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Leslie Carter Suffered An Overdose Of Prescription Pills

February 2, 2012 / Posted by:

When the Carter family, I mean the other other Carter family, released a statement yesterday morning about the death of 25-year-old Leslie Carter, they were mute about the cause of her death. The Coroner isn’t issuing an official cause of death until toxicology results come back, but a police report shows that she most likely died of an overdose.

ABC News says that Leslie’s stepmother, Ginger Carter (that’s a really hot name), told police that her stepdaughter was suffering from a mental illness and was taking medication for it. Leslie usually lives in Canada with her husband, but she brought her 10-month-old daughter with her to stay with family in upstate New York so she could kick her addiction to pills. Ginger says that on the morning of her death, Leslie slipped in the shower. Ginger helped Leslie into bed to lie down and when she checked up on her a few hours later, she wasn’t breathing. Next to Leslie’s bed were bottles of Olanzapine (for bipolar disorder), Cyclobenzaprine (a muscle relaxer) and Xanax.

The police report also says that Ginger Carter was messed up herself when they talked to her. Ginger was full on LOHAN. Ginger was slurring her words, had glassy eyes and kept falling asleep while talking to the cops. Ginger told the cops that she was so upset about Leslie’s death that she took five or six Xanax. Ginger told police that she’ll tell them more as soon as she sobers up. Why do I have a feeling that won’t be anytime soon. Why do I also have a feeling that Ginger Carter looks like this?

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