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Kathy Griffin Has Been Exonerated By The Secret Service

July 29, 2017 / Posted by:

Remember when Kathy Griffin went out of her redheaded mind and posed for a pic holding a facsimile of President Donald Trump‘s bloody, disembodied head? The feces hit the fan for Kathleen! She was somehow shocked and showily tearful when everyone from Washington to her NYE bestie Anderson Cooper and CNN turned on her ass. POTUS, who loves nothing more than trashy POTUS-centered drama, accused her of traumatizing 11-year-old Barron Trump. Worst of all for Kathy, the Secret Service got involved. Well, pour a glass of wine for Kathleen and her moms. She’s been exonerated! Continue reading

CNN’s Silver Fox Says He And Kathy Griffin Are Still Fraaands

July 26, 2017 / Posted by:

I was watching Anderson Cooper interview Bernie Sanders the other night, and I was all, “Praise the LAWD we can vote that orangutan out of the White House next year.” Unfortunately, I was reminded that it has only been eight months of the Trump presidency, and I immediately tried to see if I could find someone to drive me to Taco Bell and not judge while I stress ate a gordita. UGH. It’s been a total shit storm of an eight months, and one of the casualties in the wake of Prez Cheeto (along with what was left of our national dignity) is Kathy Griffin. As you may recall, she did a photo shoot with a bloody mask that looked like she was holding up his severed head, and, well, that didn’t exactly play well.

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Kathy Griffin Pretty Much Confirms That She Was Interviewed By The Secret Service

July 6, 2017 / Posted by:

My brain purged the memory of Kathy Griffin’s bloody Trump head stunt, because it needed to make room to store newer acts of fuckery, like Trump threatening to CNN in a headlock and wrestle their asses. So I forgot about the Kathy scandal for a minute, but apparently, she really is under investigation by the Secret Service and that investigation is still going on. If the Secret Service also interview Johnny Depp for his assassination joke, more of our tax dollars will be wasted on the Febreze-scented nose plugs the Secret Service will have to wear while talking to him.

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Alec Baldwin Is Playing Captain Save-A-Ho For Kathy Griffin

June 4, 2017 / Posted by:

That’s a superhero movie I actually want to see! (Wonder Woman left me feeling empty, despite all the reviews.) Rueful comedienne Kathy Griffin has split our nation down the center (*eye-roll*) and finally defined her comedic legacy – fake decapitated POTUS heads and weepy press conferences! While Trumpets want HER head, and the rest of us roll our eyes at a bad choice exacerbated by attention whoring, celebrities are coming to Kathy’s defense.

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Demi Lovato Might Have Shit On Kathy Griffin

June 3, 2017 / Posted by:

No, it wasn’t in some sort of mishap on a Ryan Seacrest-produced reality television show about celebrity colonics. Tearful comedienne Kathy Griffin and singer and huge Aslan stan Demi Lovato are enemies of old. They exchanged hisses and scratches on Twitter back in 2014. What a perfect time to allegedly renew their feud (and get those clicks), what with Kathy having pariah-ed herself out of a career this week! Continue reading


Kathy Griffin Says She’s Gotten Serious Death Threats And Accused The Trumps Of Bullying Her

June 2, 2017 / Posted by:

Just a few days after Kathy Griffin and Tyler Shields released a picture of her working a pussy bow blouse while holding “Trump’s head” (aka a Party City mask covered with raspberry syrup), she hired a team of lawyers to help her fight against the Trump family and their supporters who she says have sent her detailed death threats. One of Kathy’s lawyers is Lisa Bloom, daughter of Gloria Allred. If Gloria Allred is the Legal Queen of Press Conferences, then Lisa Bloom is the Legal Princess of Press Conferences. So in the conference room of her L.A. office this morning, Lisa held a presser with Kathy. Kathy brought the raw emotion while talking about how her career is probably in the shit can for real and how never history has a sitting U.S. president gone after a comedian and tried to ruin them.

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