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Sarah Palin Got Fooled By Sacha Baron Cohen For His New TV Show

July 11, 2018 / Posted by:

Sarah Palin, America’s unofficial mascot of the “I wanna speak to the manager” set, seems to pride herself on being a real no-nonsense, straight-shooting, human bullshit detector. Except that she clearly isn’t. Sarah recently admitted that she was bamboozled by a disguised Sacha Baron Cohen for his upcoming Showtime series, Who is America?. A better title might be Who in America is Still Getting Tricked by Sacha Baron Cohen 12 Years After Borat? The answer is Sarah Palin is. And she’s super-duper gosh-darn peeved-off about it.

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Harvey Weinstein Has Surrendered Himself To Police

May 25, 2018 / Posted by:

There’s extra reason to throw back a cold cocktail of your choice this afternoon (mine will be a self-invented drink called the Ha Ha Harvey, made of the best booze in my liquor cabinet and shaken with 100% pettiness). As expected, Harvey Weinstein surrendered himself to the NYPD’s 1st precinct this morning. The only way this news could be better would be if Detective Fin Tutuola were standing at the door to mutter, “Looks like there’s one less perv on the streets” on his walk in.

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Look Who Got Busted For Liking A Porn Video On Twitter

September 12, 2017 / Posted by:

Well well well, what do we have here? A family-values politician who might have accidentally outed himself as a porn hound. You know, I always got the feeling Senator Ted Cruz was a bumbling doofus. But little did I know he was the type of doofus who could absolutely screw up a late-night online porn search. Congratulations, Ted – you succeeded at something! What? Being an idiot is technically something.

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Bow Wow Loves That People Are Roasting Him For His Instagram Fakery

May 11, 2017 / Posted by:


This week, Bow Wow (formerly Lil, currently going by his real name, Shad Moss) was dragged up and down the internet after he was caught trying to fake a life of luxury on Instagram. On Monday, Bow Wow posted a braggy picture of a private jet and claimed that he was flying to New York to do press for Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta. He was telling the truth about flying to New York; he was lying about how he was getting there. The following day, Twitter user @Al_Khee tweeted a Snapchat showing that Bow Wow had actually been flying commercial. That jet picture? Bow Wow ripped it off a website. And that’s how this week’s hottest meme, #BowWowChallenge, was born.

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