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July 27, 2009 / Posted by:

When even Iggy Pop is dry heaving, it’s time to stick an Ensure Drip into your arms – Daily Mail

Newsweek asks a very important question, but they could’ve gotten the answer just by looking at her face – Celebitchy

Yeh, I’m sure the “ladies” don’t mind Gerard Butler’s voluptuous fopa – ICYDK

Sienna Miller has some competition in the category of “British bull dozing vaginas” – Holy Moly!

There are nekkid pictures of James Spader out there – SOW

Why is Kelly Clarkson singing into an empty french fry cone in her new video? – I’m Not Obsessed

Brangelina go to McDonald’s and order “The Aniston Break-Up Special” (4 chocolate milkshakes, 2 caramel sundaes and their entire stock of Oreo McFlurries) – Socialite Life


Morning Wood

July 24, 2009 / Posted by:

And then a strong wind came which blew Posh’s skinny ass right off that swing. I think she’s floating around somewhere in Asia now – ICYDK

basement. baby. is. angry. about. haters. hating. on. her. shaved. head. – I’m Not Obsessed

Dear Gilles Marini, we’ve all seen your skin baguette in HD, so stop being such a tease and show us again. Wink. – Celebitchy

Bird poopy on a newspaper – SOW

Kelis deserves $50,000 a day from Nas after going through a zillion hours of labor – The Fab Life

Tara Reid still exists. And she has a new boyfriend (who has registered an 8.7 on my gaydar scale) – Socialite Life

I think this is what Emily Bronte wore to her book signings too – Queerty

Bianca Gascoigne’s weave needs an IV drip – Holy Moly!


Morning Wood

July 23, 2009 / Posted by:

First, Beyonce takes away Basement Baby’s freedom and now she’s taking away her wigs! STOP THE INSANITY! – Daily Mail

The Melrose Place cast gets Photoshopped into oblivion – SOW

Cokeyhead calling the cokehead cokey – Celebitchy

Your hourly pictures of Shia LaDouche walking – ICYDK

Thankfully for Paula Abdul, Cheryl Cole is dumb when it comes to making career decisions – Holy Moly!

Buffy’s baby bulge – Socialite Life

Nick Lachey doesn’t have a girlfriend anymore, so he went out and picked up five hos. I know! WHAT AN ASS! – I’m Not Obsessed


Morning Wood

July 22, 2009 / Posted by:

The Jonas Brothers come out of the plushie closet – SOW

Nora the musical genius pussy made her orchestra debut – OMG Blog

Mischa Barton will be freed from the loony bin in the next few days – I’m Not Obsessed

Kiefer Sutherland’s will not be persecuted for his headbutting shenanigans – Holy Moly!

Yeah, we all know what’s really in HoHan’s lollipops…. – ICYDK

KFat of Fail – Celebitchy

Somewhere in the world, a thieving bitch now has the largest collection of black dresses ever. Call Guinness! – Socialite Life


Morning Wood

July 20, 2009 / Posted by:

It’s a good thing Peter Andre didn’t fall on his mug or Harvey would’ve gone completely hoarse from laughing so hard at it – Holy Moly!

And all Latina women think all David Arquettes are dumb fucks. I asked them all and that’s what they said – Celebitchy

Robert Downey Jr. is horny – I’m Not Obsessed

Marion Ross’ wig game is still on point – SOW

Christina Milian to become Mrs. The Dream, which sounds like a nightmare to me – Popeater

Fuggie Fug came untucked. Bitch is kind of hung – Socialite Life

The police better expect to get thousands of “bomb scare” calls from people who have just seen The Ugly TruthICYDK


Morning Wood

July 17, 2009 / Posted by:

CODE BLUE! Vanessa Bryant is smothering her fat chichi balls – Moe Jackson

Tony Romo went cougar hunting after he dumped Jessica SimpsonCelebitchy

Fatty the dog probably ran away in the first place because his owner named him “Fatty” – Popbytes

Can Bethenny Frankel take the Discountess with her? – Gay Wired

The role Johnny Depp was born to play! – ICYDK

Yoko Ono’s #1 fan is going to be in the third Twilight movie – Socialite Life

Click. Flash. Pink. Crash. Photo. Shop. Fakery. – I’m Not Obsessed

If Donald Trump is unable to walk Ivanka down the aisle, I think her old nose should do the honors – Popeater


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