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Here’s The Celebrities Who Were At The Royal Wedding 

May 19, 2018 / Posted by:

True story: It was rainy and overcast in London today and just when everyone was about to sing (in their best Alanis Morissette voice), “It’s like raaaaaaaain on your wedding day,” to Meghan Markle, the clouds cleared, the sky turned blue and then sun came out when Oprah appeared!

Oprah was one of the first to show up at St. George’s Chapel for the royal wedding today, which made many brains poot out a “Que?” There’s a rumor that Oprah interviewed Meghan’s mother Doria Ragland, so some think that’s why she was invited to the wedding. But excuse you, while us regular humans may need an invitation to attend something like the royal wedding, Oprah doesn’t. Oprah just shows up and sits wherever she wants. I’d like to see one of those tricks ask Oprah if they can see her invitation. Their skin would end up embedded into the concrete after a lightning bolt from the heavens flattened them.

Oprah pretty much led the non-stop parade of stars that made it through that church today. There were so many celebrities that I thought diabolical red carpet gnome Ryan Seacrest was going to pop up with a mic to asks guests who they’re wearing, I mean, ask them awkwardly worded questions about #MeToo. Warning: Lots of celebrities went to today’s wedding so there’s lot of pictures to scroll through. So stretch your finger, put a workout belt on it, and keep a bottle of water handy for when it gets the heated sweats halfway through and needs to cool off.

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Prince Louis Made His Instagram Debut

May 6, 2018 / Posted by:

It’s been about 13 days since the newest future The Crown character (he’ll be played by Sir Patrick Stewart in a onesie, and yes Sir Patrick Stewart will win an Emmy for it) exited out of Duchess Kate’s womb royale, and Kensington Palace has released two new pictures of him on Instagram and Twitter. Prince Louis is looking glazed in the eyes. Either Prince Hot Ginge is standing in front of him and he’s mesmerized by that glorious field of ginger magnificence, or he got high from the paint fumes as Auntie Pippa Middleton gave him a signature Middleton spray tan. That would explain why he’s looking red in the face.

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Open Post: Hosted By Prince Louis’ Birth Certificate 

May 1, 2018 / Posted by:

When you pop out a kid, the government always comes for your ass to do a little ‘splaining on a birth certificate in case said child gets lost in a T.J. Maxx dressing room (thanks, Mom), they can eventually figure out who he or she belongs to. No matter how fancy you are, you have to fill out a birth certificate, so Prince William and Duchess Kate did that for all three of their kids, including their new son, Louis Arthur Charles. What has tongues wagging, though, is what those two put down for their occupation. Continue reading

Well, I Guess We Know Who Prince William And Duchess Kate’s Favorite One Direction Member Is….

April 27, 2018 / Posted by:

There was talk that the name of Prince William and Duchess Kate’s third child was accidentally revealed by a glitch on the royal website. That talk came from The Daily Mail. The name that was accidentally revealed was “Albert,” as in PRINCE ALBERT. I pictured Prince Hot Ginge and THE QUEEN whispering to each other, “Do you think we should tell those bland squares what a Prince Albert is or just let them name their son after a dick piercing and a messy bareback slut prince?“, before cackling and doing another gin shot. But I guess what really happened is that Prince George took crash courses in coding on DeVry University online and decided to mess with the media by “accidentally” revealing his brother’s name on the royal website. Because Prince William and Duchess Kate announced the name of their 4-day-old baby and it’s not Prince Albert.

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The New Royal Baby Has Blessed His Subjects With His Presence 

April 23, 2018 / Posted by:

SPOILER ALERT: And the new royal baby looks like… wait for it… wait for it… a baby. Although, the newborn prince looks more peaceful to me than a regular baby, and that’s probably because I know that he’ll never experience the stress that is looking at a credit card bill when the minimum amount due is $39.50 and he’s got $12 in his bank account.

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The Newest Royal Baby Is Here! 

April 23, 2018 / Posted by:

Whenever I feel every kind of pathetic while cuddling and whispering sweet nothings into my DIY Prince Hot Ginge Real Doll (read: a white body pillow covered with orange Sharpie-made freckles, the scent of vodka, and topped with an orange yarn mop and bottomed with a carrot dildo), I’m going to think of the way-too-grown-for-this-shit men who once again (I think they did this with Princess Charlotte and Prince George) stood outside of the Lindo Wing with nightmare-inducing royal baby dolls for 15 days while waiting for Duchess Kate to give birth. Okay, no, I’m still more pathetic than them.

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