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Kim Kardashian Is Suing A Fashion House For Using Her Image To Sell Knockoffs

February 21, 2019 / Posted by:

After Kim Kardashian‘s Twitter tirade in regards to Fashion Nova recreating that church appropriate Thierry Mugler dress she wore last weekend, I thought she would maybe disappear to deal with her family’s ongoing drama because that’s rehearsal time for the next season. However, in an attempt to bask in all of the attention while the spotlight is on her, Kim is now suing a different knock-off house because she’s tired of them using her image to sell their discounted duds.

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Kim Kardashian Is Waging War Against Fashion Nova For Ripping Off Designs

February 20, 2019 / Posted by:

I guess since the hype has died down after Kim Kardashian wore a dress from the Medieval Harlot Nuns collection this past weekend, her attention meter was almost at zero, so she needed something else to whine about. Kim took to Twitter to complain about THOT uniform emporium Fashion Nova and their incessant need to reproduce knockoffs of high end fashion houses. That’s ironic coming from Kim, who’s been the leading Paris Hilton knockoff since 2006.

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Kim Kardashian Kept It Demure With Some Smushed Undertitty Action At The Hollywood Beauty Awards

February 18, 2019 / Posted by:

First of all, for real? Hollywood Beauty Awards? I guess at this point the make-up artists and beauty teams in Hollywood deserve whatever awards they can get their hands on because it’s not like you can perform Photoshop in real life like it’s a spell from Harry Potter. And of course, what event surrounding image would be complete without an appearance from Kim Kartrashian in some ugly shit from the Haus of Look At Me. As usual, her smile was missing from her pictures as well as half of her damn outfit.

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Kim Kardashian Reveals Her Biggest Beauty Secret Is Not Smiling

February 15, 2019 / Posted by:

Well, this explains a lot. I used to think that Kim Kardashian never smiled because she was exhausted from constantly hurling herself in front of cameras 24/7. Or because of the Botox. Or because she’s dead inside. Well, those reasons are probably still true but Kim also has another beauty secret apart from mountains of makeup, fillers, plastic surgeons and insecurity. When asked what keeps the fine lines of time from marking their territory on her face, she answered simply, “Don’t smile“. I guess that must be her husband Kanye West’s beauty secret as well because he smiles less than dead people.

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Kim Kardashian Says She Never Got A Nose Job

February 13, 2019 / Posted by:

I guess Kim Kardashian was attending Olivia Munn’s class of “Japanese Yams Can Make Your Face Change Into Whatever You Want!” Actually, she was the guinea pig Saturday at her makeup artist’s, Mario Dedivanovic, Master Class on how to really kill it at painting your face. For some reason, Kim, someone who has DEFINITELY had some body parts professionally altered, felt the need to share she has never had her nose tweaked.

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