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Hot Slut Of The Day!

January 15, 2018 / Posted by:

Robin Bell, the visual artiste and activist who used his skills to decorate one of President Shithole 4 A Mouth’s hotels with poop emojis and the words “This Place is a Shithole.

Robin Bell, a DC-based multimedia artist, has used his weapon of choice (a projector) to spit at Trump before. He’s already projected the words “Pay Trump bribes here” and “Experts agree: Trump is a pig” onto the front entrance of  the Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC. But on Saturday night, he created his masterpiece by shitting on the Trump hotel’s opening with happy shit emojis and the word Trump reportedly used when talking about immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and parts of Africa.

When Robin heard that Trump may have said, “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?“, during a discussion on immigration reform, he decided to fight back with his art (and caca swirl emojis). Robin’s shithole show (which also included him projecting the words “Not a DC resident? Need a place to stay? Try our shithole”)  on Trump International Hotel lasted for 40 beautiful minutes. He told CNN by the time security showed up, he and his team had already finished what they came to do.

“By the time security came out we were already done. We’re not actually touching the building. We’re not on the property.”

Here’s a piece of Robin Bell’s magical shit show:

And during those 40 minutes, I’m sure the front desk of the Trump International Hotel got a few visits from scat queens looking for the perfect hotel where they can get into some shitty and pissy fun without judgement from housekeeping. And lucky for them, the front desk probably told them all about their special Golden Shower Suite.

Pic: @bellvisuals


Hot Slut Of The Day!

January 14, 2018 / Posted by:


In 1968, Mattel started selling a ballerina doll named Dancerina that twirled and danced on her tippy toes thanks to a battery. (Although, since many dolls are creatures from the Ninth Circle made by Lucifer’s minions, she may not have needed a working battery to twirl right in front of you as you walked down the stairs, tripping you and sending you to your death. Talking Tina taught her!) Dancerina was a hit and Mattel rebooted her in the late-1970s as Dancerella!

Like Dancerina, Dancerella was a battery-operated doll that busted out pirouettes and danced whenever you pushed down on her tiara, which looked more like a citrus fruit juicer. Here’s the original (but not the best) Spinderella in action:

Dancerella lasted through the 80s, and if only Mattel had kept her through the 2000s. They could’ve given her a “companion doll” called Hagarella,  a monster dance teacher doll who’d scream, “Twirl faster, you lazy little bitch! You’re embarrassing me!”, every time you pushed the devil horns on her head. An Abby Lee Miller doll, basically.

Pic: eBay


Hot Slut Of The Day!

January 11, 2018 / Posted by:

The world’s smallest cat!

BBC One is airing a nature series called Big Cats, but they used one of the world’s smallest cats to sell it. Because who doesn’t awww and oooh at a teeny tiny pussy? They released a preview clip of a regular Thumfelina (species name: a Rusty Spotted Cat) from Sri Lanka bringing awwws by sniffing at a leaf that’s big enough to be his chair and by carefully making his away across a stream (that’s probably just the size of the drool stain that’s trickling down the side of your mouth as you gape at the cuteness of it all). Narrator Bertie Carvel tells us that the Kevin Hart of cats may be a youngin’ but he’s nearly full grown. This cat is one small pussy, but he’d still look huge next to Donald Trump’s ant hands when Trump tries to grab him. I know, it ain’t right of me to ruin this cute post with gross and purrrrverted talk like that. Cleanse that gutter grossness with this cuteness:

And let us all pray that Parasite Hilton doesn’t see this video, because if she does, she’s totally going to send her minions to Sri Lanka to catch this innocent drop of furry sweetness to add to her tiny animal accessory collection. The world is already an ugly place and it doesn’t need to get uglier from the sight of that gaping asshole carrying this tiny pussy on the pap stroll.

Pic: YouTube


Hot Slut Of The Day!

January 10, 2018 / Posted by:

BBC reporter, Alex Dunlop who stayed in reporter mode while getting jumped by a conspiracy of lemurs.

Conspiracy of lemurs” isn’t only the name of an espionage thriller about spy lemurs that I plan to pitch to the networks, it’s also the name for a group of lemurs. That’s fitting for this post since it’s about a conspiracy of lemurs who conspired to take down Alex Dunlop. While reporting from Banham Zoo in Norfolk, England, Alex Dunlop decided to give his report around lemurs while holding food in his fist. The thing about having food in your hands while around a bunch of animals is that they will step on your face to get to it. That’s what happened to Alex. Those lemurs were the tax man and that food was the last coins in my checking account. (Can you tell that I’m in the middle of putting my 2017 taxes together?)

Alex kept on kept on reporting as he died a slow death by lemur suffocation. And as those lemurs gnawed their way to murdering him, Alex continued to report like the brave journalist he is!

But seriously, those lemurs did it all wrong. Half of them should have hypnotized Alex with their dance moves while the other half stealthily stole his food. Somebody show them the documentary Madagascar.

Pic: BBC via YouTube


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