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Hannibal Buress Had His Set Cut Short At Loyola For Making Catholic Priest Jokes

March 20, 2018 / Posted by:

Over the weekend, Hannibal Buress had his mic cut off during a comedy set at Loyola University Chicago. According to Consequence of Sound, he’d been on stage for less than 5 minutes before the powers that be decided to pull the plug on the comedian for telling off color jokes about child molestation in the Catholic Church. LUC is a catholic university you see, and they told Hannibal upfront they weren’t going to allow their young, impressionable students be tainted by his filth flying filth. So what’s Hannibal do? He leads with a joke about child diddling priests.

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Billy Bush Got Hit In The Head With A Golf Ball

November 28, 2017 / Posted by:

Somebody tried to murder Billy Bush with a golf ball to the head and there is no clear evidence disproving that it wasn’t one Donald J. Trump. Ok, I may the only one suggesting that as a hypothetical possibility but you were all thinking it when you read the headline. Don’t lie. I know that accusing a sitting president of an assassination attempt on the life of a private citizen is both incredibly stupid and dangerously inflammatory but hear me out: It’s a joke! Did you hear that CIA? A joke. I was only kidding. Making fun of a public figure. I think it’s still allowed. Jesus, I hope it’s still allowed or I’m toast. The truth is that Billy Bush really did get clobbered by a golf ball.

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