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Diane Kruger Went To Norman Reedus’ Photo Show In Paris, What Does It All Mean?

December 16, 2016 / Posted by:

It means that they’re probably still fucking, you dumb bitch,” said anybody with at least half-a-working brain cell, including Dramatic Chipmunk’s cracked-out squirrel cousin who’s in the middle of them.

A year ago, a tiny ESCANDALO was born when Diane Kruger was spotted by a source making out and straddling Norman Reedus at a bar in NYC. Diane was still with Joshua Jackson at the time. Other sources said at the time that the story was made of lies, because Diane’s tongue wasn’t anywhere near Norman’s tongue and they were at the bar with the director who directed them in the movie Sky.

Diane could’ve said that she was just helping out her man’s show The Affair by doing a little guerrilla marketing for it. Or she could’ve said that she wasn’t humping on Norman. She was doing the Heimlich maneuver on a greasy homeless drifter who choked on a piece of the sandwich she gave him outside of the bar. It’s an easy mistake to make. But neither Diane or Norman said anything. Diane and Norman later awkwardly posed together at a screening for their movie, and they were both at Rosetta Getty’s July 4th party in Tuscany. Two weeks after that party, Diane and Joshua announced that they were done after 10 years. And here we are…

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Joshua Jackson And Diane Kruger Are Done After 10 Years

July 18, 2016 / Posted by:

I don’t know if this makes cucumbers happy or sad, but I do know that now it’s safe for Joshua Jackson’s friends and family to eat cucumbers at his house again. Maybe.

Many relationships in Hollywood last about as long as a bag of Hostess Donnettes in my kitchen cabinet (read: 14.5 seconds), so 40-year-old Diane Kruger and 38-year-old Joshua Jackson truly slaughtered and butchered the odds by staying together for 10 years. But after a decade, they have decided that they are done with looking at each other’s face and rubbing fuck parts on the regular. Your late-90s self can open up those legs and celebrate, because Pacey is single!

Both Diane and Joshua’s rep gave this generic statement to People:

“Diane Kruger and Josh Jackson have decided to separate and remain friends.”

Diane and Joshua owns houses together in NYC, Paris and Vancouver so they’ll have to split that shit up.

This news may bring a “duh” out of your brain if you still remember last December, when Diane supposedly straddled and sucked on the face of Norman Reedus at a bar in NYC while Joshua was in the Philippines. Denials were made, and a couple of months later, Diane and Joshua posed together at the opening night of his Off-Broadway play.

THE PLOT THICKENS (not really), because Diane and Norman Reedus were photographed together (2nd row, last picture) at a birthday party in Tuscany earlier this month, and she was also papped with Pacey last Friday.

Releasing this news when the tabloids and everyone else has their noses straight up into the greasy bowels of that Taylor v. Kimye shit is a smart move. So if Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx want to confirm that they’ve been married for a year, now is the time. And if John Travolta wants to announce that he quit Scientology and is now living with his wigmaker boyfriend, now is a good time for that too. Everyone would be like, “John Travolta came out? Who cares! Taylor Swift just tweeted a winking emoji. We need to write a 1,800 word article on that!

Here’s Joshua and his mom in L.A. over a week ago, and Diane in NYC a few days ago.

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And Now I Have The Mental Image Of Jennifer Lawrence And Robert De Niro Scissoring

May 16, 2016 / Posted by:

The GLAAD Media Awards were on Saturday, and as you can see, Robert De Niro got to take home an award. For those of you wondering “Does the G in GLAAD stand for geriatric straights?“, they were actually recognizing Robert De Niro with the Excellence in Media Award for a documentary he produced about his father, Robert De Niro Sr. (who was gay) called Remembering the Artist. De Niro got to pick who presented him with his award, so he picked America’s cool best friend from summer camp Jennifer Lawrence. I guess Jinx the Cat was busy?

