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Scat Fetishists Have Found Their Dream Girl In Colorado Springs

September 20, 2017 / Posted by:

There’s some people whose assholes refuse to spit out a turd unless they are in the privacy of their own bathroom. Then there’s other people whose assholes never get the shies and can easily make a caca anytime, anyplace. One of those kinds of people is now terrorizing a family in Colorado Springs, CO by doing drive-by poopings on their front lawn.  The family is pissed about the pooping, which is weird since the cost of lawn manure is too damn high and they’re getting that shit for free.

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Ryan Phillippe Responds To His Ex-Girlfriend’s Allegations By Fixing To Sue Her

September 19, 2017 / Posted by:

While he’s at it, he might also want to think about suing whoever told him those leggings were a good look, but that’s not high on the priority list right now.

Earlier we found out that Ryan Phillippe’s ex-girlfriend Elsie Hewitt filed a $1 million lawsuit against him for allegedly getting violent with her. Sources close to Ryan accused Elsie of having the cruelest of intentions, aka trying to get money. TMZ says that Ryan is preparing to fight back and has lawyered up.

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Scary Spice Is Reportedly Under Investigation For Possible Witness Tampering

September 12, 2017 / Posted by:

The details of Mel B’s messy divorce from Stephen Belafonte have, so far, followed a bit of a formula. Allow me to put my glasses on and approach the chalkboard. If X represents drama and Y equals the length of this mess, then X = Y + (shit Stephen Belafonte has done x The Nanny). For those following along at home, the solution for X is = VERY MUCH DRAMA. But it always seemed like any drama was the result of Stephen being Stephen. Well, TMZ has a new development, and it looks like Mel B might have found herself representing X in a sticky legal situation.

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