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Lindsay Shookus Speaks! Ben Affleck’s Girlfriend Gave A Boring Interview

May 15, 2018 / Posted by:

Think you know who Lindsay Shookus is? Well think again! Lindsay gave an explosive interview to Elle magazine (titled Who Is Lindsay Shookus) and revealed that she was raised by circus clowns and that she once ate an entire Piper Cub airplane on a dare! Oh, and she’s the one who did Ben Affleck’s tattoo (she has a matching one on her sternum). These are facts I wish I’d learned reading her interview. Sadly, they are not. They are facts I made up because the truth is; Lindsay’s kind of a snooze. If that’s what you thought you knew about Lindsay Shookus, then, my bad, you were right.

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Ben Affleck Might Have Introduced Lindsay Shookus To Jennifer Garner

November 28, 2017 / Posted by:

If the rumors are to be believed, then this might technically be Lindsay Shookus’ second meeting with Jennifer Garner. But it’s definitely the first that didn’t begin with an aggressive tap on the shoulder from behind and nervous gasps from onlookers. A source tells X17 that after having lunch in Brentwood on Saturday, Ben Affleck and Lindsay Shookus met with Mama Bear Garner at her home in Pacific Palisades and hung out for about an hour.

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Ben Affleck And Lindsay Shookus Were Spotted House Shopping

October 25, 2017 / Posted by:

It’s that time again when we check in on Ben Affleck’s relationship with his girlfriend of questionable origin Lindsay Shookus. After three (public, at least) months of being together, Ben and Lindsay have made that all-important relationship leap of getting papped shopping for a multi-million dollar mansion together.

TMZ says that yesterday, Ben and Lindsay spent the day looking at houses on the west side of Los Angeles. It’s not known whether the house will be just for Ben or for both of them, but whatever gets bought will surely be fancy.

TMZ says they were seen looking at a $18.5 million home in the Santa Monica mountains as well as $12 million homes in Pacific Palisades and Brentwood. Ben and Lindsay allegedly stayed at the Santa Monica mansion for over an hour, and Lindsay was seen holding the spec sheet when they left. Whatever house gets chosen, I hope it has a big backyard for Ben’s damage control doggie and touch football games with BFF Tom Brady.

Lindsay lives in NYC for her job at Saturday Night Live, as well as for her ex-husband and daughter. As much as I believe in the power of a good attention-grabbing stunt, I don’t think this house will be Ben and Lindsay’s. I guess we’ll only know for sure that she’s living there half the time if in about a month after moving in, a “source” tattles to a tabloid about Ben’s slob ways. I can see a “source” getting tired of pulling soggy cheeseburger wrappers out of the pool filter every time Ben decides to eat in the hot tub.


InTouch Weekly Says That Ben Affleck Was Drinking At An Emmys Party 

September 21, 2017 / Posted by:

I’m not going to say that’s the face of someone who knows their way around a bottle. No really, I’m not going to, because that’s what my face looks like after a two Egg McMuffin breakfast. But in Ben Affleck’s case, at least according to InTouch, that’s the face of a dude who might not be sober at the moment.

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Ben Affleck Was Lindsay Shookus’ Date To The Emmys

September 18, 2017 / Posted by:

Oh, what a magical moment; the night a famous couple takes the next big step in their relationship. In Ben Affleck and and Lindsay Shookus’ case, that would mean going from getting papped while jewelry shopping to joining each other in a giant venue filled with people whispering about seeing them in the wild for the first time. “Holy shit, Ben Affleck is here? Oh yeah, he’s dating what’s her name…Snooki-something.” Truly one for the scrapbook.

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