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Lady Gaga Will Appear At A Deposition For Dr. Luke and Kesha’s Legal Drama

August 17, 2017 / Posted by:

The ongoing legal Battle Royale taking place between talk-singing pop songstress Kesha and scruffy alleged perv Dr. Luke is quickly transforming into the most depressing concert ever. And now, after being subpoenaed last monthLady Gaga has been added to the roster to shake and shimmy in the courtroom. Gaga was unsure of when she’d be deposed, but now sources can confirm that her headlining act at Fuckery Fest 2017 will be taking place sometime in September.

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Dr. Luke Has Subpoenaed Lady Gaga In His Defamation Suit Against Kesha

July 30, 2017 / Posted by:

Lady Gaga might want to start planning a ridiculous courtroom entrance outfit and an appropriate album tie-in stunt (faking a jump off the courtroom roof?), because Dr. Luke subpoenaed her, according to US Weekly. The beyond ugly multi-lawsuit battle between the producer and “motherf*ckin’ woman,Kesha, shows no signs of slowing. His legal team wants Gaga deposed about some texts that Kesha allegedly sent her. Continue reading


Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters Made Ed Sheeran Quit Twitter

July 5, 2017 / Posted by:

Ed Sheeran might be giving the universal hand signal for “all good” in that picture with Lady Gaga. But lo and behold, not all has been good for Ed Sheeran when it comes to Lady Gaga and her Little Monsters. Ed admitted during an interview with The Sun on Sunday that he quit Twitter, and it was because he couldn’t handle all the hate.

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Lady Gaga Is Replacing Beyonce As A Coachella Headliner

February 28, 2017 / Posted by:

After lying to us all with a fake stadium free-fall at the Super Bowl and busting out a Grammys stage dive that was about as hardcore as a trust fall at a company retreat, Lady Gaga will most likely headline night two of the annual Gathering of the Hipster Douches in Indio, CA in April. Lady Gaga is replacing Beyonce who is too knocked up to perform. I don’t have a Bachelor’s Degree in stan wars, so I have no idea if the Beyhive and the Little Monsters are cool with each other, but if they’re not, then they better suck it up. Because the Beyhive has passes to Coachella and the Little Monsters would probably suck dick, felch, toss a salad, do ass-to-mouth and much more to get those passes.

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Hmmm… I Wonder Who Turned Off James Hetfield’s Mic At The Grammys…

February 13, 2017 / Posted by:

Metallica and Lady Gaga performed together at the Grammys last night, but if you went by Laverne Cox’s introduction, Lady Gaga and Lady Gaga alone performed! While introducing their performance, Laverne totally forgot to say Metallica’s name. You had ONE job, Laverne! Laverne’s fuck-up was some foreshadowing shit. Laverne wasn’t the only one who forgot about Metallica. It seems like whoever was in charge of turning James Hetfield’s mic on forgot about them too.

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Lady Gaga Got Herself A New Man

February 10, 2017 / Posted by:

Giving the world one of those sly smiles that says, “I’m fresh off a hot piece’s groin zone,” here comes Lady Gaga with the news that she’s moved on from hot Taylor Kinney. People reports that 30-year-old Gaga has made 48-year-old talent manager Christian Carino the new Gatekeeper and Keymaster of her little monster.

The “Joanne” singer is dating CAA talent agent Christian Carino, a source confirms exclusively to PEOPLE. On Jan. 28, the budding couple were spotted getting affectionate at a Kings of Leon concert, says an onlooker, and were spotting cuddling on the Super Bowl LI field over the weekend.

And here’s a pic of Joaquin Phoenix-looking Christian fucking Gaga’s cheek with his nose during rehearsals for the Super Bowl:

Christian used to date Lauren Cohan (aka Maggie from The Walking Dead) and his clients include Miley Cyrus, Xtina, Baby Boy Bieber, and J.Lo. Despite being extremely fame-adjacent, Christian has been able to maintain a low profile. For example: E! compiled a handy list of Christian’s Fun Factz and they include such gems as “likes music.” So, hats off to him for keeping thing so private.

I learned everything I know about relationships with talent agents by listening to Carrie Fisher‘s Wishful Drinking on tape, so celebrity + agent usually equals messy SCANDAL in my mind. But well, Gaga and Christian make sense. And am I the only one who read “Christian Carino” and had visions of Gaga dressing up as her dude alter ego Jo Calderone to get it on? Oh, it was just me? Okay.


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