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Amy Poehler Is Directing And Starring In A Movie Called “Wine Country” For Netflix

March 21, 2018 / Posted by:

Amy Poehler’s directorial debut will be in a Netflix comedy which, according to The Hollywood Reporter, is about a group of “longtime friends who go to Napa for a weekend getaway to celebrate a 50th birthday“ and for some reason it’s not called White Girls (And Maya Rudolph) Trip. Seems like a missed opportunity to me but they’re going with Wine Country as the title. In addition to directing, Amy will also be producing and is cramming as many of her lady comedy cohorts into the cast as she can.

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Tiffany Haddish And Maya Rudolph Stole The Show At Last Night’s Oscar’s

March 5, 2018 / Posted by:

Like and oasis in a desert, Tiffany Haddish and Maya Rudolph saved last night’s Academy Awards ceremony from being a dry ass saltine cracker by injecting the show with some much needed moisture. The pair joined forces to present Best Documentary Short Subject and Live Action Short Film and were so much fun together, some folks are calling for them to host next year’s whole shebang.

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Many Tried, But Nobody Beat Kate Hudson On The Red Carpet At The SAG Awards

January 22, 2018 / Posted by:

There was a lot of messy fashion at the SAG Awards last night (prepare yourself accordingly after that jump below!). But obviously any effort that was put in was immediately cancelled out the second Kate Hudson returned to the scene of last year’s fashion crime and fully outdid herself in a fluffy Valentino vision of countrified love. I say love because, duh, the hearts a’plenty, but also because I love this dress. What’s not to love? Black velvet (check), pink beauty pageant chiffon (check), a high-lace neckline with corresponding bib of ruffles (checking furiously). The only thing missing is a pink parasol. Kate probably left it in the limo for fear of being mistaken for Miley Cyrus in a knock-off production of My Fair Lady called Decent Lookin’ Gal.

Here’s who else showed up and sizzled eyeballs with style.

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And In “Thank God This Happened” News: Maya Rudolph Pulled Out Her Beyonce Last Night

February 16, 2015 / Posted by:

There were really only two things I wanted to see during last night’s Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary show: I wanted to see Phil Hartman, Chris Farley, and Jan Hooks Skype with the audience from Heaven, and I wanted to see Maya Rudolph put on 8 layers of Spanx and 12lbs of human hair to do the world’s best Beyonce impression. Sadly, it appears Jesus can turn water into wine, but he can’t get Skype to work, so we never got to see that video chat from Heaven. But we did get to see Maya Rudolph do Beyonce, and that’s really all that matters, because bitch does Beyonce better than Beyonce does Beyonce. Maya Rudolph does Beyonce so well, I bet Kim Kardashian ambushed her ass backstage.

Maya Rudolph as Beyonce came out to join living life legend Martin Short (who really should have hosted the whole damn thing, if we’re being honest with ourselves) to talk about SNL characters who sang, like Opera Man and the What Up With That guy. I know that some of you may be confused by Maya Rudolph’s Beyonce and are thinking “Wait, that’s not actually Beyonce?“, but there are two very easy ways to tell the difference between Maya’s Beyonce and the real Beyonce:

1. The real Beyonce would never share the stage with anyone besides Beyonce

2. Maya Rudolph’s Beyonce sings live

Here’s more of Maya Rudolph walking the SNL40 red carpet last night with Kristen Wiig, as well as the real Beyonce arriving to the SNL40 afterparty with Jay Z and wearing what looks to be Joseph’s technicolor dreamcoat if it was poorly knocked-off by Kanye West:

Pics: Splash,

“Not Too Close – This Dress Is Dry Clean Only”

December 11, 2014 / Posted by:

Why do I get the feeling that 3 seconds after this picture was taken, AMERICAN CITIZEN Reese Witherspoon had her assistant check her dress for grease stains and bedbugs. “This is BEYOND! I told you not to let that hobo-looking hipster touch me! I’m STILL trying to get the stink out of the clothes I wore during the Walk the Line press tour.

The Hollywood premiere of Inherent Vice was held last night, which explains why Reese Witherspoon is hugging sexy dirtbag Joaquin Phoenix. Not that we really needed a reason – personally, I like to imagine Reese and Joaquin meeting every year around Christmas time to share a hug and a box of warm wine. Anyways, Inherent Vice is set in the 70s, so I guess that’s why Reese rolled up to the red carpet looking like Carol Brady’s gimlet-chugging sister from Manhattan named Prudence (“…but you can call me Pussy“). She also looks like Elle Woods, if Elle Woods went back in time to 1971, married a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon named Kip Skippington, and started breeding exquisite snow-white Persian cats instead of becoming a lawyer. Which is to say, I bet she smells like Revlon Charlie and pillow mints and the front seat of a 1971 Chrysler LeBaron.

Here’s more of Reese Witherspoon serving up Barbie’s mom realness, as well as Joaquin with his sisters Summer and Rain (why those two never got together and made an all-natural feminine wash is beyond me), my personal queen Maya Rudolph, Kimberly Stewart’s baby daddy Benicio del Toro, and Joanna Newsom who looked like she walked into drapery store high on furniture polish and was like “GIVE ME EVERYTHING“:

Pics: Splash

In Case You Missed It, Blue Ivy Carter Makes Her SNL Debut

February 19, 2012 / Posted by:

Damn Maya Rudolph for not bringing out her Nippy impersonation last night. That was one of the only reasons why I kept my eyelids propped up and didn’t allow myself to fall into a red wine/fried pancakes induced coma at the foot of my bed last night. Maybe Maya thought it was sort of kind of disrespectful to do Whitney on the same day as the funeral, but she could’ve at least let out a “hussy” or two as Cousin Dionne. Oh well, but Maya did do Beyonce on SNL last night and Justin Timberlake (who should really quit movies for good and join the SNL cast full-time) did his best Bon Iver. Strangely enough, Justin’s Bon Iver impression is also a spot-on impression of my old high school world history teacher who decorated the back seat of his Tercel with stuffed animals and ate toothpaste instead of chewing gum because it’s cheaper.

In other SNL news, in two weeks, a freckled train full of drunk fuckery will crash into 30 Rock when Lindsay Lohan hosts on March 3rd. Don’t ask me what LiLo is even promoting. The sea jasper industry? A new super strain of herp? Collagen? Bitch’s performances in the court room aside, LiLo hasn’t acted in like years and now she’s doing live TV for 90 minutes? It’s either going to be a mess or a MEGA mess. But you know, LiLo was kind of funny the last time she did SNL, so maybe she can do it again? Or maybe this is a cross over episode between SNL and Intervention and it’s Lorne Michaels way of luring her ass into the arms of Candy Finnigan. Let’s hope.

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