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Clara McGregor Regrets Going In On Mary Elizabeth Winstead

September 1, 2018 / Posted by:

The Times spoke with Clara McGregor about calling Mary Elizabeth Winstead (aka dad Ewan McGregor’s alleged former mistress and current girlfriend) a “piece of trash” earlier this summer. Clara expressed her regret. Too bad, because “piece of trash” has such a nice finality about it. You’re a “piece of trash.” Case closed!

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Ewan McGregor’s Daughter Clara Really Hates His Girlfriend Mary Elizabeth Winstead

July 13, 2018 / Posted by:

So first it was rumored that Ewan McGregor was humping on his Fargo co-star, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and then they went public with their love confirming that he left his wife of 22 years, Eve Mavrakis. He filed for divorce from Eve. However, Mary Elizabeth allegedly then dumped him because she didn’t like being referred to as a “homewrecker”. Girl! That’s why you wait until after the divorce papers are filed to go public or get caught kissing! Don’t you know the first rule of hoeing around? Well, Mary got over that label real quick and now she and Ewan are back together.

You know who loves this news? Ewan and Eve’s eldest daughter, 22-year-old Clara McGregor. And by love I mean the opposite. Continue reading

Ewan McGregor And Mary Elizabeth Winstead Are Reportedly Still Dating

February 27, 2018 / Posted by:

Yesterday it was rumored that Mary Elizabeth Winstead had dumped Ewan McGregor, because she didn’t like being known as the home wrecker who destroyed his 22-year long marriage to Eve Mavrakis. But sources tells People and E! News that there’s no truth to the rumor they broke up. People’s source claims that Ewan and Mary Elizabeth are still “going strong.

Mary Elizabeth reportedly dumped Ewan one month after  he filed for divorce from Eve, who never signed a prenup. That sounded like the perfect recipe for Ewan to slink back home and keep half of his stuff, but that isn’t the case at the moment. So anyone who had “Ewan returns to his wife” in their office’s Hollywood Divorce betting pool might be feeling a little crestfallen today. But don’t worry – it could still happen? Mary is currently filming in Atlanta, GA, while Ewan is stuck back in Los Angeles.

Who knows? Maybe Ewan will swing back into Eve’s life, like “Hey girl, you miss me? Girlfriend? Who? Shhh…” Don’t fall for it Eve! I’m sure there are some people who bet it would happen and would like to make $20, but they’ll understand if you choose half that Star Wars money instead.


Mary Elizabeth Winstead Reportedly Dumped Ewan McGregor Because Of The “Home Wrecker” Label 

February 26, 2018 / Posted by:

As y’all know Ewan McGregor has had the strangest of strange transitions from his now ex-wife to his side piece. Pics emerged of him playing tonsil hockey with his Fargo co-star Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and his marriage of 22 years kind of took a while to get extinguished. Alas, now it sounds like Mary couldn’t take gossipy hens like us calling her a homewrecker, so she’s flown Ewan’s coop. Continue reading

In “He Hadn’t Already?” News, Ewan McGregor Filed For Divorce

January 21, 2018 / Posted by:

Ewan McGregor has unsurprisingly filed for divorce from his wife of 22 years, Eve Mavrakis, according to TMZ. Ewan and Eve have been publicly estranged since October, but he fast-tracked the demise of his marriage by getting papped kissing and holding hands with his Fargo co-star Mary Elizabeth Winstead. This might have irked wifey, because Ewan wants to share the kids and Eve wants to keep it at visitation (“without your whore present because I don’t want the children exposed to your sluttery!“). The filing probably doesn’t say that, but imagine if you could express yourself like that in court documents? Continue reading

Ewan McGregor Thanked His Estranged Wife And His Current Girlfriend In His Golden Globes Acceptance Speech

January 8, 2018 / Posted by:

Back in October, Ewan McGregor announced that his 22-year marriage to Eve Mavrakis was over. His announcement came shortly after pics of him kissing his Fargo co-star Mary Elizabeth Winstead came out. And then for anyone who might have thought those pics were something taken out of context, Ewan and Mary Elizabeth sort-of confirmed the obvious by getting papped holding hands a few weeks later.

Ewan won the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Limited Series last night for his role in Fargo. Anyone at home or in that audience with a little knowledge about the end of Ewan’s marriage might have been bracing themselves for some extreme awkwardness to happen during that acceptance speech. Like Ewan nervously gulping and wiping sweat away from his forehead while stammering a thank-you to a person named Eve-lizabeth. But it wasn’t nearly that awkward.

Ewan covered all his thank you bases by thanking his estranged wife first, then his four kids, and ended his speech by giving a little shout out to his girlfriend. Neither Eve nor Mary Elizabeth were at the Golden Globes.

Ewan had such a struggle ahead of him while composing that acceptance speech. He can’t thank his girlfriend first, because open marriage blind items or not, that would look pretty bad. So she’s got to come second – even if it’s beyond awkward to be following the woman who is scrawling her name across your man’s divorce papers. So I guess the correct order is: former wife, kids, then girlfriend. Gosh, you’d think that someone in Hollywood would have published a helpful acceptance speech manual by now. So You’ve Won An Award For A Role That Might Have Aided In The Death of Your Marriage.

Pic: NBC

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