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Olivia Munn Went After GoFugYourself, Because They Didn’t Like Her Outfit, Pretty Much 

April 25, 2019 / Posted by:

If the world of blogs who post about celebrities was high school, Dlisted would be smoking the good shit in the parking lot of a Del Taco after skipping detention, which we got for talking shit about everyone and everything, never having a nice thing to say, and being an overall mess. And yes, we’d be a 30-year-old junior. GoFugYourself, on the other hand, would be talking about the popular kids’ outfits while keeping it nice and fair. The fashion blog GFY keeps their critiques directed at the outfits of celebrities, and they don’t comment on bodies (they also check any commenter who doesn’t follow that policy). But yet, out of all the blogs out there, Olivia Munn decided to drag GFY because they didn’t like what she’s wearing in the picture above.

This is the week of famous-types going after blogs for not solely barfing out a stream of positivity about them. Cardi B went after The Shade Room for not posting anything positive about her or other hip-hop artists. Lizzo punched at Pitchfork for giving her album a mixed review. Ariana Grande said that us shit-talking blogs need to find Jesus. And now this Olivia Munn crap. Next up, someone from the second season of Rock of Love will find an old post I wrote about them and drag me in a MySpace post.

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Justin Bieber Lashed Out On Twitter After He Was Made Fun Of For Lip Syncing

April 24, 2019 / Posted by:

You’ve got to have a pretty thick skin if you’re going to make it in the entertainment industry. I didn’t sit through 87 cycles of America’s Next Top Model to not learn that lesson. Too bad Justin Bieber never had a Tyra Banks in his life to belittle him until he cried, only to build him back up into a pop megastar who can take a normal amount of criticism without alluding to suicide. Sadly, we know Justin wouldn’t have made it very far on ANTM and probably would have asked to be sent home after crying his eyes out during the makeover episode. You see, a mean lady on the internet (it wasn’t me this time, I swear!) accused Justin of lip syncing during his recent Coachella appearance with Ariana Grande. And even though he totally did lip sync, it wasn’t very nice.

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An Instagram Influencer Called The Police After Her Account Was Deleted

April 12, 2019 / Posted by:

An Instagram “influencer” with over 100,000 followers decided that the only rational course of action to be taken after her account was deleted, was to pick up her phone and hit 9-1-1. Someone call Olivia Jade, and let her know we found someone who might be more out of touch than her.

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Taylor Swift And Katy Perry Made Up, But She’s Still Crying Over Getting “Bullied” By Kim Kartrashian And Kanye West

May 9, 2018 / Posted by:

The stupid feud that started over a stolen back-up dancer (or John Mayer, or Taylor Swift telling Katy Perry she has cankles in front of the entire homeroom, or Katy Perry telling Taylor Swift her split ends are gross in front of the entire homeroom, or Taylor Swift stealing Katy Perry’s panties and freezing them at Becca Moyer’s slumber party) has finally come to an end. Katy Perry said publicly said before that she wants to be done with the junior high school cafeteria tussle with Taylor Swift. Taylor hasn’t said anything, but yesterday was the first night of her Reputation tour and she has empty seats to fill, so she posted an Instagram story of her opening up an olive branch from Katy. Are we sure that the olive branch wasn’t covered with laxative fumes that caused  Taylor Swift to get the violent shits during her show? I mean, I did see some clips from her show in Glendale, AZ last night and she was dancing in a stiff “clenching my ass cheeks” sort of way. But then again, doesn’t she always?

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Camille Cosby Takes “Ride Or Die” To Crazy Levels Of NO 

May 3, 2018 / Posted by:

It’s been a week since Bill Cosby went from alleged sexual predator to convicted sexual predator (the only way that verdict would’ve been more perfect if it was laid down by the rapist-destroyer Judge Rosemarie Aquilina), and as we wait to see if he’s going to die in prison or die while waiting to see if the verdict sticks, Camille Cosby has taken to the stage and warbled out a heave-inducing rendition of Stand By Your Man Even If He Was Convicted Of Rape.

After spraying herself down with a generous spritzing of Complicit from Ivanka Trump, Camille sharted out a long statement that some are calling “blistering.” If by that they mean that her statement caused oozing pus-filled blisters to form on my eyeballs when I read it, then they’re right! Camille really went for it by demanding a criminal investigation against the District Attorney, accusing Cosby’s victim Andrea Constand of being a money-hungry lie-teller, saying the media has her husband’s pure innocent blood all over their hands, and comparing him to Emmet Till, the 14-year-old African-American boy who was lynched in 1955 after a white woman lied and said he flirted with her. Well, I guess if your job for decades has been to enable and support Ole’ Pervy Puddin’ Pop, and he finally gets his, you gotta step the messiness up and throw every kind of crazy against the wall hoping that something sticks. (None of it does.)

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