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Veteran Hip-Hop Journalist Dee Barnes Is Homeless And Asking For Help

March 27, 2019 / Posted by:

Deadline is reporting that things have gotten bad  for hip-hop reporter and former host of FOX’s Pump It Up!, Dee Barnes, as she’s had to open a GoFundMe to help with her dire financial situation. Dee asked for help when she was in danger of being evicted, and now says she’s officially homeless. When you can’t make enough money to pay your bills, or you have a medical emergency not covered by your insurance, don’t worry someone is always there to help you… …No, not the government who you pay taxes to and is supposed to take care of its citizens; GoFundMeContinue reading


Dr. Dre Bragged About His Daughter Getting Into USC On Her Own (And I’m Sure His $70 Million Donation Didn’t Help At All) 

March 25, 2019 / Posted by:

As Felicity Huffman (reported net worth: $20 million), William H. Macy (reported net worth: $45 million), Aunt Becky, and Mossimo (reported combined net worth: $100 million) curse and spit at the universe for being poor and not rich enough to get their kids into college by buying an entire building, Dr. Dre, who is definitely rich enough to buy a university building and did, dropped a bitchy fart on them by announcing that his daughter got into USC all on her own and he didn’t have to pull ILLEGAL schemes.

But the thing is, when you throw hate at parents who bought their kids’ way into college and everyone remembers that you made a $70 million donation to the school that your daughter just so happened to get into, you’re going to get dragged. That’s exactly what happened to Dr. Dre. It’s a shame he’s not a real doctor, because he’s going need a prescription for topical antibiotics to treat those dragging bruises. Although, maybe USC threw in a medical degree with that $70 million donation.

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Dr. Dre’s New Drama Series “Vital Signs” Is Too Racy For Apple

September 25, 2018 / Posted by:

In 2016, Dr. Dre decided to make a semi-autobiographical TV series called Vital Signs, proving that if anything, he’s definitely making a life-long commitment to the whole “doctor” thing. Vital Signs was snatched up by Apple, but CEO Tim Cook has discovered that the show has too much sex, drugs, and violence for his gentle eyes, and he’s no longer interested.

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Jay-Z Is The Richest Mogul In Hip-Hop

March 3, 2018 / Posted by:

Forbes released their list of the five richest artists in hip-hop. Imaginatively titled “The Forbes Five,” we’re told that Hammer, Vanilla Ice, and Brian Austin Green have all the money in (and pretty much out of) hip-hop. I kid. It’s Dre, Diddy, Drake and Marshall Mathers. But the guy with ALL the riches in the world (meaning he’s married to universal majestrix messiah empress Beyonce) is Jay-Z. Mr. Shawn Carter has ALL the money. You could probably tell by his bar tab.

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Suge Knight Says That Dr. Dre Paid $20,000 To Have Him Killed

October 9, 2017 / Posted by:

Terrifying jailbird Suge Knight looks to be trying to revive his October 2016 claim that his former Death Row Records colleague Dr. Dre paid to have his large, seemingly bullet-resistant ass killed. Suge is currently incarcerated while awaiting a murder trial (as well as trying to avoid being sucked to Hell by his cell’s haunted toilet).

In a new court filing obtained by TMZ, the bullet-ridden Knight (he was shot 7 times and survived!!!) claims that Dre wrote a check for $20,000 to one Dwayne Johnson to rub him out. That would be a really, really, really big eraser. You would think The Rock had enough scratch from all the pro wrestling and car chase movies to not have to moonlight as a hired killer.

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Suge Knight Is Suing Dr. Dre For Allegedly Trying To Have Him Killed

October 24, 2016 / Posted by:

Well, when you’re locked up on murder charges and have gotten bored from re-enacting scenes from The Exorcist with your haunted toilet, one way to pass the time is to go down to the jailhouse library and read Frivolous Ass Lawsuits For Dummies. Suge Knight has already sued Chris Brown and the club 1 Oak for not providing enough security at the 2014 VMAs party where his ass was shot up seven times. TMZ says that shooting has brought out another lawsuit from Suge. Suge has thrown a lawsuit at Dr. Dre for allegedly putting a hit on him.

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