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Kelly Ripa And Mark Consuelos’ 18-Year-Old Daughter Walked In On Them Getting It On

June 18, 2019 / Posted by:

48-year-olds Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos may not be as spry as they were in their twenties, but don’t think that means they’ve stopped fucking. Far from it. Mark filled in for Ryan Seacrest on Live! With Kelly And Ryan and boy did they have a Father’s Day story for us that I’m sure Kelly was oozing with happiness to tell. One that involves their newly-18-year-old daughter Lola getting as a gift a full view of her parents having sex. Can’t put a price tag on trauma like that.

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Ellen Pompeo Defends Kelly Ripa’s Hatred Of “The Bachelorette” While Hannah Brown Does Damage Control 

May 16, 2019 / Posted by:

The battle of the ABC shows started with Kelly Ripa slamming The Bachelor and The Bachelorette saying it “disgusts” her because she hates seeing women fight with each other over a man. This set off a fire storm of conflict (sort of). The producer of the show Mike Fleiss checked Kelly on Twitter and so did Bachelor host Chris Harrison. Well don’t worry Kelly, because you have people on your side, too. Specifically one of the highest paid actresses on network television, Grey’s Anatomy‘s Head Bitch: Ellen Pompeo.

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Kelly Ripa Is “Disgusted” By “The Bachelorette”

May 15, 2019 / Posted by:

Kelly Ripa got a strongly worded email and a tense phone call this morning for sure, because she has come after one of the biggest shows on ABC, which her morning show Live With Kelly And Ryan is on. On her show yesterday, Kelly said that she loathes The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. In fact she says they’re “disgusting”. As disgusting as working with Ryan Seacrest? Well, now two of the dons of Bachelor Nation are checking Kelly for trying to drag their money-making, engagement-slinging, relationship-regurgitating, scripted television behemoth.

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Rosie O’Donnell And Clay Aiken Have Different Recollections Of The Kelly Ripa “Homophobic Hand” Incident

March 30, 2019 / Posted by:

Ramin Seetoodeh, author of the upcoming Ladies Who Punch: The Explosive Inside Story of “The View” is going to land a Lipton Tea sponsorship in 3, 2, 1, because dude is spilling piping hot, lemon-tinged, sweet tea all over. In his upcoming tell-all about ABC’s morning harridan factory, he gets into the time Live with Regis and Kelly’s Kelly Ripa questioned where her guest co-host Clay Aiken’s hand had been when he jokingly put it over her mouth. Afterward, and back over at The View, Rosie O’Donnell labeled Kelly Ripa’s remark as “homophobic” while inadvertently outing Clay. In Us Weekly’s excerpt, Rosie and Clay have some story straightening to do because they both recall what happened before and after somewhat differently.

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Kelly Ripa Will Play Her Husband’s Mistress On “Riverdale”

November 7, 2018 / Posted by:

Here’s one for all the haters that told Kelly Ripa she was too old to get with Mark Consuelos. Not only is she getting with him in real life as his wife, but TV Line is reporting that Kelly will be hooking up with Mark on Riverdale as his mistress.

Mark plays Hiram Lodge, father of Veronica Lodge, who is (SPOILER ALERT) currently locked up. His wife is Hermione Lodge. Kelly will play a character called Mrs. Mulwray, and she’ll appear on tonight’s episode. The CW confirmed the news, saying:

“Kelly Ripa will guest star on Riverdale as MRS. MULWRAY: Confident and tough, she is Hiram Lodge’s alleged mistress. She’s a beautiful, icy, femme fatale who gets caught up in a conspiracy that’s much bigger than she initially realized.”

Kelly and Michael’s 21-year-old son Michael Consuelos will also appear on the episode. He’ll be in a flashback to the 90’s and will play a younger version of his dad. Kelly posted the news on Instagram yesterday (with Mark reportedly commentingYes please“) with her looking like the least popular cast member of Real Home Wreckers of Riverdale.

What The CW forgot to add was anything about how this is the most obvious example of shameless stunt casting in the history of The CW. I’m pretty sure The CW’s main audience is still about 9 months away from their learner’s permit, and here they are, courting all their moms. Don’t tell me I’m wrong on this one: you know at least 98% of the Live With Kelly and Ryan audience have been dreaming of watching Kelly get nasty with Mark ever since they watched all that PG-rated role playing on last month’s Halloween episode.


What Some Of The Daytime Talk Shows Did For Halloween

October 31, 2018 / Posted by:

There are few things more American than the enduring tradition of daytime talk show Halloween hi-jinks. You take a bunch of middle-aged talking heads, a squad of professional makeup artists and costume designers, and a squealing studio audience; put ‘em in a pop culture blender on puree and voila! Whoopi Goldberg dressed as a purple baby vampire. And there’s no getting out of it at this point. It’s a whole thing now, everybody must participate. Do you think Ryan Seacrest enjoys sitting in a makeup chair for three hours and getting cinched up in a corset? I don’t know his life! But he does it whether he likes it or not.

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