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Kanye West Hugged It Out With Trump At The White House Today

October 11, 2018 / Posted by:

As expected, one of Donald Trump’s loudest cheerleaders made a visit to the White House today, and it didn’t take long for them to give us one of the more haunting images of 2018. This is the picture that will help Jay-Z and Beyoncé know they made the right decision when they reportedly re-blocked Kanye West’s number again.

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Juicy Joe Is Getting Deported To Italy After Prison

October 10, 2018 / Posted by:

Just when you thought the return of Danielle Staub would be the messiest thing to happen on Real Housewives Of New Jersey, the Giudice family STILL manages to bellow out, “Uhhh…hold my beer.” Joe and Teresa Giudice wowed us all from the very first season with their classy penchant for Ed Hardy T-shirts and ability to tell their interior decorator, “We want onyx and marble EVERYWHERE!” The IRS was equally as wowed and handed their asses prison sentences for bankruptcy fraud and tax evasion. While Teresa served her time and is back on Bravo (because duh), Joe is still in prison, and there has been the question of whether he would get deported back to Italy since he’s not a U.S. citizen. That was answered today because a judge has ruled he better have enjoyed reading Eat, Pray, Love because he’ll be forced to live in the “Eat” portion as soon as he’s released.

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Taylor Swift Saved Democracy, Got Thousands Of People To Register To Vote (And Trump, Of Course, Hated On Her)

October 9, 2018 / Posted by:

Taylor Swift shocked the whole world when she took a political stand and publicly endorsed Democratic candidates running for something other than the Miss Kitty-Cat Cat-Lovers Club Kindest Member 2016. Taylor said in an Instagram post that she’s voting in Tennessee and voting for Phil Bredesen (for Senate) and Jim Cooper (for House of Representatives). She encouraged her 112 million followers to go register to vote before the American midterm elections, and the website to do it,, crashed harder than Cailtyn Jenner behind the wheel of anything (an SUV, the role of being a good parent, etc..).

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Open Post: Hosted By Debra Messing Choosing If She’d Rather Be In An Elevator With Susan Sarandon Or Trump

October 5, 2018 / Posted by:

Andy Cohen had Debra Messing and Molly Shannon on his Watch What Happens Live last night, and as usual he got them to talk a little shit. As everyone with a Team Debra or Team Susan or Team No One shirt knows, Debra and  Susan Sarandon got involved in a political tussle during the last election. Debra back Hillary Clinton and Susan backed Bernie Sanders and later Jill Stein. Susan also dribbled out a stream of dumb about how Trump being president isn’t such an awful thing. Last year when Andy had Susan on his show, he decided to help needle the growing tensions along and create an official FEUD. Well, since Debra and Susan had been slapping at each other in the press and online as recent as last month, it’s no wonder Andy decided to stir that shit once more. Continue reading

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