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Seth Meyers Went In On The Hollywood Creeps During His Golden Globes Monologue

January 8, 2018 / Posted by:

If Debra Messing’s red carpet roasting of the E! Network was any indication of how the 75th annual Golden Globe Awards was going to go, then host Seth Meyers confirmed it with his opening monologue. Normally it’s the actors and actresses in the audience who get lit at the Golden Globes. But this year the creeps watching from the comfort of their couch at home (or current sex rehab) were the ones getting lit up. Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey in particular got lit up the hardest, with a little side-dig at Woody Allen.

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Gandalf Has Thoughts On The #MeToo Movement

December 19, 2017 / Posted by:

One would think the surge in accusers coming forward to snatch the weaves of Hollywood’s serial sexual predators would kick in a dose of common sense on some people who might not entirely agree with the movement to think, “Rather than voice my concerns, how about I avoid a firestorm and go see Star Wars?Alas, Star Wars is sold out, so those concerns are getting voiced. Donna Karan said women were basically asking to get preyed upon by Harvey Weinstein, Lindsay Lohan made a “Leave Harvey alone!!” video, and now Sir Ian McKellen is here to talk about how not all victims may be as squeaky clean as they’re admitting. Continue reading


Gabriel Byrne Says Kevin Spacey’s Behavior Shut Down Production On “The Usual Suspects”

December 5, 2017 / Posted by:

Gabriel Byrne is out promoting a documentary about famed Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw, so naturally he was asked about his co-star from 20 years ago, Kevin Spacey. According to The Times UK, Gabriel, who starred in 1995’s The Usual Suspects alongside Kevin, knew Kevin was a perv but had no idea that his sexually inappropriate behavior towards another young actor on the film was the cause of a 2-day production shut down.

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Insane “House Of Cards” Fans Are Raging At Anthony Rapp On Social Media

December 3, 2017 / Posted by:

You could sort of understand this reaction if this whole mess had gone down after seasons one and two of House of Cards. That was hot television. But every season since then has gone down in quality and it really isn’t worth flipping out. I kid! (That’s never ok.)

Actor Anthony Rapp (you may know him better as horny best friend Daryl from Adventures In Babysitting) recently went public with his claim that Kevin Spacey forced himself on him when he was 14 and Kevin was 26. This opened the floodgates as it appears that Kevin is as good at forcing himself on men as he is at acting. Kevin’s career is in the shitter, and Netflix announced that House of Cards would end after its upcoming sixth season. Six seasons is a pretty good run for a show but try telling that to an angry Frank Underwood fan. Anthony has been putting up screenshots of some of the wackier harassment he’s been receiving online from fans who blame him for ruining Kevin Spacey’s life. Judging by the stories that have come out, it sounds like Kevin Spacey has been working hard on ruining Kevin Spacey’s life. Continue reading


Bryan Singer Has Stepped Away From The Freddie Mercury Biopic Due To “Illness”

December 2, 2017 / Posted by:

Most of us can probably empathize with creepy director Bryan Singer (just work with me here). There have been times that you banged in sick for work and you were in no way sick. You were taking a mental health day, or had an errand to run, or had to go to jail. (A former boss of mine once utilized sick days and vacation time to secretly do his time in prison!) It’s a time-honored tradition to claim you’re dying of consumption or whatever when you’re healthy as a horse but need to absent yourself from the office. The Hollywood Reporter says that Fox has halted production on the Freddie Mercury biopic due to Singer’s “personal health matter.” It probably has NOTHING to do with him lapping Kevin Spacey in the Dudes Who (Allegedly) Creeped On Underage Boys event. (Imagine those Olympics? *shudder*) Continue reading


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