering the ginger for any reason other than that is ILLEGAL! – (site NSFW)  The Nip Slip 

The Instagram Filter Awards: Lisa Rinna in a bikini – Reality Tea

“G spotting” isn’t only the name of the tingling sensation that hits Goopy Paltrow when she nibbles on a $675 piece of artisanal cheese made out of pink dolphin milk, it’s also the name of her new app – The Superficial

Um, I won’t believe that Nico Tortorella hooked up with a gay friend until I see well-lit HD video of it – Towleroad

And here’s a topless Heidi Klum looking like she’s trying hard to hold a fart in – Hollywood Tuna 

The bird. – OMG Blog

Rocco Ritchie still can’t stand his mom, probably – WWTDD

Jennifer Lawrence is dressed like a kid ballerina who put on a sweater before going home from her recital – IDLYITW

Alert the CDC, because Gerard Butler’s peen is single and on the loose again – Just Jared

Zendaya and Odell Beckham Jr. aren’t doing it – Popsugar



Night Crumbs

November 28, 2016 / Posted by:

While many of us spent Thanksgiving sitting on our asses after swallowing anything that was put in front of us, JLo spent hers swaying her ass on Instagram. But you know, it’s all fun, games and shaking that ass for Instagram likes until a Kartrashian sues a trick for stealing her act – Lainey Gossip 

Jon Hamm and Ashton Kutcher were both asshole-y to Kathy GriffinCelebitchy

Lindsay Lohan has gone from lying on a yacht on someone else’s dime to lying on a lawn on someone else’s dime – Drunken Stepfather

Meghan King Edmonds and the husband who clearly can’t stand her are parents to a newborn girl they named Aspen – Reality Tea

Let us drown the sorrow of Mondays in some shaved crotch and peen brought to you by an X-Factor UK contestant  – (NSFW) OMG Blog

Add “mannequin challenge” to the list of things that Joanna Krupa used as an excuse to get naked on social media – The Superficial

Don’t all of you go to the grocery store dressed like this? – (site NSFW) The Nip Slip 

Even twink nipples can’t save the trailer for the Twin Peaks-ified Archie TV series – Towleroad

Taylor Swift’s fourth-in-command (or is she fifth?) is in Harper’s Bazaar EspanolHollywood Tuna

Wes Anderson’s holiday H&M ad really is a tweet nightmare, but I don’t mind it thanks to Adrien Brody and his hot douche-stache – Pajiba

Iggy Azalea gives thanks to the surgeon who gave her new tits and a new nose – Starcasm

Kate Hudson looks hot and I’m solely saying that because of the purple plastic claw clip in her hair – Popoholic

Melania Trump has threatened to sue a dude for making a YouTube video that claims her son is autistic – Just Jared

Evan Rachel Wood opened up about being sexually assaulted twice – Jezebel

And here’s another giant dollop of sad: Spartacus T-Austin has gone up to heaven – Popsugar

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Night Crumbs

November 22, 2016 / Posted by:

Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard both looked really stiff at the London premiere of Allied. Either they’re still feeling awkward about their sex scene, or Brad and Marion are attempting the most boring version of the mannequin challenge ever – Lainey Gossip

Kendal Jenner might have gotten the Kim/Khloe/Kylie special during her Instagram break – Celebitchy

It sounds like Bethenny Frankel and her new man are a match made in messy Jason Hoppy-hating heaven – Reality Tea

I’m convinced that Derek Hough is actually a come-to-life Ken doll, and the trailer for Hairspray Live! only helps my theory – Towleroad

One of Leo DiCaprio’s many former model pieces went classy-topless for Maxim – Hollywood Tuna

Michael Shannon admits he did what many did while watching Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (he fell asleep) – IDLYITW

I’d like to know why Mr. Sheffield from The Nanny was left off this list – Pajiba

Mila Kunis pregnancy update: still very pregnant – The Superficial

Bella Thorne attention update: still finding ways to get attention – Drunken Stepfather

I know this will be hard to believe, but Hilary Duff is still getting her picture taken while walking to her car – Popoholic

James Corden will host the Grammys in February, or as he calls it, Carpool Karaoke with Trophies – Jezebel

Very uncool” replied the Friends theme song – Popsugar

Here’s Nick Jonas flexing for his life on the cover of Men’s Fitness while looking a little constipated in the face – Boy Culture

Shannen Doherty just made that Heathers reboot for TV Land about 10000x better – OMG Blog

Hello, Maury?” said God when he saw Justin Bieber’s latest tattoo – Just Jared

Tila Tequila has been suspended from Twitter for being Tila Tequila – HuffPo

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