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Suzanne Sugarbaker, Is That You?

June 5, 2013 / Posted by:

Lifetime’s Liz & Dick set the bar so high* for Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton biopics that I’m surprised anyone is trying to top its brilliance, but BBC America is. This is the first promo picture of Helena Bonham Carter as Elizabeth Taylor and Dominic West as Richard Burton in Burton & Taylor, which follows the two as they reunite to star in Private Lives on Broadway in 1983. HBC looks like a different person when she’s not covered in Tim Burton drag. I hope HBC saved that wig, because she should definitely wear it to play Suzanne Sugarbaker in the Designing Women movie that needs to happen. Of course, HBC already shit all over LiLo’s Liz with just one picture, but that’s not hard to do. HBC’s tonsil stone would make a better Liz than LiLo.

And Dominic West is looking at us like he wants to touch us wrong before beating us in the face with a mallet. I don’t know if he’ll make a good Richard Burton, but he’d kill it if he played an English professors/weekend serial killer.

* I might be confusing “set the bar so high” for “Lindsay Lohan got high at the bar every night.”

via Deadline

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