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Here’s Katy Perry Giving You Some Silk Flower Arrangement Realness At The AmfAR Gala

May 20, 2016 / Posted by:

Last night, amfAR’s annual Cinema Against AIDS Gala happened in Cannes, and Katy Perry showed up looking like the mother of the bride if the bride was the red dress cha cha dancing emoji. I’m sure Katy’s dress is very ~expensive~ and is handcrafted from only the finest of materials, but for some reason it’s setting off my Michaels craft store radar. “‘For some reason” – listen to me, acting like it has nothing to do with the $80 worth of silk peony petals attached to her body.

I used to be obsessed with fake flowers. Maybe it was because I watched so much Lifestyles of The Rich and Famous while my 6-year-old brain was still developing. Although I have no idea what episode triggered by silk flower obsession. My obsession with wigs, however – that definitely happened during the Raquel Welch episode. Regardless of when it happened, I used to collect fake flowers and I thought they were so glamorous and high class. Placing a single plastic-stemmed rose on my book shelf truly added an instant touch of elegance to my collection of Baby-Sitters Club books. So as much as I want to laugh at Katy’s dress and make a joke about how it looks like something that was stolen out of a repurposed Snapple bottle vase in the bathroom of a budget banquet hall, I just can’t. My love of fake flowers won’t let me.

Here’s more of Katy Perry, and everyone else who was at the amfAR Gala. Thanks to Uma Thurman, we now know what it would look like if Day-To-Night Barbie quit her job to focus solely on the Night part.


Katy Perry Would Like You To Ignore This “Conspiracy” About Orlando Bloom And Selena Gomez

May 13, 2016 / Posted by:

Despite the fact less than 24-hours earlier she was vague-tweeting a link to a song about falling out of love to her 88.4 million followers, Katy Perry has asked that you kindly stop talking about the drama surrounding her relationship. Katy hopped on Twitter yesterday and side-eyed everyone who was whispering about her boyfriend Orlando Bloom, because there is nothing to whisper about. According to Katy, you can go ahead and throw those pictures of Orlando getting handsy with Selena Gomez at a Las Vegas club into the trash with your proof of lizard people existing and the moon landing being fake, because it’s nothing but a conspiracy.

That’s right, instead take a look at all the good work Orlando is doing. Hashtag don’t feed the beast! Pay no attention to the Orlando that may have hooked up with a 23-year-old last weekend. Selena Gomez clearly agrees, because she retweeted Katy’s request and added some emoji praise hands.

Not too long after (six minutes to be exact), she tweeted the following, which may or may not have anything to do with Katy’s original tweet. But it doesn’t matter, because the important thing is that we stop talking about this!

Just like that, Taylor Swift threatened to revoke Selena’s membership to the I Hate Katy Perry Club. “Did you or did you not take an oath promising to be as vindictive and dramatic as possible? You’re on tour – you could have welcomed Ashlee Simpson to the stage and sung that ‘Didn’t Steal Your Boyfriend’ song together while dressed up as cats. I’m just so disappointed right now.

Speaking of Taylor and conspiracy theories, Wendy Williams recently put on her tinfoil hat and wondered if Taylor had anything to do with the rumors about Selena and Orlando. No! Wendy, STOP! We don’t need ’90s alt girl Katy to get public revenge on the most popular girl in Famous People High School by making her own version of “Bad Blood.” Besides, we already have that, it’s called Daria.


Katy Perry Has Sort-Of Commented On Those Pictures Of Orlando Bloom And Selena Gomez

May 12, 2016 / Posted by:

Maybe it’s because I always have Waiting to Exhale on the brain, but when those pictures of Orlando Bloom snuggling up on Selena Gomez in a booth at a Las Vegas club hit the internet earlier this week, I expected Katy Perry to Instagram a video of herself in Orlando, Florida tossing a lit match onto a rental car filled with his clothes. But she didn’t do that. I’m guessing because Jeremy Scott couldn’t get the cartoon flames right on her scorned woman costume. Instead, she waited until last night and kept it vague-ish by tweeting a link to Peggy Lee’s “Is That All There Is?

