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Something To Warm Up Your Ice Cold Insides….

November 2, 2015 / Posted by:

Today, I am that dude in the background patiently awaiting for Prince Hot Ginge to heat up every inch of his body by giving him an extra warm ginger hug.

As those royal lazies Prince William, Duchess Kate, Prince George and Princess Charlotte took the whole weekend off, the hottest benefits scrounger (copyright: Morrissey) in Britain and beyond went back to work in London after causing the streets of DC to fill with gallons of coochie cream. One of PHG’s favorite charities, Walking With The Wounded, ended their 1,000 mile marathon journey through Britain in front of his memaw’s city pied-à-terre, Buckingham Palace, on Sunday and he was there to cheer their asses on.

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Our Prayers Have Been Answered! It’s KEVIN GNAPOOR!!!

February 14, 2014 / Posted by:

Did I wish this into existence with some kind of weird black magic juju? Hold me, I’m scared! Literally a week ago, I casually mentioned that Lindsay Lohan and Damian’s mini-Mean Girls reunion was nothing without bad-ass M.C. Kevin Gnapoor (birth name: Rajiv Surendra, but I think we can all agree he should just do the world a favor and legally change it to Kevin G), and then this morning Blohan posts this picture of the three of them to Instagram with the hashtags: #youcantsitwithus and #soquiche.

So not only did Linds grant my wish of seeing Kevin Gnapoor and the power and the glory that is his hair (it looks like a basket of tiny sleeping black lab puppies), but she also threw in a Ja’mie: Private School Girl reference? Did my heart just melt a bit for Blohan? Do I like Blohan now? WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING, YOU GUYS??

(Pic: Lindsay Lohan)

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