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Matt Lauer’s Wife Has Finally Kicked Him Out Of The Family Home In The Hamptons

January 22, 2018 / Posted by:

Matt Lauer’s marriage has been on the skids for some time now. His wife Annette Roque seemingly has a very high tolerance for Matt’s bad behavior because Page Six is reporting that she only just now gave him the boot from their Hampton’s estate.

Though they almost divorced back in 2006, she’s hung in there through his current ordeal and even let him tell the press he was “fighting to save his marriage”. I highly doubt Annette has been sitting across from Matt in couples’ counseling this whole time but it sounds like she might have allowed him to keep a cot and beer fridge in the garage. That’s all over now because Annette “has forced him out of the Hamptons estate they shared with their three kids”. She  must have gotten sick and tired of him texting her notes on her outfits each morning.

So, poor Matt, right? Where will he go, what will he do? Should we start a Kickstarter so he doesn’t have to sleep in the streets? Where will he keep his dildo collection?

The former “Today” anchor is staying at another house nearby out east so he can continue to spend time with his kids. He owns a $36 million compound in North Haven, a house in Sag Harbor and a 40-acre horse farm in Water Mill.

Phew! It’s good to know that if you are a man with enough money, you can always land on your feet! Even though your co-workers, everybody that helped you along the way, all the women you allegedly victimized and your wife and children will suffer because of your behavior; a rich man can still catch a break!


“Today” Is “Eternal Sunshine”-ing Matt Lauer

January 18, 2018 / Posted by:

Remember that time Kate Winslet stooped down to do a non-period piece and starred in Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, that movie about how you could erase all memories of a pain-in-the-ass ex? After Matt Lauer’s dick threatened to ruin the reputation of the house that Katie Couric and J. Fred Muggs built, the team at Today appears ready to erase any and all memories of him and his henchmen (and women). Continue reading

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Ann Curry Finally Says Words About Getting Fired From “Today” And The Downfall Of Matt Lauer

January 17, 2018 / Posted by:

Ann Curry hasn’t said much about how Today dropped her ass in the dumpster after being a co-anchor for about three seconds (if you want to get technical, she was co-anchor for a year) and how she feels about the career of Matt Lauer (aka the smug dildo who may have played a big part in her firing) also ending up in the dumpster. But Ann is finally (just pretend this text is blinking for dramatic purposes) BREAKING HER SILENCE!!!

Ann is on the cover of this week’s People giving us an “Oh honey, sit down and put on a plastic poncho because I’m about to spill the tea all over the place” pose. But you don’t need to keep the burn cream handy because Ann’s tea ain’t boiling hot.

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Katie Couric Finally Talked About About Matt Lauer’s Downfall

January 14, 2018 / Posted by:

Remember Matt Lauer? He was the longtime host of NBC’s Today show? Then he joined the rest of the exiled celebrity creepsters. And it sounds like it wasn’t for an innocuous reason like not wanting coworkers to know he was goofing off by watching contouring tutorials on YouTube. Many of Lauer’s former coworkers have revealed their thoughts and feelings about Matt being exposed as an alleged lech. (Hell, Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie got a People cover story out of it!) One of Matt’s more prominent colleagues in the industry (and his former co-host on Today for 15 years), Katie Couric, had kept quiet about Matt’s firing. Until now! People must have photos to hang over people’s heads be incredibly persuasive because Katie spoke to them about Matt. And she has ALL the feelings.

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Matt Lauer Has Been Sending Unsolicited Show Notes To “Today”

January 4, 2018 / Posted by:

In my experience, when one is shitcanned from their job, they get shut the fuck down immediately. They take over your email account and change all the passwords, they make you turn in your keys, you clean out your desk, get escorted out of the building, nobody makes eye contact with you when you “pop in” to say hi and then you get served a restraining order while you’re in your jammies. Not so for Matt Lauer!

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