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Sofia Vergara’s Ex Is Making An Anti-Abortion Movie In Louisiana

July 6, 2018 / Posted by:

Sofia Vergara’s slimy ex Nick Loeb recently moved to Louisiana in what was a blatant attempt to convince the mostly pro-life state to hand over the frozen embryos he’s been chasing for over three years now. But he can’t possibly be spending all his free time trying to get his frozen embryos Emma and Isabelle. As it turns out, he’s been killing time putting the $ in $hameless by making an anti-abortion movie in Louisiana.

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Angelina Jolie Managed To Wrangle Everyone Together For The NYC Premiere Of Her Movie

September 15, 2017 / Posted by:

Earlier this week, Angelina Jolie went to Toronto and premiered First The Killed My Father, a film written/directed/produced by the award-winning director of Unbroken. Angelina’s life post-Brad Pitt has sort of been all about the kids, so she gathered them all together, threw them in a pile of fancy-ish kids clothes, and brought them all to the premiere. She repeated that again last night for the NYC premiere.

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Jon Voight Got To Have Dinner With Angelina Jolie And Her Kids

May 12, 2017 / Posted by:

Angelina Jolie and her daddy Jon Voight have had a messy on-again off-again relationship for so long, that I’m never really sure where they’re at at any given time. Remember how Papa Jon found out about Angie’s 2014 wedding like the rest of us, aka through the press? Naturally I just figured she was still sending most of his calls directly to voicemail. However, it looks like Angelina decided to do some charity work this week.

E! News says that on Wednesday night, Angelina was seen leaving a sushi restaurant in Beverly Hills with Jon Voight. Because nothing says “We honestly don’t hate each other!” like hanging out with one of Brad Pitt’s biggest fans.

They were also joined by Zahara, Pax, Vivienne, and Knox. Or as Jon knows them: Shakira, Backpack, Vaseline, and Socks.

Earlier in the week, at the King Arthur premiere in Los Angeles, Jon Voight told E! News that “Angie’s doing good.” Okay Jon, if you want to keep getting invited to sushi dinners with the inner circle, you might want to cool it with any more comments. Angelina and Brad have worked very hard on their post-split image of being all Zen-like and down-to-earth, and Angelina really doesn’t need any conflicting statements coming from her blabbermouth daddy. I know Angelina and Jon were getting sushi, but were they really? Or did Don Angelina and her crew bring Jon to the sushi restaurant to deliver a message that unless he wants to sleep with the fishes, he should stick to the script. “Good? Excuse me, I’m doing better than I have in years. Get it straight.


The Director Of “The Legend Of Tarzan” Should Be Blacklisted From Hollywood For This!

June 28, 2016 / Posted by:

In case you couldn’t tell from me type screaming “For why isn’t he wearing a loincloth?” every time I post about Alexander Skarsgard in The Legend of Tarzan, Alexander Skarsgard does not wear a loincloth in The Legend of Tarzan. In the movie, Tarzan is summoned back to the jungle while shopping at a Land End’s outlet, so he has to quickly buy a pair of baggy pedal pushers and get on the next boat out of that bitch. Tarzan not wearing a loincloth is not only offensive to those of us who wanted several eyefuls of ASKars’ Swedish stems and bulge, it’s also very offensive to historians. Because any historian will tell you that if Tarzan existed, he would’ve worn a g-string banana hammock made out of actual banana peels. But if it was up to ASkars, he would’ve given us desperate hard-up hos a loincloth show.

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Taylor Swift Tried To Make A Low-Key Appearance At A Broadway Show, But Was Ratted Out By Jon Voight

December 26, 2014 / Posted by:

Taylor Swift decided to spend her Christmas Eve eve (that’s a thing people celebrate, right?) doing what sounds like my nightmare: getting dressed up all fancy-like and going to the theatre. Christmas Eve eve is the night you pre-game for Christmas Eve by getting drunk on rum spiked with Baileys and eating Nanaimo bars till you start to lose all the feeling in your fingers, not spending $95 to be on your best behavior.

Regardless, Tay Tay is clearly much more refined than us drunks, because Page Six says she took her family to see Beautiful: The Carole King Musical on Christmas Eve eve, but unfortunately, Tay Tay wasn’t able to fly under the radar like she had hoped to, because St. Angie Jolie’s loudmouth father Jon Voight blew her cover. According to sources, Tay Tay managed to go unnoticed until intermission, and that’s when Jon Voight shouted across the theatre: “Taylor Swift! How are you?” Obviously hearing the words ‘Taylor Swift’ is like a Manchurian Candidate verbal trigger for girls aged seven to thirteen, so Taylor was mobbed by selfie-seeking fans. Good job, Jon Voight! Although – silver lining – at least he got her name right.

But is it really Jon Voight’s fault that Tay Tay was discovered? First off, St. Angie didn’t receive her gifts of quiet saintly humility from her father (she inherited them from her mentor, Jesus), so it’s kind of in his nature to talk first, think later. Second, he might have been drunk; hey, it was Christmas Eve eve. Finally, even if he hadn’t shouted out her name, Tay Tay would have still been mobbed by fans. It’s impossible for her to go incognito – she’s a 6-foot tall Disney Princess-looking humanoid giraffe.

Here’s Tay Tay looking like a Republican senator’s second wife as she arrives at Hugh Jackman’s play The River on Christmas Eve:

Pic: Splash


Jon Voight Thinks St. Angie Jolie Should Play Michele Bachmann In A Biopic

October 28, 2014 / Posted by:

Jon Voight is a major Michele Bachmann fanboy and he wishes Catholics believed in reincarnation, because in the next life he wants to be a corn dog so Michele Bachmann can wrap her lips around him. The Queen of the Tea Party’s reign of terror as a member of the US House of Representatives comes to an end this year and the Washington Post (via Jezebel) did a long ass piece on what’s next for her. They talked to Michele Bachmann’s close friend Jon Voight who slobbered out nothing but a stream of praise for her. Just like Marcus Bachmann’s ass at a tea party husbands only soiree, Michele Bachmann’s future is sky high, so says Jon Voight. Jon thinks that Michele is so interesting and amazing that Hollywood should make a movie about her life and he thinks the daughter who hates him so much that she didn’t tell him about her wedding should play Michele.

Actor and close friend Jon Voight said he’d talk to his friends at Fox News on her behalf. As far as he’s concerned, Bachmann is already a star. If there were ever to be a movie about her life, he said, his daughter Angelina Jolie would be great for the part. “Actually, that was not a wise thing for me to say, because her politics are not with Michele,” he said later. “I only wish they would be.”

And Jon Voight is supposed to be one of Michele Bachmann’s biggest fans?! Jon Voight doesn’t know shit and he should shut his mouth. He obviously doesn’t know Michele Bachmann, because St. Angie Jolie does not have what it takes to play her. Michele Bachmann has crazed eye globes that can burn a new hole into your body (“Why do you think I married her?” – Marcus Bachmann) and the edges of souls have caught on fire from the glares shooting out of her irises. If any kid of Jon Voight’s has what it takes to play Michele Bachmann, it’s James Haven:


I know, I just outed myself as Mimi’s in-home Photoshop expert thanks to that professional and perfect piece of work I threw up.

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