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Wendy Williams And Her Estranged Husband Are Negotiating His Exit From Her Show (UPDATE)

April 18, 2019 / Posted by:

UPDATE: That was fast. TMZ says that Kevin Hunter is officially off Wendy’s show. Now her staffers just need to clean out the break room refrigerator of any open containers that Kevin may have spit or pissed in as an act of revenge!

The Blast is reporting that Wendy Williams is about to have a messy divorce. Wendy made all of us cheer hoorah when she finally decided to divorce her cheating husband, Kevin Hunter. Knocking up his side-chick really kicked a wrench in Wendy’s ability to purposely look past his infidelities, I guess. Well, talking shit and being a mess has been very lucrative for Wendy and she’s worth a lot of money. And Wendy and Kevin have been together for the creation of all of that money, so–as to be expected–Kevin is already holding out his hands and going “pay me”.

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Jesse Williams’ Ex Wants Some Hefty Back Child Support

February 26, 2019 / Posted by:

You may remember that Jesse Williams of Grey’s Anatomy is getting divorced from his wife of 5-ish years, Aryn Drake-Lee. It’s been happening since 2017 and it’s still going. Most recently, they had been fighting over child support, which was a common theme over the course of the break up. Well, that’s all solved now and they’re going to get back to focusing on parenting their two children. JK, now they’re fighting about money again.

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Chris Hansen Is Off The Hook For Writing Bad Checks

January 25, 2019 / Posted by:

TMZ is reporting that Chris Hansen of can let out a heavy sigh of relief because he’s no longer in trouble with the law over those checks he tried giving which had the same authenticity and worth as Monopoly money. He’s still out of a home and out of a marriage, but at least he’s not at risk for having awkward chow hall run-ins in prison with criminals he helped catch on To Catch A Predator….

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Chris Hansen Got Arrested For Writing Bad Checks

January 17, 2019 / Posted by:

Looks like noted pedo catcher Chris Hansen is having a little case of The Shoe Being On The Other Foot, but thankfully it’s like halfway on because yes: Chris was arrested. But! It had nothing to do with underage children. Phewf! Instead it was just a classic case of Rich Guy No Longer Has As Much Money As He Used To. Pour one out for Chris Hansen’s bank account.

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