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Dear Australia, Jean-Claude Van Damme Has Had It With Your Boring, Stupid Questions!

July 29, 2016 / Posted by:

The real story here is that someone interviewed Jean-Claude Van Damme in the year 2016.

JCVD is doing a speaking tour (????) in Australia next month and so he did a bunch of satellite interviews from Bangkok to promote it. During one of the interviews, the Muscles from Brussels’ last nerve got twisted up over the questions he was being asked and he dramatically busted out of there. Either JVCD’s walk-off was fake and staged to show the people that they would get some DRAMA in his speaking show, or he was genuinely not amused by the questions that were tossed his way.

It’s Like The Samantha Ronson Days All Over Again….

July 25, 2016 / Posted by:

It seemed like for a quick minute or two the world’s one-time leading producer of fuckery, Lindsay Lohan, was laying low and that the messiness in her messy life had settled down a bit. But over the weekend, she let out a freckled storm of foolery when she claimed in several Instagram posts that her Russian trust fund fiancé piece Egor Tarabasov had done her wrong by passing his peen to a Russian prostitution whore-ah. Child services in London also called a red siren emergency meeting when LiLo made it seem like an actual living thing is growing in her womb. Reading LiLo’s incoherent Instagram posts made me think that maybe Apple should install a feature that locks you out of all of your social media accounts when you put your finger on your iPhone and it detects that you’ve got massive amounts of mind-altering substances flowing through you. But then again if Apple did that, use on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat would plummet since it seems like 50% of the people posting on social media are drunk or cracked out. And yes, I’m including myself in that 50%.

LiLo becoming someone’s mother is serious, serious business, but shit got really serious and darker when The Sun posted a grainy video of her screaming on the balcony of her fancy London flat about how her Russian piece allegedly choked her out and tried to kill her. The video made my brain flashback to 2009 when LiLo and SamRo used to reenact scenes from Casino in front of the paps.

It Looks Like There Is Something That Ben Affleck Loves More Than Ben Affleck

June 23, 2016 / Posted by:

And it’s obvious that something is TOM BRADY!

In movies and most interviews, Ben Affleck makes a rock look like it’s full of complex emotions and feelings. But when you bring up Tom Brady and Tom Brady’s deflating balls, Ben Affleck comes alive and will let the raw emotions ooze out of every one of his pores. HBO’s new sports talk show Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simmons premiered last night, and the Botoxed Easter Island statue broke out of his stony exterior and stroked Tom Brady’s dick so hard that Tom is going to need a dick skin graft, because Ben stroked it all off.

Now For A Lesson In Giving A Truly Awkward Interview Courtesy Of Casey Affleck

February 23, 2016 / Posted by:

Casey Affleck, an actor who you may know as Ben Affleck’s brother or Jimmy’s friend Russell from To Die For (probably the second one), is currently in a movie called Triple 9. And just like every actor trying to get asses in theater seats, Casey is hustling Triple 9 on the talk show circuit. The only problem is that it appears Casey would rather clean the crotch sweat stains out of his big brother’s Batman suit than have to make small talk about his movie to Stephen Colbert.

Casey was on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night, and you could feel the “I don’t want to be here” vibes right away. Casey looked like a hungover supply teacher (Note from Michael: That’s “substitute teacher” to us ‘Muricans) who is counting down the seconds till he can throw on a DVD full of Heritage Minutes and take a nap in his car. Or as Stephen Colbert observed, a “street corner Jesus.” Casey didn’t like Stephen’s comments about his clothes. But Stephen kept going, because he left all his fucks in his old office at Comedy Central.

Eventually Stephen moved on from Casey’s hobo Stu Pickles cosplay, but it didn’t get any less awkward. Behold, all five minutes and fifty-four seconds of Casey Affleck’s living nightmare.

Those bitches stole our look!” hissed David Letterman and Madonna.

Who knows if Casey’s uncomfortable laughter and over-it silences were the result of his brain telling him he’s too good for this talk show or he was high on prescription-strength Fuckitol or that it was the Triple 9 PR team’s sneaky way of getting some publicity. But there are places out there that are a lot worse for an actor than The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Like The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Casey, being called a street corner Jesus is nothing compared to the humiliation of being in one of those Ew! sketches.

Kanye West Thinks He’s 50 Percent More Influential Than Picasso, And Other Bits Of Delusion From His SNL Tantrum

February 17, 2016 / Posted by:

Kanye West threw a Kanye West-like fit right before his performance on Saturday Night Live last week, because the set wasn’t right. The crew had to rip out the floor, because it was too shiny and was causing weird effects on the video wall. Kanye wasn’t having it and almost walked off before Lorne Michaels talked him away from the edge and got him to perform. Well, Page Six somehow magically got a hold of the audio of Kanye bringing his Twitter rants to life by spitting out all sorts of crazy declarations of how he’s the most important thing to happen to this planet since oxygen.

Page Six said that Kanye cursed out SNL production staff, but TMZ was right on time, and heard from a source (Fun fact: “TMZ’s source” is Latin for Pimp Mama Kris) that he didn’t throw the fuck word at producers. He was venting backstage in front of his people and the producers weren’t around.

Here’s a few of the nuggets that Kanye’s mouth delivered, and yes, it’s gotten to the point where he’s coming for dead people and the apostles:

“That and Taylor Swift, fake ass.”

“Bro! By 50 Percent, Stanley Kubrick, Apostle Paul…Picasso… fucking Picasso and Escobar. By 50 percent more influential than any other human being.”

“Don’t fuck with me! By 50 percent, dead or alive. By 50 percent for the next thousand years. Stanley Kubrick, ye!”

Fake ass.” I’m not saying he’s wrong, but that’s coming from the dude who married into a family of fake asses (and I mean that in more ways than one).

You know, if I didn’t know who spouted out that nonsensicalness, I’d probably think it was Donald Trump on coke.

UPDATE: Maybe Kanye knew that audio was coming, because he did have a moment of self-awareness today:

I know I’m a thirsty bitch, but that tweet has got me thinking that I’m so dehydrated that I’m not seeing things right. That tweet must be a mirage.

Pic: NBC

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