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Don Your Mourning Veils, Idris Elba Got Engaged

February 11, 2018 / Posted by:

There are few celebrity men that almost all of Dlisted Nation can agree are a hot piece of sex that we all want to climb. Idris Elba is one of those special few. So it’s with a heavy heart that we must report he got engaged this weekend. Find someone you love and trust to hold you during this trying time. Page Six reports that Idris got proposed to girlfriend Sabrina Dhowre before a screening of his new flick. Maybe not the most romantic way to do it, but he’s probably super-busy and had to fit getting engaged into his busy being sexy AF schedule. Continue reading


Harry Styles’ Name Has Come Up As Another Choice For The Next Bond

January 23, 2018 / Posted by:

Over the years, we’ve heard talk of the possibility of a Black Bond (Idris Elba), we’ve heard talk of a Thirsty Bond (Tom Hiddleston) and there was even talk of an Aussie Bond (Hugh Jackman)! But is the world ready for talk of a Baby Bond? While Flinty Bond (Daniel Craig) still has the role on lockdown for one last go-round, one of the editors on Spectre, Lee Smith, had the brilliant idea that Harry Styles should be the next James Bond, reports The Daily Mail.

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Open Post: Hosted By Kate Winslet Revealing Idris Elba’s Foot Fetish

October 7, 2017 / Posted by:

Finally, the foot fetish community has a sexy role model that they can all get behind (I wish). Because Quentin Tarantino isn’t exactly the most wholesome example of a foot freak.

Idris Elba and Kate Winslet appeared on The Graham Norton Show, and Kate revealed that Idris is into feet. He’s so into feet that he made Kate cover her peds up while they were filming a sex scene for their new movie, The Mountain Between Us. I guess so he wouldn’t bust for real if he caught a glimpse of her giant hooves?

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Idris Elba Auditioned For A Singing Role In “Beauty And The Beast”

October 2, 2017 / Posted by:

Idris Elba recently told People that he auditioned for the role of Gaston in the live-action Beauty and The Beast, a role that ultimately went to West End musical theater veteran Luke Evans. Idris in a musical? Sounds great doesn’t it? But maybe we need to pump the brakes on that until we find out what he’s capable of.

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Idris Elba Stirs Loins By Reading FanFiction About Himself

September 26, 2017 / Posted by:

In a promotional video for his new movie The Mountain Between Us, Idris Elba sits down and reads some fanfic and I want to know which one of you hookers goes by the pseudonym Jelly Bean Julia? Diamond Shy, where you at? What I’m saying is this could be any of us. Who among us has not harbored elaborate and unlikely scenarios where Idris springs like a snake in gag can of nuts from the confines of his trousers into our eagerly waiting hands/orifices?

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Idris Will Never Put A Ring On It

July 13, 2017 / Posted by:

Families fight. It’s a fact of life. But there’s one thing almost every member of the family can agree on: Idris Elba can get it. Sisters drop they panties for him. Aunties be making a fool out of themselves and getting them hot flashes over him. Moms be planning elaborate meals to feed him, should he ever drop by. Straight uncles be binge-watching Luther and questioning theyselves. Gay brothers already done told you ’bout him 10 years ago. Well, here’s some good news for the family to enjoy together: Idris is never going to disappoint you by marrying some unworthy chickenhead.

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