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But Doesn’t Lindsay Lohan Always Smell Like Booze?

February 27, 2013 / Posted by:

TMZ says that right after Lindsay Lohan crashed her Porsche into an 18-wheeler on PCH, police found a bottle of booze lying next to her car and one officer said the smell of alcohol was wafting out of her mouth. LieLo told the cops that she wasn’t driving the Porsche, but a bunch of witnesses saw her driving and said she switched places with her assistant right after she butt fucked the 18-wheeler hard. The police didn’t give LiLo a Breathalyzer test, because they knew it would explode if she blew into it and they didn’t want to deal with broken equipment. They didn’t give her a sobriety test at the time, because they thought she was a passenger and there’s nothing illegal about being a drunk passenger. (If there was, I’d be on death row.) They also didn’t give her a sobriety test, because they knew she’d fail and they’d waste their time by arresting her since nothing ever happens to her.

Before LiLo’s dumb ass fired Shawn Holley without knowing it, Shawn was working on a plea deal in the case. After Shawn told LiLo that she’d rather suck off a lamprey than continue to be her lawyer, the plea deal was taken off of the table. But LiLo’s new lawyer, that buffoon Mark Heller, is currently negotiating a new plea deal that’ll keep her ass out of the clink. The Santa Monica Attorney is offering LiLo 60 days in rehab and community service in New York if she pleads no contest to lying to the cops about driving her Porsche. They also want LiLo to go to a bunch of AA meetings. Mark Heller and the SM Attorney are expected to make a deal today…maybe.

So to recap: this freckled piece of foreskin lint was most likely driving drunk and she lied to the cops, and she’s still not going to jail. I used to think that coming out of White Oprah’s snatch was a curse, but I guess it was a gift. You get to do whatever the hell you want.

And I bet that part of the deal is that the LAPD will have to give LiLo two bottles of vodka. One bottle of vodka is for the bottle of vodka she had to pour out on the side of the road when the cops showed up after she crashed her Porsche into that semi. The second bottle of vodka is for ruining her buzz by asking her a bunch of questions after she crashed her Porsche into that semi. I mean, can’t the cops just let Lindsay Lohan drive drunk in peace! (Apparently, they can and they are.)

Josh Brolin Got Arrested For Being A Sloppy Drunk In Public

January 5, 2013 / Posted by:

Protip: Don’t ever get boozed up with Josh Brolin at a bar, because when alcohol hits his veins he turns into a loud mess (who doesn’t?) and he will ruin your buzz by getting arrested. Josh proved that on New Year’s Day when the police in Santa Monica put handcuffs on him for being a drunken disaster in public.

TMZ says that Josh Groban (typo and it stays, because today is one of those days where I really need the image of Josh Groban getting arrested for being a public drunk) caused a scene in Santa Monica on New Year’s Day and that scene was co-produced by Jack Daniels and Grey Goose. Josh Brolin was brought in for public intoxication at 3am and released 4 hours later. He was only given a citation, so he doesn’t have to go to court.

A source says that Josh was with a bunch of his guy friends and had a little too much fun.

Josh was arrested in 2004 for allegedly getting physical with Diane Lane during an argument, and he was also arrested in 2008 for getting into a drunken bar fight in Louisiana.

Well, the good news is that at least Josh Brolin didn’t throw fists this time. But really, stay home, Josh Brolin, you’re drunk! Dude needs to get drunk in the privacy of his own home, because as far as I know, if the ficus tree in the corner of your living room looks at you funny, you can’t get shuffled into the police station for drunkenly yelling at it. I think.

Tha FUCK Is On Tara Reid’s Feet?

August 12, 2012 / Posted by:

SOMEONE is in serious need of a gay in their life. Here is the original Lindsay Lohan (sans the criminal record that reads like the Iliad) Tara Reid, moon-walking the WRONG way through Paris with a mystery man on her arm and a severe case of WHAT. The. Fucking. Fuck. on her feet. What is going on there exactly? Is that duct tape?

Those fUGGs look like the Terminator had sex with my third grade galoshes, and that is some sick shit that I don’t want to think about ever again. I don’t know whether to re-attach my car bumper with them (it’s a rural southern US thing, shut it) or wrap them around a baking potato. NO. I’m so messed up by her dire shoe situation I can’t even bother caring about who the new trick is. Okay, you’re right, I wouldn’t have cared anyway, but my point is that shit is distracting.

