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Kanye West Has Been Counter-Sued By His Insurance Company

August 30, 2017 / Posted by:

At the beginning of the month, Kanye West summoned his lawyers and threw a $10 million lawsuit at his insurers, Lloyd’s of London, for money he was allegedly owed after the cancellation of his Saint Pablo Tour. I know Kanye is all about Saint Pablo, but he might want to walk himself down to his local Catholic church and ask if there’s a patron saint of legal protection and a corresponding candle he can purchase. Because The Hollywood Reporter is saying that Lloyd’s of London has responded with a hefty counter-suit of his own. He might also want to inquire about some holy water to protect himself against whatever evil spirit is working for his in-laws, but that’s a whole other visit.

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Justin Bieber’s Balls Are Dangling Over A New York State Lawsuit

August 30, 2017 / Posted by:

Justin Bieber had his balls in a twist back in May, and for once, it wasn’t because he had to perform a full set-list at one of his concerts. He got injured playing soccer, and wound up in the hospital. TMZ says he went to the ER at a hospital on Long Island, New York, where a nurse allegedly illegally perused his files after hearing rumors he had an STD. Except the nurse claims she never did such a thing, and is now suing her former employer for firing her over the allegations. Continue reading

Amber Rose Is Being Sued By Wiz Khalifa’s Mom

August 10, 2017 / Posted by:

There is a very messy feud happening at the moment between Amber Rose and her former mother-in-law, a woman named Katie “Peachie” Wimbush-Polk. But unlike regular people, Amber’s fight with Katie isn’t about what kind of fabric softener she uses (“I didn’t realize you used sandpaper instead of towels, dear“). It’s more like the kind that escalates to the point where both parties involved need to call up their lawyers.

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More Fyre Festival Lawsuits Have Been Filed 

May 11, 2017 / Posted by:

Of course Ja Rule is getting sued over and over again for the Fyre Festival, his Gilligan’s Island-meets-FEMA music festival disaster. Celebrity lawyer Mark Geragos kicked things off last week when he filed a $100 million lawsuit against Ja Rule, Billy McFarland and Fyre Media. Since then, there’s been another class action lawsuit, a negligence suit, a breach of contract lawsuit from the company hired to staff the event, and a lawsuit claiming that people who tweeted negative things about the Fyre Festival were receiving cease-and-desist letters.

Pitchfork says that Ja Rule recently found himself on the receiving end of his seventh lawsuit. This latest one was filed on Tuesday, and it accused Fyre Festival organizers of actively encouraging attendees to upgrade to more-expensive packages and spend money on their cashless “Fyre Band” payment systems, despite knowing the Fyre Festival was probably not going to happen.

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Live Nation Is Being Sued Over Refunds For Janet Jackson’s Tour

April 21, 2017 / Posted by:

Janet Jackson’s Unbreakable World Tour didn’t go so well; she kept postponing shows before flat-out stopping so she could focus on having a baby. Fans who bought tickets to Janet’s alleged lip sync fest were told the tour would resume in 2017 and that they could get a refund if they wanted. Unfortunately, some venues were reportedly not issuing refunds, since the tour was just postponed and not cancelled.

Since Janet appears to be busy with a newborn and a potentially messy divorce, the likelihood of that tour happening in 2017 seems slim. TMZ says one fan has had enough waiting for a refund on a concert that probably won’t happen for a while, and they’ve decided to sue to get it back. Tiana Adams filed a lawsuit against Live Nation accusing them of trying to get out of issuing refunds by repeatedly claiming the tour has been “rescheduled.

Live Nation continues to be vague about when the Unbreakable tour is set to start up again; their website simply says “Sorry, no shows right now.” Live Nation hasn’t responded regarding this lawsuit.

It sounds like either Live Nation is trying to pull a fast one, or they don’t know what the hell is happening either. Either way, if Tiana doesn’t get her money back, I hope she and everyone else who bought a ticket to Janet’s tour at least gets a piece of paper with a time frame on it of when it might happen. Live Nation doesn’t even have to be specific. I’m sure a simple “Definitely in one of the 12 months in a year between now and 2023” will suffice at this point.



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