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Open Post: Hosted By John Barrowman Ass Out And Up In Washington D.C.

April 8, 2018 / Posted by:

Yesterday, John Barrowman was dragging Target for having an issue with his buying clothes for a homeless man. Today, we’re privy to a pic of him ass out on the streets of Washington D.C.! You can’t say he’s boring. Well, you could if you’re someone who scratches at giant retailers via social media and offers that booty meat up on the streets as a chaser.

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Target Angered John Barrowman By Telling Him He Shouldn’t Help The Homeless

April 7, 2018 / Posted by:

John Barrowman is a beloved figure in gay nerd circles because he’s an openly homosexy actor who pops up in all of their favorite shows, like Dr. Who, Torchwood, Arrow and The Flash. Because he’s a giver (make of that what you will), John also once delighted both nerdy and non-nerdy gays by accidentally presenting the bared and lengthy penis of his husband Scott. He’s a good guy all-around! He’s also the kind of guy who will buy a homeless dude some clothes and a gift certificate despite the store he shopped at hissing at him over it. John posts on social media A LOT, so the West Hollywood Target (sorry – Tar-JHAY) picked the wrong queen to mess with.

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Opeen Post: Hosted By An Accidental Dick Cameo

May 1, 2016 / Posted by:

In case you haven’t already made a GIF out of this moment and have used it to lull into a wet dream sleep for the past few nights, here’s the video of John Barrowman’s husband delivering a surprise dick appearance in a live stream last week. The Internet runs on dick, so bless John Barrowman’s husband for keeping the machine running.

HuffPo says that John Barrowman was doing a live stream from his house in Palm Springs, CA last weekend about the wind on Facebook Live, when his husband Scott Gill and his husband’s Tarzan vine of a peen swung into the frame.

John Barrowman should stick to the whole actor thing and not even think about getting into the weatherman game, because it’s not his thing. I mean, in his weather report, he talks about the crosswinds blowing one way, but judging by his man’s peen, the winds were blowing every which way. Here’s the NSFW-esque video of John Barrowman proving he’s living the life, because what else do you need other than a hot tub and big dick?

That day, John laughed about it in a FB video. I don’t think Scott’s peen was too embarrassed about it, because lord, it looks like it’s waving at the camera like, “Hey, girl!

If that video comes down, Metro UK has it.

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John Barrowman Got Married

July 3, 2013 / Posted by:

John Barrowman, better known as Jack Harness from Dr. Who and Torchwood (or as every gay nerd’s fap star), married his dude of 20 years, Scott Gill, in California yesterday. John and Scott became civil partners in the UK in 2006, but now that gay marriage is legal in CA they decided to become husband and husband. They probably figured that since they’ve been together for 20 years and have been mostly happy during those 20 years they should know what it’s like to be absolutely miserable, so they got married. YAY!

The Scottish Neil Patrick Harris (or is Neil Patrick Harris the American John Barrowman?) announced in a WhoSay video yesterday that he and Scott were off to get married:

Congratulations to Captain Jack and Scott! And now that they’re married, Captain Jack has a legal obligation to tell Scott that those bangs aren’t the look.

via The Daily Mail 

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