Other than the Dollar Store dented Tin Can rejects, I have to say Tara is looking pretty decent-ish here. Of course, I’m using her St. Tropez visit a couple of weeks ago as a yard stick so, basically I mean she’s standing erect and not looking like Beer Bloat Barbie.

She needs a couple of buckets of KFC and a six pack of Guiness Extra Stout (“A 6 pack? Of what, cases? What the hell are you talking about?” – Tara), but other that that she looks sober and happy. I kind of have a soft spot for her. Us drunk hoochies have to stick together, you know.

Tricky Dick

December 30, 2011 / Posted by:

Apologies in advance to all the beautiful gays out there, but according to a new book Nixon’s Darkest Secrets: The Inside Story of America’s Most Troubled President by ex White House Correspondant Don Fulsum, President Richard Nixon was one of you. I know, I know, but hey, we all have our embarrassments. Like Andy Dick for the bisexuals and Charlie Sheen for the str8s. His married eye apparently strayed for Charles “Bebe” Rebozo, a banker from Key Biscanye Florida with reported mob ties. Read all about it on Huffington Post, where they spill details like Richard was a homophobe in public, beat his wife constantly, and was referred to as “our drunk” by his staff. A politician who publicly beats the gays down while swinging on a stripper pole in heels and lingerie in the safety of his closet? Unheard of.

I am not really offended at the thought of a US president having a gay affair. They are, after all, notorious sluts. *cough*BillClintonCallMe*cough* I’m more offended that they dared to both be ugly, and make me think about their sexy times. That is the most scandalous part of this story to me. Please, keep your tighty-whitey sharey times to yourselves. And yes, Richard Nixon just stepped up a little in my eyes. Watergate? Boring. Whatareyoudoingwithmydickinyourassgate? Now we’re getting somewhere. “I am not a crook!” has been replaced with “I am not a crooked dick!” Bravo, Mr. President.

Maria Files For The Big D, Is Not The Only One Bitch-Boom-Bye’d

July 1, 2011 / Posted by:

SO. Even Miss Cleo saw this coming. TMZ reports that Maria Shriver has officially filed for divorce papers against AHNOLT. Details are that Maria is citing irreconcilable differences (pretty nice of her, I think), there is no pre-nup, and she wants custody of the two minor children they have together, 17 year old Patrick Arnold Shriver Shwarzenneger and 13 year old Christopher Sargent Shriver Shwarzenneger. No word yet on who gets custody of Arnold Shwarzenneger‘s leventy-billion other children.

Ahnolt will not be back this time. You go Maria, get that 50 percent from that last 13 years. I hope the state of California paid Arnold first with their broke ass.

In totally unrelated yet so related quit-this-bitch news, it’s been quite a ride. I wanna say how grateful I am that so many of you piled into my 1995 Ford Escort while Michael K‘s Bentley was parked at Times Square (okay they totally took the subway but work with me people). Whether my posts made you giggle or groan longingly for MK, I’m proud to have been given this opportunity to help out the hardest working ho on the blog stroll in his hour of need. Michael, it was such an honor to walk a mile in your stilettos and be the tofurkey to your delicious surf and turf, you brilliant slut. *bows deeply*

That being said, THANK GOD MK IS BACK and I can go back to busting celeb balls (without a condom, as is the custom in HoWood) in the relative anonymity of the threads!!! Watch for my upcoming book “In Love With A Gay Man: The Life And Times Of Sweetas”. Till then, I’ll see you all in the comments section.

Much love (you know where), Sweetas

Liveblogging: The Prince Hot Ginge Show (AKA The Royal Wedding)!!!!

April 29, 2011 / Posted by:

I finally made it to Texas after a million delays and unfortunately I didn’t score any street meth like I hoped I would. But some drunken trick in torn jean coochie cutters and a midriff outside of my hotel told me I looked like a “white Bruno Mars” so that was pretty much the only mind altering fuckery I needed this morning. And on to more mind altering fuckery, below is my liveblog of the Royal Wedding Spectacular Extravaganzzzzzz(emphases on the “zzzz”)a with The Morton Report. I can’t promise that I won’t pass out in a puddle of my own slobber and start morningdreaming about skipping through my own saliva pools with Prince Hot Ginge and that wedding cake-wearing puppy. Actually, that sounds better.

But I’ll try my best to NOT do that. My own royal wedding drinking game should help with that. Every time The Queen starts open mouth snoring or PHG throws a “Where is the open bar?” look, I’ll take a shot of the complimentary facial cleanser in the bathroom (there’s no suitable booze in this joint). Now on to this mess (my ass is watching NBC, by the way)!

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