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In Unnecessary News, Mackelmore Uses A Justin Bieber Painting To Delay Ejaculating

November 19, 2017 / Posted by:

After reading that post title, be my guest and mirror every single blank stare” GIF ever posted.

Liberal guilt junkie Mackelmore has put his normal wailings of “WHY ME? WHY AM I A WHITE RAPPER WHO HAS SO MUCH??? WHY DO THEY AWARD ME GRAMMYS WHILE BETTER RAPPERS GO HUNGRY?!?!” aside to promote his new record (sans Ryan Lewis) called Gemini. The album must be below par cuz’ he’s breaking out the weird stories to distract us. Weird stories like how he uses that painting of a nude Justin Bieber that he bought to delay his orgasms. Wouldn’t that mean he’s NEVER going to have an orgasm? Is this post actually about how Mackelmore is the chastest white rapper in the game?

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