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Jay-Z May Have Turned Down The Super Bowl

September 21, 2017 / Posted by:

When you’re a true ORIGINAL rap mogul like Jay-Z, you don’t want to be some poser, so taking a page from the Beyoncé playbook and performing the halftime show at the Super Bowl isn’t going to cut it. Leave that kinda shit to Kanye West. He needs the checkCBS Sports says Jay turned down an invite to perform at Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis. Poor Super Bowl is going to head to happy hour early tonight to drown its sorrows from all the rejection. First Adele passed it over last year, and now they can’t get Jay.

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Kanye West May Soon Be Allowed Back At The Carter/Knowles Castle

September 11, 2017 / Posted by:

Just when things between Kanye West and Jay-Z looked frostier than the Night King’s panties on Game of Thrones, it appears the rappers are ready to let bygones be bygones and get back to their favorite activity: making a shitload of cash.

A source, who presumably went by the name of Tris Brenner, told TMZ that Kanye has reached out to Jay-Z to settle their shit. Yeezy ditched Jay-Z’s Tidal streaming service because he claimed the company owed him more than $3 million. That, and he was probably weirded out by Madonna’s antics when they reenacted the signing of the Declaration of Independence at its launch. Benjamin Franklin did NOT throw his leg up on the table like that, so why did Madge think she could?!

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Jay-Z Explained The Naming Of The Holy Twins

August 27, 2017 / Posted by:

Rumi and Sir Knowles-Carter are the twin deities that sprang forth from the blessed womb of Beyonce back in June. As all things concerning Queen Bey and her consort Jay-Z are, the meaning of the twins’ names is vitally important! Their eldest daughter, five-year-old Blue Ivy, was obviously named after plants and colors. I kid; Blue was inspired by a Rebecca Solnit poem, and Ivy is supposedly a riff on the Roman numeral IV. The number four is a big deal for the Carters, in regards to birth dates and anniversaries and album titles and what have you. But what’s the deal with daughter Rumi’s name? And did Bey and Jay merely want the servants addressing their son Sir properly from the jump? The second part of Jay-Z’s interview with the Rap Radar podcast (via Us Weekly) revealed all!

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Jay-Z Addresses That Solange Elevator Whooping

August 21, 2017 / Posted by:

While he won’t be inviting Kanye West over anytime soon for afternoon high tea (which really just involves sipping Hennessy and chowing down on crustless sandwiches while Beyonce walks around the pool doing vocal runs), Jay-Z finally opened up about that elevator throwdown back in 2014 with Solange Knowles. Surprisingly, it wasn’t to break down Bey’s “Flawless” remix to say “Of that billion dollars in the elevator, Solange represented somewhere around $40 and a Duane-Reade gift card.

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Jay-Z Addressed His Issues With Kanye West

August 19, 2017 / Posted by:

For awhile now, Jay-Z and Kanye West’s friendship situation has been reminiscent of that friendship you have with that one person that you like but is always causing a problem in a public setting. Either they have a personality issue, or they can’t hold their booze, or they temporarily claim allegiance to the stupid and problematic. You’re loyal to them but you can only drag them out of so many parties before they’re thrown out and have to make sure they’re not going to murder the Uber driver so many times.

That’s what Hova and Yeeszus’ relationship was like for awhile. That was until Kanye’s meltdown late last year when he talked a lot of ish about Jay. What tipped the scales for Jay was when Kanye started in on his wife and child, Empress Beyonce and Blue “The Messiah” Ivy, during a show in Sacramento.

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