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Mo’Nique’s Interview During “The View” Made Whoopi Goldberg Speak Up

February 23, 2018 / Posted by:

For about a month, Mo’Nique has been gracing us all with her Kiss My Ass Netflix tour, and it has been met with mixed reviews. Some stand with her while others wish she’d just shut up about her million dollar (or half a million dollar) problems. Well, she ain’t goin’ nowhere! Yesterday she took her act to New York to speak on The View. Of course, she’s still reminding everyone of how Hollywood hates her and wants to see her starve, but while speaking on The ViewWhoopi Goldberg quickly hit the pause button on Mo’Nique to get her all the way together.

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Mo’Nique Is Still Slapping At Netflix For Cheaping Out On Her

January 23, 2018 / Posted by:

Mo’Nique recently called for a boycott of Netflix after she says they offered her $500,000 for a stand-up special. If I had money, I’d pony up at least $10 million for an Orange Is the New Black cross-over with a sequel to I Coulda Been Your Cellmate. But apparently Netflix and I don’t see eye to eye, and they’d rather give millions to Amy Schumer, Dave Chappelle, and Chris Rock.

Wanda Sykes chimed in and said Mo’Nique wasn’t the only black female comedian Netflix had done dirty in the wallet department. One of the arguments against Mo’Nique was that she just isn’t as bankable at Amy Schumer. Well, Mo’Nique would to talk about bankability.

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Wanda Sykes Says Netflix Offered Her Even Less Than Mo’Nique For A Comedy Special

January 22, 2018 / Posted by:

Mo’Nique has recently called for a boycott of Netflix based on color and gender bias when they offered her a pittance ($500,000) compared to what they offered Amy Schumer ($11 million), Dave Chappelle ($20 million) and Chris Rock (also $20 million). While her boycott may not have gotten a lot of traction, a lot of people have thanked her for starting an important conversation. Wanda Sykes is one of those people. Wanda, who arguably has a much higher profile than Mo’Nique, says Netflix offered her even less.

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Mo’Nique Is Calling For A Netflix Boycott Based On Color And Gender Bias

January 19, 2018 / Posted by:

You should know by now that Mo’Nique is a fighter who’s not afraid to speak her mind. She accused Lee Daniels of black balling her for “not playing the game” and being difficult to work with, even after she won an Oscar in Daniel’s Precious. She also came after Oprah and Tyler Perry and accused them of conspiring to snatch the role in The Butler out from between her hairy legs. Now Netflix is on Mo’Nique’s hit list for what she perceives as color and gender bias based on the relative offers received by herself, Amy Schumer, Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle for comedy specials on the network. And she’s asking for a boycott.

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Mo’Nique Still Has Many Feelings About Lee Daniels… And She’s Calling Out Oprah Too

May 16, 2017 / Posted by:

Mo’Nique may be an Oscar winner, but her most prized trophy is probably the lifetime achievement award she got from the Don’t Give A Fuck Society. If Lee Daniels ever does a sequel to Precious called Precious II: Preciouser, Oprah will probably be the one wearing a tracksuit as Mary, because Mo’Nique blew up that bridge and buried its ashes in a grave at the bottom of the ocean. Mo’Nique’s jaw bone must be a next-level kind of strong, because she worked it out while going off on how Lee Daniels told her that she wasn’t getting good roles after winning the Oscar for Precious because she was blackballed for being difficult to work with. Mo’Nique says she was supposed to play Cookie in Lee Daniels’ Empire and the role that Oprah played in The Butler was originally hers.

Lee also supposedly told Mo’Nique that she didn’t play the game. He also pretty much confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter in 2015 that he’s fucking done with Mo’Nique professionally. But Mo’Nique isn’t done calling him out and this weekend, she also dragged Oprah and Tyler Perry into it. I raise my hands and praise any David who goes up against one Goliath (let alone three), but even I’m dropping my arms so that I can use one hand to cup Mo’Nique ear and say, “Err, I don’t know if you want to find yourself acting alongside Mr. Fluffy in a kitty litter commercial.”

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Mo’Nique Is Talking About Her Open Marriage Again

November 19, 2015 / Posted by:

I brought this up during the Ben Affleck and his Fatal Attraction ass nanny ESCANDALO. One of my favorite parts of Mo’Nique’s set in Queens of Comedy is when she goes on about how she hired a housekeeper when she got some money and she specifically wanted to hire a housekeeper who had teeth like a hillbilly meth head, a body like a grapefruit and hair like a dying Chia Pet. Mo’Nique basically wanted to hand Sloth from Goonies a feather duster and hire him as her housekeeper, because she didn’t want her then-husband to get any ideas.

Well, Mo’Nique’s philosophy on that shit has changed. Since then, Mo’Nique married a new dude, Sidney Hicks, and has talked before about how she’s not going to immediately call the Divorce Lawyer Queen of Hollywood Laura Wasser if she found out her man’s dick made its way into another trick’s poon. Mo’Nique talked about it again with (via E!) and said that her husband has a “free pass to cheat” as long as he says to her, “Listen, my dick is like a canary and it’s feeling a little caged in, so it wants to fly into another pussy for just one night, or maybe two, okay?

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