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Stanford Blatch Isn’t Only Holding Carrie Bradshaw’s Fendi Baguette, He’s Using It To Smack At Samantha Jones 

October 5, 2017 / Posted by:

All together: THIS AGAIN.

In case you’ve been focusing on more important matters (like doing a study on how long does it really take for paint to dry on a wall) and haven’t been following the war between Kim Cattrall and everyone else from Sex and the City, let me throw it down real quick for you.

The Daily Mail got the messiness started by reporting that Kim’s diva bitch shenanigans and crazy demands were keeping a third Sex and the City movie from terrorizing our senses. Sarah Jessica Parker responded by only saying that a third movie isn’t happening. Kim defended herself by saying that the only demand she made was to not do another movie. Kristin Davis cried about it on Instagram, and Willie Garson (who played Carrie’s gay sidekick Stanford Blatch) popped his head into the shit storm to say that the rumors from The Daily Mail were true. Kim kept on defending herself and talked to smug butt plug in a suit Piers Morgan about the situation. Kim said that SJP could’ve been nicer about her not wanting to do another movie, and she dropped a fart on her ex-castmates for not supporting her decision.

And here we are now, and here’s Stanford Blatch to come at Samantha Jones for a second time.

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Kim Cattrall Basically Said It Should Have Been Called “Toxic Broads And The City”

October 4, 2017 / Posted by:

When the world heard that Sex And The City 3 wasn’t happening, mostly everyone loudly rejoiced, except for Kristin Davis, because bitch needs a check (same). Sarah Jessica Parker confirmed it was a no-go by vaguely saying it wasn’t happening while her eyes said, “IT’S ALL SAMANTHA’S FAULT!” Kim Cattrall has more to say about the situation, and let us know that she’s staying away because the only thing served at the brunch table when she filmed was toxic tea!  Continue reading

Kim Cattrall Accused Sarah Jessica Parker Of Starting The “Sex And The City 3” Drama

October 3, 2017 / Posted by:

Last week we learned that plans for that third Sex and the City film had been dumped, because Kim Cattrall wanted nothing to do with it, thus breaking the hearts of Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristin Davis. The Daily Mail says that Kim Cattrall recently talked about the SATC 3 drama during an interview with Piers Morgan for ITV’s Life Stories. And it sounds like Sarah and Kim won’t be sipping cosmos together any time soon.

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Another “Sex And The City” Movie Isn’t Happening And We Have Saint Kim Cattrall To Thank For That 

September 29, 2017 / Posted by:

Kim Cattrall just did the world a huge favor by single handedly putting the kibosh on Sex And The City 3. That’s right, you may never have to cringe your way through another SATC movie again! Daily Mail reports that Kim is totally being a Carrie by making it all about her.

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A 16-Year-Old Girl Almost Took Out Kim Cattrall’s House With Her Car

February 26, 2016 / Posted by:

Earlier this week, Canada’s back-up blonde British Columbian sex legend (in the event Pamela Anderson is unable to fulfill her duties) Kim Cattrall found an uninvited guest inside her home. Since Kim lives on Vancouver Island, I immediately assumed it was a stoned moose looking for a bag of All Dressed Ruffles. But no, it was a white Suzuki SUV driven by a 16-year-old girl.

According to Kim, who hopped on Twitter right after it happened, the vehicle crashed into the front of her house around 1am on Tuesday morning. Kim clearly doesn’t have as much Samantha Jones in her as I thought she did, because she didn’t break the news of the crash with a double entendre about entering through the back next time. Instead, she took a swipe at the driver and accused her of being a reckless mess.

Kim let everyone know that only her house was physically hurt and that she was a little shaken up. But Kim wasn’t quite done. There wasn’t any word as to whether or not Kim’s 16-year-old house assassin was driving under the influence of booze, but that didn’t stop Kim from tweeting a picture of the smashed-up Suzuki to Mothers Against Drunk Driving yesterday and asking them: “How can we prevent these violating assaults?

Thank god the only casualties were Kim’s beautiful clay pottery planters, because I don’t want to live in a world without Emmy from Mannequin. Especially since it’s only a matter of time before Hollywood does us dirty and remakes Mannequin. I don’t want there to be any excuses as to why they can’t let Kim Cattrall reprise her role.



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