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Now That Peter O’Toole Has Been Dead For A Little While, Diane Kruger Can Finally Talk Shit About Him

April 28, 2016 / Posted by:

The phrase “never speak ill of the dead” doesn’t exist in Diane Kruger’s brain, and in fact, she thinks the best time to talk ill about a person is when that person is dead.

One of Diane Kruger’s big breaks was the movie Troy, where she played Helen of Troy next to Brad Pitt, Eric Bana, Orlando Bloom, Rose Byrne, Sean Bean and the Werther’s Originals-covered thorn in her asshole Peter O’Toole, who died in 2013. While promoting their movie Sky, Diane Kruger and Norman Reedus did a bit for Buzzfeed where they interviewed each other, and he asked her who was the meanest actor she’s ever worked with. Diane mouth farted up the late Peter O’Toole’s name, and throughout the interview, Norman brought up Peter a couple more times and she told us how she really feels.

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Rumored Hump Buddies Norman Reedus And Diane Kruger Reunited In NYC

April 15, 2016 / Posted by:

Last December, the NYDN started the rumor that Norman Reedus and Diane Kruger were dry humping each other at a bar in NYC while her man of 9 years Joshua Jackson was on vacation in the Philippines. Reps spits out the usual denials, Joshua’s dad laughed about it to Radar and Pacey and Diane proved that their love was alive by posing at some event together two months later. Well, Norman’s hipster Lenny from Laverne & Shirley-looking ass and Diane Kruger were together again at a screening for their movie Sky in NYC last night. Joshua Jackson is also in the movie, but he wasn’t there last night.


If I don’t look at these pictures through a scandal filter, I see two greasy messes awkwardly posing next to each other because they’re well aware of those rumors and don’t want anyone to think that they’re really doing ass-to-ass with a cucumber. If I do look at these pictures through a scandal filter, I see two greasy messes awkwardly posing next to each other because they have done it but don’t want to look like they’ve done it. Norman and Diane also look like irresponsible chaperones at a Florida high school prom who just got caught getting into some sweaty, meth-fueled fuck times on the floor of the gym bathroom. But then again, they always kind of look like that.

Here’s more pictures of Norman and Diane last night as well as pictures of them at TIFF last September. In the pictures from last night, Diane is wearing an outfit that looks a lot like the outfit my best friend at the time wore to our 8th grade spring dance in the 90s. The teachers said that the top part was too risqué so they made her wear a t-shirt over it. Basically, she looked a billion times more glamorous than Diane.

Pics: AP, Splash

Those “Cheating Rumors” Didn’t Destroy Diane Kruger And Pacey’s Love

February 12, 2016 / Posted by:

A couple of months ago, there was a rumor that Diane Kruger’s mouth got itself a piece of Norman Reedus’ tongue at a bar in NYC while her man of 9 years Joshua Jackson was vacationing in the Philippines. People claim they saw Diane straddle Norman and practically dry hump him. There could’ve been many explanations for that. Maybe Diane and Pacey are the Will and Jada of cable actors and have an open relationship? Maybe Norman was choking on a piece of a fried cheese stick and Diane only knows how to give the Heimlich maneuver with her thighs? Maybe Diane really was wrongly passing her poon behind Joshua’s back? Who knows, but sources denied Diane got on Norman like that and said there’s nothing going on between them. Joshua’s dad also laughed it off.

Well, even though Diane Kruger looked like the undead last night, her love with Pacey is totally alive. Pacey is currently starring in the off-Broadway play Smart People and Diane came out for the opening night looking like a vampire maître d’ with the flu (“Um no, that’s slutty power lesbian.” Jennifer Lawrence). So there you go. Totally together. And now here I go to the bathroom to look in the mirror and say to myself, “Really?” Because I’ve never had it for Pacey but seeing him looking like a hungover, overworked and frazzled accountant on April 14th did things to me. I’d let him work on my Schedule B. Let’s just pretend that made sense.


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