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Selena Gomez May Have Used A Shirt To Say Something About Justin Bieber’s Engagement

July 11, 2018 / Posted by:

It looks like Selena Gomez has started her first round of recent ex-girlfriend going out shopping in front of paparazzi strolls. Congrats to her. After an ex gets engaged it’s good to see a young female celebrity peel herself off her bedroom floor long enough to phone a paparazzi and act surprised when they show up outside. Stay strong Selener!

UsWeekly is reporting that Selena went out in NYC wearing a t-shirt with a message, a message meant for one ex-boyfriend: Justin Bieber. As you know and care, he just got engaged to Hailey Baldwin over the weekend and no one has shut the fuck up about it since. Well Selena had enough of refreshing her Twitter feed reading the positing messages on the #SelenaIsFreeParty hashtag that her mother probably started and decided she had to go out. And out she went. Continue reading

In Case You Care, This Is What Hailey Baldwin’s Engagement Ring From Justin Bieber Looks Like 

July 9, 2018 / Posted by:

24-year-old Canadian hobo-baby Justin Bieber, and 21-year-old American (insert what she actually does here) Hailey Baldwin, got tired of all the media coverage Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have been getting and decided to cut themselves a piece of the engagement-press pie. After getting engaged over the weekend while on vacation, the couple has wasted no time in leaking bits of information about the engagement out to the media. People acquired such info, by finding some fans who were stalking the couple on their Bahamas vacation and managed to snap a pic of Hailey wearing a big-ass diamond on her Put-a-Ring-On-It finger. Continue reading

Justin Bieber And Hailey Baldwin Are Engaged

July 8, 2018 / Posted by:

If your Sunday ritual of eating oatmeal and reading the newspaper while listening to “A Prairie Home Companion” was rudely interrupted by the Emergency Broadcast System this morning, here’s why. TMZ had to cut in to give the world the breaking news that Justin Bieber has become engaged to Hailey Baldwin! Somebody check on Selena Gomez, because she either pulled a back muscle from dodging that bullet, or she’s working on a plan to upstage Justin’s engagement by getting her friend Justin Theroux to drop to a knee and put a ring on that finger in front of the paps.  Continue reading

The Billboard Music Awards Fashions Put The “Bored” In Billboard

May 21, 2018 / Posted by:

The Billboard Music Awards were last night and if the red carpet is any indication, it lived up to it’s name because most stars looked as bored as can be. With very few exceptions, most of the night’s looks were uninspired and devoid of whimsy. Nick Jonas (above) looks like he just showed up for his shift at Applebees and still needs to go get his flair from his locker and take a quick shot at the bar before getting started. He’ll be with you in a minute, ok?

Continue reading

Cheryl And Liam Payne Responded To The Break-Up Rumors By Doing The BRIT Awards Together 

February 21, 2018 / Posted by:

Nothing sells tabloids in England like transcripts of a wire-tapped phone conversation of the Royal Family or Cheryl Cole breakup rumors (what will her next last name be?!), but the latest round of relationship-on-the-rocks reports may be false…or at least not ready to be announced until some financial settlement is made. Cheryl was rumored to be in “crisis talks” with the father of her baby Liam Payne, and it wasn’t just a crisis of some of the fug fashion he rocks on Instagram. While the word was they were oh-so-close to breaking up, they both arrived to the red carpet of the BRIT Awards tonight in London looking like their usual Mrs. Robinson-and-boytoy selves. Continue reading

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