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Justin Bieber And Hailey Baldwin Are Engaged

July 8, 2018 / Posted by:

If your Sunday ritual of eating oatmeal and reading the newspaper while listening to “A Prairie Home Companion” was rudely interrupted by the Emergency Broadcast System this morning, here’s why. TMZ had to cut in to give the world the breaking news that Justin Bieber has become engaged to Hailey Baldwin! Somebody check on Selena Gomez, because she either pulled a back muscle from dodging that bullet, or she’s working on a plan to upstage Justin’s engagement by getting her friend Justin Theroux to drop to a knee and put a ring on that finger in front of the paps.  Continue reading

Floyd Mayweather Bought An $18 Million Watch

June 28, 2018 / Posted by:

Floyd Mayweather is much richer than you are. And he will never let you forget about it. Not that the economy lets us forget, but thanks for the reminder Floyd!

TMZ  says that that, professional man fighter and amateur woman beater, Floyd Mayweather, let the people know on Instagram about his latest extravagant purchase 99.8% of the population will never be able to afford. This time it was a watch. And this time it was so expensive you could probably exchange it for a small island. If they do exchanges for rich people? I don’t know what that life is like. Continue reading

Justin Bieber Has Been Accused Of Using Racist Slurs During His Brawl In Cleveland

June 8, 2018 / Posted by:

Two years ago, Justin Bieber got into a physical fight after an NBA Finals game in Cleveland with a Las Vegas resident named Rodney Cannon. Last year, Rodney filed an assault report. According to The Blast, Rodney has now filed a lawsuit against Justin Bieber alleging that his fists weren’t the only thing thrown that night. Rodney claims Justin hissed several racial epithets at him.

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Selena Gomez Is Totally Done With Justin Bieber

May 10, 2018 / Posted by:

After several months of rumors that Selena Gomez and Justin’s Beiber relationship was over, E! News says that she’s “completely moved on” and is “not interested in getting back together with him anytime soon.” If you spot Selena’s mom Mandy Teefey at BevMo stocking up on cases of champagne today, you’ll know why. She’s got reason to celebrate! Her daughter might finally be de-programmed of her dickmatization to Canada’s unofficial dirtbag.

The source goes on to say that Selena still “respects” him as a person, but that she’s “much happier” on her own. Her focus right now is on staying healthy. She’s also open to dating. Selena was last rumored to be receiving flirty texts from Justin Theroux, but he’s possibly moved on to redder pastures.

Another source says that Selena isn’t in contact with Justin Bieber any more, and that things pretty much imploded when Justin started hanging around Instagram model Baskin Champion. Selena is also apparently trying to take her life in a different direction. But if she has any regrets about her second time dating Justin Bieber, she’s not showing it. Instead, she’s letting everyone know she maybe had some regrets about looking a little like a Hawaiian Tropic bottle girl at the Met Gala.

Me when I saw my pictures from MET ??‍♀️

A post shared by Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) on

I hope that’s the same reaction Selena has the next time Justin Bieber weasels back into her life and asks to hang out “as friends.” We all know how that turned out last time.


Justin Bieber Shut Down A Domestic Violence Situation At Coachella

April 16, 2018 / Posted by:

TMZ says that Justin Bieber found himself in the middle of a fight during Coachella. That’s not surprising, what is surprising is that the douchey little Timbit is sort of the hero of this story.

It all happened at a Coachella party on Saturday night after Justin and a friend showed up to meet his good buddy Patrick Schwarzenegger. While they were talking, a guy, who was possibly on drugs (possibly? Come on, it’s Coachella), entered the party and immediately confronted a woman, who might have been his ex-girlfriend. Not long into arguing, the guy grabbed the woman by the throat. Sources tell TMZ that Justin and his friend jumped into action, screaming at him to let her go, to which the drunk asshole replied: “Go fuck yourself.” Justin reportedly responded by punching him in the face and pushing him against a wall, thus freeing the woman.

The drunk throat-grabber was reportedly kicked out of the party, but he was later seen chasing an SUV and screaming Justin’s name while hitting the vehicle. Drunky clearly thought Justin was inside, although it’s not clear if he was. The police were then called, but no one was arrested and no one reported the choking incident.

As much as I want to hate on Justin at all times, I can’t hate on Justin intervening. But I wonder what gave him such a burst of bravery? Must be the same thing that boosted his confidence into believing “uncle on vacation in Florida after mixing Kahlua and back pills” was a good look.


Justin Bieber Said Jesus Is The Reason For The Easter Season – Not Bunnies. JK!

April 2, 2018 / Posted by:

I’m not here to question anyone on how much Jesus juice they’re consuming, but given some of Justin Bieber’s…I dunno…propensity to be a raging asshole? I often forget how down with G-O-D he can be. Justin may have a love/hate thing with social media, but it was all love yesterday to get the message out to all 98 million (gag) people who follow him with a little lesson in what is the meaning behind April Fools’ Day, er, Easter, er, you get the idea.

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