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Kanye West Has Left Tidal Over A Money Dispute

July 2, 2017 / Posted by:

Jay-Z (the hyphen is back, right?) dropped his new album, 4:44, (aka Lemonade 2: Yep, I Fucked Around On Her) this week. In addition to utilizing his shaky marriage to keep the millions rolling in, 4:44 also addresses the state of his friendship and business partnership with former frequent collaborator and eternally stressed-out rapper, Kanye West. In an onstage rant near the end of his last (prematurely cancelled) tour, he went off on Jay, Beyonce, and their music streaming service Tidal. Kanye has a financial stake in it. Jay-Z alludes to this situation in one of the tracks on 4:44 and not in a positive way (unless describing someone as “insane is a friendly gesture).

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Jay-Z Dropped His Highly Anticipated Response To “Lemonade”

June 30, 2017 / Posted by:

Come gather ‘round children, as we throw our diamonds in the sky and do the scissor leg for the midnight release of Jay-Z’s newest addition to his musical family since 2013’s 4:44. I remember anticipating this new release, thinking to myself “YES! New music from Jay-Z!” and getting all excited, until I was informed that he was only releasing it exclusively on Tidal, and I ain’t too proud to say I’m not paying for that shit! I may have to reconsider though, since 4:44 is his answer to wife Beyonce’s 2016 all tea flavored Lemonade. Perhaps he should have named this release That D’Usse Is The Shit!, instead.

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Beyonce’s Twins Are Out Of The Hospital

June 26, 2017 / Posted by:

The Knowles-Carter twins reportedly had to stay in the hospital after they were born, because they were apparently premature and had “minor issues” that needed looking into. Things must be okay now, because multiple sources have confirmed to E! News that about two weeks after coming into this world, Beyonce and Jay Z’s twins are out of the hospital and resting at the $400,000 a month Malibu mansion that their parents have rented for the summer.

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Beyonce Gave Birth To A Twin Boy And Girl, There’s A “Minor Issue”

June 18, 2017 / Posted by:

I was in my usual place when Beyonce gave birth to a twin boy and girl on Monday in Los Angeles. It’s the place that I’ve been in during this entire pregnancy – on my knees, praying that I might get the chance to touch the hem of their garments at some point in my otherwise empty life.

TMZ is confirming that Bey and husband Jay Z are the parents of twins. Beymajesty and babies are still in the hospital due to a “minor issue” that hasn’t been identified. We can assume it’s because a vintage El Camino wasn’t driven in for her to give birth atop of for art’s sake. She’s not leaving that hospital bed until the situation is rectified. Continue reading


Barack Obama May Have Spilled Some News On The Twin Messiahs (But Probably Not) 

June 16, 2017 / Posted by:

All week, the Beyhive has been on HIGH ALERT as they wait to hear the news that their King, Beyonce, has gifted the world with the real-life Gemini Twins. There’s been rumors that Beyonce was getting ready to give birth, was in the middle of giving birth and has already given birth. I’m not sure if I believe the rumors that Beyonce and Jay Z’s twins are already here, because I don’t remember seeing Jesus float down from heaven while holding two diaper bouquets to give to his twin successors.

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Jay Z Has Removed All His Music From Spotify

April 10, 2017 / Posted by:

In a move that has reminded me that Tidal is still very much a thing, Jay Z has pulled his entire catalog from Spotify. Billboard reports that Jay Z picked up all his songs, The Bodyguard-style, and whispered “Come on, let’s go home” sometime on April 7th.

Billboard says that if you now search for Jay Z on Spotify, it will gurgle up two lonely album results, both collaborations with R Kelly, and five collaboration singles. Billboard reached out to Jay Z and Spotify and only Spotify got back to them. Spotify confirmed that Jay Z put in a request to pull most of his songs.

The Verge says that Jay Z also yanked his catalog off Apple Music. However that choice wasn’t meant to last; a few days later, it came back. Apple had no comment regarding Jay Z’s take-backs. I’d say Jay Z changed his mind after receiving a bitchy text from Kanye West, but let’s face it – Jay Z probably blocked his number months ago. Beyonce still has music on Spotify and Apple Music.

Jay Z launched Tidal in 2015, so this catalog situation seems like something that should have been done back then. I don’t know why Jay Z waited so long to make his music so limited. Maybe he’s trying to legitimately boost Tidal’s subscriber numbers? It doesn’t make sense. If he wanted to get some new Tidal subscribers, he should have picked a more exclusive and rare catalogue to add. I’ve already heard The Blueprint III. What I really want is the entire debut album from Sylk.


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