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Jason Mraz Might Have Come Out As Bisexual

June 17, 2018 / Posted by:

The under-the-radar Hot Body of 2008 Jason Mraz might be the type of guy who is sexually attracted to more than one type of genitals. 40-year-old Jason has been a staunch supporter of the LBGTQ community for a while now and penned a love letter-type poem to the queer nation for Billboard celebrating Pride Month. And he closed it with an interesting line.

“I am bi your side.”

Play on words or into more than one gender? Jason is Canadian, and they’re inherently nice people outside of the hockey rink (Canadian hockey players are usually missing teeth and they are more than willing to make their opponents look like them) so he could have been just being cute and supportive. Or he’s not looking to restrict himself to vagine.

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