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After Everyone In The World Turned The Job Down, Kevin Spacey Has Been Chosen As This Year’s Tonys Host 

April 18, 2017 / Posted by:

Kevin Spacey’s name trended on Twitter today and some thought that he either checked out of the glass closet or checked into the afterworld. It’s neither. The Tony people announced today that on June 11th, Kevin Spacey will take the stage at Radio City Music Hall to host what’s arguably the Gay Super Bowl. I say arguably, because I’m not sure if that title belongs to the Oscars, the RuPaul’s Drag Race season finale or whenever Showgirls comes on premium cable. It’s the latter for me, obviously.

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7th Heaven Cast Member George Stults Claims Kevin Spacey Hit On Him

January 28, 2017 / Posted by:

There’s a phenomena in the entertainment industry called the Scientology Celebrity Centrethe glass closet” wherein everybody knows an entertainer is gay, but the entertainer in question doesn’t acknowledge it. Jodie Foster used to store her pantsuits in there. It’s also where John Travolta keeps his massage oils and fold-out table just in case the guy delivering room service is hot.

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Kevin Spacey’s Hipster Amish-Looking Emmy Date Is Evan From “Evan And Jaron”

September 18, 2016 / Posted by:

Millions of us probably shouted, “Git it, Kevi,” tonight when the Emmys cut to Kevin Spacey sitting in the audience with the lost Hanson brother who ran off to Amish country where he sings and plays guitar every Thursday night in a cold brew coffee shop there.

Kevin Spacey was nominated for the 869th time for House of Cards and sitting next to him was a dude who gave me “Johnny Depp’s stylist” vibes. And sitting behind them were some people who were cursing Kevin’s seat mate out for blocking their view with that douche helmet on his head.

Since random is always finding a way to redefine itself, Kevin’s date is 42-year-old Evan Lowenstein, who made up one-half of the twin brothers pop duo Evan and Jaron. Evan and Jaron did that song that repeatedly fucked our ears raw in the year 2000. I’m going to apologize in advance for putting this in your head again:

Buzzfeed says that Evan doesn’t really do music shit anymore. He’s a manager and he manages Kevin Spacey, which is why they went to the Emmys together. The only thing more random than Evan from Evan and Jaron being Kevin Spacey’s Emmys date is Evan from Evan and Jaron being Kevin Spacey’s manager. I really hope that “early aughts music trick turned manager of a Netflix star”  becomes a thing, because I really want one of the dudes from LFO to be Lily Tomlin’s manager.

And here’s Kevin and his manager friend strolling through Milan together last March:


Robin Wright Had To Fight For The Same Pay As Kevin Spacey For “House Of Cards”

May 18, 2016 / Posted by:

Kevin Spacey’s Frank Underwood would be nothing without Robin Wright’s Claire Underwood, and I would say “vice versa,” but I’d definitely binge watch an entire Frank-less season of House of Cards where Claire just sends icy death rays at her rivals while working the hell out of a Donna Karan shift dress. Even though, Kevin and Robin’s roles are as equally as important, their paychecks weren’t equal until she pulled a Claire Underwood and demanded that those bitches pay her the same amount OR ELSE!

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Uncle Jesse, You In Danger, Girl

April 27, 2015 / Posted by:

John Stamos better sleep on a floater in the middle of a pool full of holy water with crucifixes surrounding him and his body covered in polyester pajamas from KMart (the Olsens won’t get near anything that’s polyester and from KMart), because the Olsens are going to git him for calling them liars.

The Olsens apparently played dumb when Women’s Wear Daily asked them about the Full House spin-off called Fuller House. They acted like nobody talked to them about it and claimed they found out about it at the same time as everyone else. But I should’ve known not to believe what comes out of the mouth of those two shifty gothic leprechauns. John Stamos retweeted an article about the Olsens claiming he never told them about Fuller House and his response was: “I call bullshit.” Some source tells E! News that John Stamos has every right to call bullshit, because Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen did know about Fuller House before everyone else found out about it.

“They knew about the show. It wasn’t a surprise to them. They definitely knew it was happening.”

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What In Project Runway Secret Bedazzled Bike Shorts Hell?

August 26, 2014 / Posted by:

On second thought, Kerry Washington’s Emmy dress isn’t exactly Project Runway-levels of WTF (there’s not nearly enough peplums or random-ass fabric “flowers”). It’s actually closer in range to something Tina Knowles would have thrown together last-minute for Michelle Williams, if Tina Knowles ran out of satin, denim, neon lace, redundant belt buckles, fringe, and only had a bolt of busted Tang-colored jersey, some leftover ribbon scraps, and a pair of Beyoncé’s old sequined hot pants. Even Kerry Washington knows she looks not-great. Her face is like: “HAAAAAY! I’m a mess, but everyone loves me, so haters to the left!”

It’s a scientific fact that Kerry Washington can’t ever look bad, so technically this look falls into the category of ‘Not exactly a home-run’. But sometimes you just say fuck it, I’m wearing black-tie bike shorts and a dress with weird seams that make it look like I’m a reflection in a Fun House mirror, and applying some dusty blue garage doors to my eyelids and if I have time, I’ll finger-comb some Batiste dry shampoo through my hair in the limo, because YOLO. Or LIGAF. Or whatever the acronym for “fuck effort, I’m only here for the booze” is.

But my say something nice is that she kind of looks like what the lazy sluts do on Halloween when they forgot to get a costume and all they have to work with is an orange dress from Bebe, so they just go out to the club as “Sexy..uh…Halloween Girl?“, which is literally my favorite thing ever.

Here’s more of Kerry, as well as all the other fancy-dressed hos from the Emmys in no particular order. Just kidding! I put the hottest first! Jon Hamm (the whole gallery should be pictures of Jon Hamm from various angles, but I don’t wanna be a creep)(too late)! Christina “Chichi Queen” Hendricks! Peter Dinklage! Donna from That 70s Show!

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