Just for some context, the third verse of “Is That All There Is?” is about a woman who falls in love with a guy and they go on long walks and shit. And then one day he up and leaves, and she thinks she’s going to be super bummed about it, but she just sort of shrugs. For once I can say “How very subtle of you” and actually mean it. Or maybe this is just the beginning, and a Lemonade-style tell-all album called Perryer is coming later.

Selena Gomez, meanwhile, would like you to know that she has been dating, but won’t say who, because that’s personal!

That’s Not Katy Perry With Orlando Bloom…

May 10, 2016 / Posted by:

Well, this is a little awkward. Allow me to explain what is happening in these grainy-as-hell pictures above. On the right, you have Orlando Bloom, who appears to be – forgive me Jesus for using this word – canoodling with a lady in a booth at a club. And according to TMZ , the woman he’s ‘noodling with is Selena Gomez. In case you’ve forgotten, Orlando’s dick currently belongs to Katy Perry.

TMZ says the above pictures of Orlando reuniting with his one-time revenge hookup Selena were taken on Saturday night at the after-party for her show in Las Vegas. The after-party was at Light in Mandalay Bay, and sources say that Orlando surprised everyone by showing up. 39-year-old Orlando and 23-year-old Selena found a booth together and got to touching. A source describes them as being “touchy-feely.” However, whatever happened in that booth stayed in that booth; the source says that Selena went back to her room alone at the end of the night.

As for where Katy Perry was when all this was happening, she was apparently back in California at a Renaissance Fair. I sort of wish it was the other way around; I would have loved to have seen Orlando macking on Selena while holding a giant turkey leg.

Even without these pictures, which I’m sure have already been thrown in a frame and hung in the Indiscreet Dummies wing of the Cheating Hall of Fame, Orlando would have been busted the second Katy got home and took a look at the state of his Tamagotchi. “Oh my god, it’s dead! It looks like died from malnutrition and feces exposure on Saturday night. Where were you Saturday night that you couldn’t take care of it? Explain yourself!

Pic: TMZ

If Marge Simpson Went Goth And Lost Her Brows In A Meth Lab Explosion…..

May 3, 2016 / Posted by:

And I didn’t know that Backdoor Farrah got a job as a reporter (no offense to that reporter in the bronze sequined top thing in the back).

Anna Wintour and the other foolery providers of the Met Gala should just declare that every year’s theme is LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME GOD LOOK AT ME. Because every year, one part of them tries to dress the theme, another part doesn’t even try and the others throw on some fucked-up shit and add a touch of something that goes with the theme. Katy Perry fell into the latter category. Last night, she answered the question, “What would it look like if Halle Berry’s character from B*A*P*S bleached her skin and starred as the Evil Queen in a low-budget straight-to-the-99-cent-section-of-the-iTunes-store reboot of Snow White and The Huntsman?

Katy Perry’s Hunger Games funeral dress was by Prada and her black No. 2 pencil eraser hair was by Dixon Ticonderoga. I’m going to take a wild guess and say that Katy hid razors in her wig and wanted all of those keys on her dress just in case she needed a weapon to shank a trick with if Taylor Swift’s Easy Bake Oven Brigade tried to jump her ass in the girls room.

The technology part of Katy’s ensemble was a Tamagotchi and her current piece Orlando Bloom also wore one on his tuxedo jacket pocket:


Yup, that’s pretty much how you win the theme. And Orlando Bloom’s Tamagotchi took a shit on the red carpet. If that was his Tamagotchi’s official review for most of the looks on the carpet, I agree!

Pics:, Splash

Sequins-Covered International Treasure Dolly Parton Did A Generous Act Of Charity Last Night

April 4, 2016 / Posted by:

Because yesterday was a Sunday, ANOTHER country music awards show happened, but this one was a little more special than the others, because it honored the one-of-a-kind legend in an angelic wig: Dolly Parton! At the Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas last night, Dolly was given the Tex Ritter Award for her TV movie Dolly Parton’s Coat of Many Colors, which aired last December. God himself should’ve shot down from Heaven to present the award to one of his greatest creations, but Katy Perry did it for some reason. Maybe Dolly Parton’s future successor Lisa Gail was already booked last night?

