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Bryan Singer Accused Of Sexual Assault. Again.

August 29, 2014 / Posted by:

Either someone has it out for director Bryan Singer or dude immediately needs to be ensconced in something with bars. Buzzfeed reports that Detective Olivia Benson and those two tricks that could never hope to replace Elliot Stabler are currently investigating the X-Men: Days of Future Past director on an sexual assault claim. The alleged victim is described as a 20-something NYC man, and the incident reportedly took place in March of last year.  Not a minor this time? Upgrade for Bryan!

Acting on a tip, Buzzfeed dropped by the NYPD with a basket of muffins and a Diamond Candle, and just happened to innocently ask if Singer was being investigated by them. That’s so weird, now that you mention it, yes!

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The Guy Who Was Suing Bryan Singer For Sexually Abusing Him Dropped His Lawsuit

August 28, 2014 / Posted by:

Last night in the backyard of a mansion in The Valley somewhere, creepy-faced Bryan Singer dove head first into a pool full of white, barely legal naked twinks and later snorted a lot of coke out of a lot of barely legal twink hole, because that rape lawsuit against him was dropped. Bitch was celebrating.  (“Um, so does that mean I can watch Jack the Giant Slayer without feeling a thickness of creepiness covering my skin?” – you “You should feel that anyway, because that wreck is an unwatchable mess.” – the entire world)

The wave of lawsuits against X-Men director Bryan Singer started when Michael Egan sued Bryan and two other Hollywood types (including the dream killer responsible for that horrific He-Man movie that murdered my childhood) for allegedly turning him into their toy and butt raping him from Hollywood to Hawaii starting when he was just 15 years old. Michael Egan was being represented by lawyer Jeff Herman, but things started to fall apart back in May when Jeff asked to be dismissed from the case.

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Bryan Singer’s Accuser Names More Names

April 21, 2014 / Posted by:

When Jeff Herman, the lawyer of Michael Egan who is suing Bryan Singer for allegedly drugging and raping him when he was a teenager, said in a press conference last week that they would be naming more names and filing more lawsuits, the pedos of Hollywood all shook right out of their assholes. Today in yet ANOTHER press conference, Jeff Herman announced that they have filed civil suits in Hawaii against Garth Ancier, David Neuman and Gary Goddard. Michael Egan alleges that all of them sexually used and abused him when he was just 15 years old.

Jeff Herman said that Garth, David and Gary were all part of that pedo sex ring of “Hollywood power players” who fed drugs to underage twinks and kept them as their sex toys while promising to make them STARS! Michael claims that all three of them forced him to take mind-altering shit before raping him. This allegedly happened from when Michael was 15 to when he was 17 and it happened at that gay orgy estate in Encino and also in Hawaii.

Garth Ancier was apparently a major bitch in TV and is the former president of NBC, The WB, Fox, BBC Worldwide and Disney TV. He also created The Rickie Lake Show (NOT THE RICKIE LAKE SHOW! WHYYYYYYY GOD WHY?) and greenlit The West Wing. David Neuman was also the president of Disney TV at one point and the chief programming officer of CNN. Gary Goddard directed the Masters of the Universe movie and since then he’s produced a few off-Broadway shows. Of course two out of three of them were head hos at Disney. Of course!

David Neuman has already denied all of this on Twitter.

I usually believe in that “innocent until proven guilty” shit, but not this time and not when it comes to Gary Goddard. I mean, he’s already assaulted my childhood by shitting all over He-Man with that wet turd he tried to pass off as a movie. GUILTY!


Bryan Singer Plans To Countersue His Accuser, Claims He Wasn’t In Hawaii During Sexual Assault

April 18, 2014 / Posted by:

31-year-old Michael Egan and his lawyer Jeff Herman held a press conference yesterday (Side note: Clutch your anal beads tight, because Gloria Allred was NOT part of the press conference. Mark this day.) to talk about his lawsuit against 48-year-old director Bryan Singer for allegedly drugging him and raping him in Hawaii when he was 17. Michael claims that Bryan Singer drugged and raped him when he was 15 in Encino, CA, but he’s suing him for the alleged assault that went down in Hawaii, because the state recently passed a law giving victims of past sexual abuse two extra years to file. Michael told reporters that at the time, he went to the police with his parents, but the cops didn’t do shit about it. He claims that he blocked it out with the help of booze and only recently did he remember the terrifying details while working through his issues in therapy. Michael echoed what he said in his lawsuit. Starting at the age of 14 or 15, he was drugged, boozed up and used as a pass-around twink sex slave to a bunch of Hollywood types and Bryan Singer was one of them. They threatened to kill him and his family if he stopped being their toy, so he kept on. And if this is the point where you need to stop and go look at pictures of bunnies in bonnets, I don’t blame you.

In 2000, Michael Egan threw a lawsuit at 3 dudes including Marc Collins-Rector, the convicted sex offender he claims raped him first before passing him off to Bryan Singer. Bryan Singer wasn’t named in that lawsuit. TMZ says that Michael Egan got a default judgement of $2 million, but that Marc Collins-Rectum and the 2 other dudes left the country without paying up. Bryan Singer’s attorney, Martin Singer (no relation), thinks it’s funny that Michael’s brain suddenly burped up the memory of Bryan Singer doing illegal shit to him. But again, Michael claims that he just remembered it recently in therapy.

TMZ has also heard (read: Martin Singer told them) that Bryan has proof that he wasn’t in Hawaii at the time Michael says the rape happened. Michael says it happened August and October 1999, but Bryan claims he was in Toronto at those times doing pre-production and shooting the first X-Men movie. He has credit card bills, telephone records and other shit proving he was in Toronto.

Martin Singer told Variety yesterday that they plan to countersue, because the accusations are slanderous and are ruining Bryan’s pristine reputation. Bryan may like to skinny dip in a pool of tweaked out barely legal twinks, but he says he’s no rapist.

“It is obvious that plaintiff’s attorney is not looking to litigate the case on the merits. This matter is nothing more than the attorney seeking to get his 15 minutes of fame by sending out a press release with his ‘media consultant’ yesterday following up with a press conference today. Attorneys who try cases don’t hold press conferences.”

During yesterday’s press conference, Michael’s lawyer told reporters that there would be more lawsuits filed and more names named.

But back to the “not being in Hawaii” thing. That alibi doesn’t work for me. Bryan was filming the X-Men movie, which means that Storm could’ve easily flown his ass to Hawaii in about 5 minutes. Bring Storm in and charge her with conspiracy!


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