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Charlie Sheen’s Child Support Woes Are Over (For Now)

August 28, 2016 / Posted by:

Back in March, Charlie Sheen went to a judge and said that those Two and a Half Men residual checks ain’t what they used to be and asked that his monthly child support payments to Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller be decreased. Charlie claimed he couldn’t afford those giant child support checks for his four kids, because his million-dollar days were behind him. He said that he’s only making a little over $87, 000 a month now. That’s still a lot of money, but it doesn’t take a Suze Orman to see that that’s no where near enough to cover the two $55,000 checks he wrote to Denise and Brooke each month.

Denise and Brooke could have fought Charlie for the money, but instead they decided to play nice and give him a child support break. Just call them Charlie’s Financial Angels.

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Charlie Sheen Claims He Can’t Afford His Child Support Payments To Denise Richards

March 16, 2016 / Posted by:

A few weeks ago,  Charlie Sheen cried about the number of zeroes he has to write on his child support checks to his third ex-wife Brooke Mueller every month. According to Charlie, he couldn’t afford to keep handing over so much cash because he’s not making Two and a Half Men money anymore. Now TMZ is saying that Charlie also wants his second ex-wife Denise Richards to take a pay cut.

Once again, Charlie has filed papers claiming he’s not bringing in nearly as much money as he once was and wants a judge to slash the amount of child support he has to pay every month to Denise. Charlie has been paying Denise $55,000 a month (the same amount he pays Brooke) since 2009, but he says he can’t afford that much because his income has “drastically declined.” During the 8th season of Two and a Half Men, Charlie was pulling in $1.8 million an episode. But as Martin mentioned last time, Charlie has claimed those days are over and he only makes $87,384 a month now.

Charlie also reused the same low-income excuses from the papers he filed two weeks ago regarding his child support situation with Brooke. According to Charlie, his bank account is currently in a bad place. Charlie sold his rights to Two and a Half Men and he says that it costs a lot of money to be an HIV-positive person.

This isn’t the only cash keep-away game Charlie is playing with Denise. She is currently suing Charlie for $1.2 million for selling the house she and their daughters were living in and keeping the money for himself.

I think Charlie might be jumping the gun a bit here (and with Charlie’s gun history, that’s not a good thing). He should have waited until after that movie he’s making with Whoopi about 9/11 bombs at the box office. That way, he’d have indisputable proof that his bank account is busted. “Your honor, as you can see, I’m clearly in no position to be writing child support checks for $55,000.

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Charlie Sheen Wants To Pay Less Child Support

March 5, 2016 / Posted by:

If it’s not one thing, it’s another when it comes to Charlie Sheen. The spinner on his giant chore wheel of a life has landed on “Baby Mama Drama”. People got their hands on some court documents that Charlie filed in which he’s requested that his child support payments to ex-wife Brooke Mueller for their 6-year-old twin boys be lowered.

While he was on Two and a Half Men – a show I have never seen because, despite what the amount of alcohol I ingest would suggest, I value my brain and health – he was making more money than any other ho on the TV stroll. At the time he was making roughly $613,000 per month and that heavily played into factoring how much he pays Brooke and his other ex, Denise Richards (star of the greatest reality show ever, Denise Richards Colon It’s Complicated!), which is $55,ooo a month each. He’s in the middle of a messy money situation with Denise too. It’s also been reported that he sold his rights to Two and a Half Turds for $26,750,000. While he isn’t crying ‘poor’, he is saying that his income has drastically changed and as such the payments he makes should reflect that. Charlie is saying that currently he makes around $87,384 per month.

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Charlie Sheen And Denise Richards Are Fighting About Money Again

January 21, 2016 / Posted by:

Every night before the families of Charlie Sheen’s lawyers eat their usual casual dinner of filet mignon, caviar and truffles dipped in liquid gold they bow their heads and give thanks to the tiger blood-having warlock for keeping their family rich as hell with his messiness. Charlie’s lawyers are already busy dealing with the lawsuits from “desperate charlatans” who are suing him for allegedly not telling them that he’s HIV positive, and now they have to add a lawsuit from Denise Richards to their big, fat pile.

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Charlie Sheen Says He’s Paid Millions In Blackmail Money To Keep His HIV Status Quiet And He’s Done With The Shakedowns

November 17, 2015 / Posted by:

As anyone who hasn’t just come out of a long coma knows (Tip: If you’ve just come out of a long coma, do NOT watch the Jem movie or you’ll weep for humanity and want to go back into that coma.), Charlie Sheen is HIV-positive and in an interview with Matt Lauer on Today this morning, he said that he’s paid more than $10 million in STFU money to tricks who threatened to expose his status to the media. Well, grifting types are going to have to find another reason to blackmail Charlie Sheen for quick cash, because the world knows he’s HIV-positive now and the shaking of his checking account has come to an end.

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Charlie Sheen’s HIV Is Undetectable, So Says TMZ

November 16, 2015 / Posted by:

We barely found out earlier that Charlie Sheen will announce on Today tomorrow morning that he’s HIV-positive and TMZ is already working it hard. TMZ’s sources say that Charlie knew about his HIV status for more than a year, but kept it to himself. Eventually, Charlie told friends and those friends told others who told people that he did sex with. Charlie’s ex sex pieces were of course mad that he didn’t tell them and threatened to sue him. Charlie reportedly hushed them all up with a pile of money in exchange for their silence and a signed confidentiality agreement. One of those settlements happened as recently as last month. When

Another source tells TMZ that Charlie has been on a series of meds and his status is now “undetectable.” Everything I know about being undetectable I learned from Looking on HBO (no, I didn’t). Being undetectable doesn’t mean you don’t have HIV anymore. It means that the HIV meds are working well and the amount of virus in the blood is lower than the amount a blood test can measure. The chances of passing the virus is less likely, but there’s still a risk. TMZ’s source that Charlie admits that he did it with several people throughout the years and says that he didn’t deceive any of them since he’s undetectable.

One of Charlie Sheen’s ex-goddesses, Bree Olson, has already said in a note on Facebook that she’s HIV negative, so she wants the tabloids to stop asking her about it! And a “source” tells People that Charlie’s second ex-wife Denise Richards has known for years and wants everyone to know that she’s HIV-negative.

“She’s known Charlie was HIV-positive for a number of years. He was infected after they divorced, and they haven’t been intimate since. Neither she nor their daughters are HIV-positive.”


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