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Here Is Who Is Voicing Who In Disney’s Live-Action Version Of “The Lion King”

November 2, 2017 / Posted by:

Disney’s latest live-action MWTPTBG (mess with the potential to be good), The Lion King, is coming together and yesterday, Disney tweeted a picture of the confirmed cast. For a company like Disney, that is a very low-budget community theater-looking cast sheet. Not to mention how confusing it must have been when the real star  Beyonce saw it. “Can someone explain why both my picture and name are the same size as everyone else? Oh wait, is this like a Destiny’s Child thing, where I pretend I’m part of a group? Ok, gotcha (wink).

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Chance The Rapper Was Just As Skeptical As Everyone Else About Rosario Dawson’s Valentine’s Day

February 15, 2017 / Posted by:

Ah, Valentine’s Day. The perfect day to plant a smooch on that special someone in your life. And maybe to take a picture of it. And also post it to Instagram so that millions of people can share in your love. That’s what Rosario Dawson did with her new man yesterday. Except it happened so many times and with such a varying degree of thirst that many people, including Chance the Rapper, thought it was a stunt. But according to Chance the Rapper, it’s not.

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