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Miley Cyrus Tried To Turn “Santa Baby” Into A Feminist Anthem

December 21, 2018 / Posted by:

In case you missed her lastest transformation, Miley Cyrus is a strident feminist now. She’s no longer interested in catering her looks to the tastes of The Male Gaze. No, she’s shopping for feminist credentials now. As such, she’s gone and taken the sacred psalm of gold diggers, “Santa Baby“, and tried turning it into some sort of ham-fisted girl-power anthem. I’ve never been more insulted in my life.

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Azealia Banks Has Started A GoFundMe So She Can Sue Russell Crowe

June 28, 2018 / Posted by:

It looks like Azealia Banks has been pretty busy on the internet recently, and for the first time in a long time, it’s not because she ran someone off Instagram. Unfortunately, her online activity is the result of a messy situation. Back in October 2016, Azealia attended a party with rapper RZA at Russell Crowe’s hotel suite in Beverly Hills. An allegedly drunk Azealia was thrown out after getting violent with other guests. Azealia’s side of the story was that Russell ejected her from the party by choking her, spitting on her, and calling her the n-word.

Russell was never charged, but Azealia isn’t done. She wants to sue Russell. The only problem is, she doesn’t have the money to spend on a lawsuit. General public and random internet strangers, this is where you come in.

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Suri Cruise Threw A Capitalist Punch With Her NYC Pride Lemonade Stand

June 25, 2018 / Posted by:

With millions of people descending upon New York City last weekend for the country’s largest Pride Month celebration, it was clear there was a helluva lot of money to be made from thirsty queens. While most of us might snicker into thinking ‘dat cash would go to vodka sodas and Grindr Premium accounts, Suri Cruise figured she could make enough money to just about buy out the entire Build-a-Bear corporation by hawking lemonade in front of her house in Manhattan. She wasn’t wrong. Continue reading

Matt Lauer’s Estranged Wife Annette Roque Wants A $20 Million Spousal Support Payout

May 17, 2018 / Posted by:

After Matt Lauer was revealed to be an alleged secret-button-under-the-desk-level of creep, his wife Annette Roque ended their marriage and kicked him out of their home in the Hamptons. Annette attempted to file for divorce once before, back in 2006, but Matt worked his sleazy charm and reportedly gave her $5 million to stick around. UsWeekly says that Annette and Matt are currently in divorce negotiations, and she’s trying to get another lump some to be done with him for good.

It was reported last month that Annette and Matt were preparing to divorce.  According to UsWeekly, those preparations are well underway. A source says that Annette wants to leave their marriage with two of the family homes, a 40-acre farm in Water Mill, NY, and their house in the Hamptons. Annette and Matt own a ranch in New Zealand which they reportedly plan on selling and splitting the profits.

Annette also wants financial support for herself. But she doesn’t want monthly spousal support. Annette reportedly wants a one-time payout of $20 million. UsWeekly’s source says that if Matt gives her the $20 million, she won’t ask for child support for their three kids, 16-year-old Jack, 14-year-old Romy, and 11-year-old Thijs.

The $20 million payout doesn’t mean Matt won’t have to pay for his kids. The source says that Matt will still be responsible for education and health costs until each kid is 21. Or any other “major” expenses. I’ve never been a rich teen. But I assume the rich teen equivalent to new soccer shoes and braces is bi-monthly Yeezy Boosts and hiring Rihanna to come sing for your after-school study group. Better get saving, Matt.


T.J. Miller Has Settled With The Uber Driver He Allegedly Beat Up

March 14, 2018 / Posted by:

On the spectrum of T.J. Miller is a Mess scale of trainwreck measurement, this story about T.J. Miller probably falls at the absolute lowest end of the spectrum. And that’s got me all kinds of confused. Because if T.J. Miller isn’t acting like an extra-crispy entitled egomaniac, then is it even a T.J. Miller story? But here we are with a T.J. Miller story filled with minimal drama.

In December 2016, T.J. Miller got into a fight with an Uber driver named Wilson Deon Thomas III over newly-elected Trump. The fight turned physical between the two upon arriving at T.J.’s home after he allegedly slapped the driver in the head. The driver pulled a citizen’s arrest on T.J., and he was later arrested by the cops. TMZ says that while T.J. dodged criminal charges, he still faced a civil suit from Wilson. T.J. and Wilson reached a settlement last Thursday. TMZ says it’s not known what kind of settlement was reached, but they think T.J. paid Wilson enough money to keep the case from going to court.

Also, Wilson had claimed T.J. was high on whippits at the time of the attack. TMZ has some pictures taken by Wilson of the backseat of his vehicle, one of which shows a plastic bag filled with whippits boxes, while another features multiple nitrous canisters on the floor. I thought nitrous was supposed to make you giggly and jovial? Whatever T.J. was huffing clearly made him angry and punchy. I guess when you huff enough nitrous to power one of those aggressively macho cars from The Fast and the Furious movies, you’re able to turn into one.



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