While appropriating country glamour culture by doing herself up like Cowboy Curtis’ side piece Drugstore Cowgirl Katy 99 Cent Store Cowgirl Katy, Orlando Bloom’s current boo presented her “hero” Dolly Parton with the award and afterward, the two yodeled out a medley that included “Coat of Many Colors,“Jolene” and “9 to 5.” Never mind that Katy Perry should’ve been arrested for that discount Halloween costume, she should’ve dropped her mic and dosey doe’d into the audience so that Dolly could’ve had the stage to herself! But Dolly probably wouldn’t have wanted that. Dolly is as charitable as she is gorgeous and was kind enough to let a musical lesser perform with her:

When is Dolly Parton going to get the sainthood she clearly deserves? I mean, she should get it for the simple fact that she resisted the urge to snatch that $4 “Flo from Progressive” wig off of Katy Perry’s head. Wearing that wig in front of the goddess of wigs is breaking all the commandments.

Pics:, Splash

Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom Have Taken Their Pure Love To Hawaii

March 1, 2016 / Posted by:

As John Mayer’s self-proclaimed David Duke dick hits the road to campaign for Donald Trump, his ex-piece Katy Perry (born name: JonBenét Ramsey) went off to Hawaii with her piece-of-the-moment Orlando Bloom. They first started eye-fucking and flirting with each other at a Golden Globes after-party in January and almost 2 months later, they’re still bumping nipples and bouncing on each other’s wet parts. 2 months is practically 15 years in famous people time, so I guess this means that they should get a couple name. I’m going with Blorry. It sounds like what you’d call a blow job on a lorry.  It’s perfect.

Entertainment Tonight says that Katy Perry did a private show at the Grand Wailea Resort in Maui last week. Orlando joined her and when Legolas didn’t have a face full of her Misty Mountains at the private house they rented, they went hiking and to dinner and a helicopter ride. Some witness, who was in the same restaurant as them, told ET that Katy and Orlando nearly made everyone in the place gag on their luau pig as they got into some sickly PDA action. Rude whores, people are trying to eat!

“They looked very loved up and really into each other. They were comfortable letting everyone see them as a couple — lots of PDA and hand-holding. It seemed very romantic and they both smiled a lot, and looked to really enjoy each other’s company.”

ET also has a bunch of pictures of Blorry holding hands. Here’s one of Orlando Bloom’s right nipple trying to get a peak of Katy Perry’s chichis.

Click here to see the rest of the pictures. You know, I was going to say that Orlando Bloom is a major, major, MAJOR upgrade from John Mayer, because John Mayer, but then I saw the picture of him dressed like a Hawaiian cholo. I didn’t need the image of Legolas saying, “Aloha, vato!

Pic: Getty

A Singer Named Ryn Weaver Slapped At Katy Perry On Twitter And Called Her A “Bully”

February 17, 2016 / Posted by:

We all know who the woman in 10lbs of high-grade spackle and 5lbs of flammable hair on the right is, but allow me to introduce the person to her left. On the left we have what the Internet tells me is a 23-year-old singer and songwriter named Ryn Weaver. She also happens to be the latest person to accuse Katy Perry of being the music industry’s Regina George.

Open Post: Hosted By Katy Perry Wearing A Lot Of “Girl, No” Last Night

February 14, 2016 / Posted by:

Let me preface this read by stating I am sitting here in an Old Navy tee I probably bought in 2008 and ill-fitting jeans from Target. (I originally had on some Yeezy Season 3 but I changed.) Now that I’ve admitted that I am the sartorial equivalent of Applebees, let’s proceed.

Fresh from wearing my dog to the Adele concert on Friday night, Katy Perry showed up to the Creators Party at LA’s Cicada last night dressed like this. She probably should have moved on to my other dog cuz’ this is a right mess. She looks like a low-rent drag princess evoking Erotica-era Madge on a budget. That’s ok for a drag princess but this one has “Firework” money.

The real look last night was Elle King’s ginger date dressed like a hipster equestrian. That’s what you go out in. Not Gay Bavaria.

Check out more pics from the Creators Party in the gallery below. Please pay special attention to Sia because that’s obviously what she’s looking for.

Pics: Splash

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