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Tyga’s 5-Year-Old Son Has Been Dragged Into A Lawsuit

March 30, 2018 / Posted by:

If you can believe it, the fact that Blac Chyna’s 5-year-old is being listed as a defendant in a lawsuit isn’t even the most random, weird part about this story. According to TMZ, Tyga is currently the recipient of a lawsuit recently filed by Simon Cowell’s one-time fiancĂ© Mezhgan Hussainy. Mezhgan, a makeup artist, owns a home in Beverly Hills. She rented the home to Tyga in March 2017. Everyone knows you don’t rent a house to the Prince of Payment Delinquency.

According to the lawsuit, Tyga paid rent – $40,000 a month – until January, at which point he just stopped paying. Mezhgan is suing to have Tyga evicted, and to get the $120,000 in back rent he owes her. As for Tyga’s son King Cairo Stevenson, he’s listed as a defendant because – wait for it – HIS NAME IS ON THE LEASE. That’s right, Tyga rented a $40,000-a-month mansion with a child.

Poor King Cairo is going to be dealing with FICO Scores before he loses his first baby tooth. But while it may seem totally insane for an adult man like Tyga to throw his kid’s name on the lease, I get why he did it: as a financial safety net. Let’s face it, King probably has more coins in his piggy bank than Tyga has in his wallet.



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