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Demi Lovato Is Doing Well, Receiving Visitors And Will Probably Head Directly To Rehab

July 26, 2018 / Posted by:

There’s more good news about Demi Lovato. As previously reported, she doing well and is awake and responsive. And it looks as if Demi, who was hospitalized two days ago for an apparent drug overdose, will likely be heading to rehab as soon as she gets out of the hospital. That’s what her family is currently making plans for. According to Entertainment Tonight, Demi’s family is actively looking for a rehab facility she can check into right away.

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Demi Lovato Has Reportedly Been Hospitalized For An Overdose (UPDATE)

July 24, 2018 / Posted by:

UPDATE: A source tells People that she’s stable and that contrary to what TMZ said, she didn’t overdose on heroin. TMZ also said that Demi was unconscious when paramedics showed up and they treated her with Narcan before taking her to the hospital.

UPDATE 2: Some even better news to add on to People’s report that Demi is in stable condition. According to The Blast and Entertainment Tonight, Demi is currently “awake and responsive.

UPDATE 3: TMZ is also now saying that whatever Demi overdosed on, it wasn’t heroin.

There’s a special spot in my heart for Demi Lovato. Between saying whatever she wants on Twitter to looking deeply unimpressed at awards shows, Demi is a no-fucks-given diamond in the rough. I wish I was about to tell a story of Demi hissing at someone on social media, but this isn’t it. TMZ says that Demi was rushed to the hospital for a heroin overdose.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that 25-year-old Demi was taken from her home in the Hollywood Hills just before noon today and transported to a Los Angeles hospital. Her current condition isn’t known. Sources close to Demi tell TMZ that she’d been struggling recently. Demi is scheduled to perform in Atlantic City on the 26th.

Demi has been pretty open about her issues with drugs and booze, and has spoken about the kind of things that test her sobriety (like the obnoxiousness of the Met Gala, which would test anyone, to be honest). Three months ago, she was defending herself against people suggesting she might have taken a break in her sober journey. It seemed like Demi was keeping it together, until last month when she confessed she had broken her sobriety in a song titled “Sober.” She was also rumored to be seeing G-Eazy, who was arrested back in May for coke possession.

The details are still pretty murky, and all we really know for certain is that Demi is in the hospital. I just hope that if her old boss Barney the Purple Dinosaur hears this, he doesn’t think to swing by with some flowers. Hearing Barney’s awful voice will only make things worse.



Some Think Demi Lovato “Shaded” Taylor Swift At The Billboard Music Awards

May 21, 2018 / Posted by:

Y’all, I’m so jaded with these awards shows. Most times I forget they’re even on, and the only reason I watched the Billboard Music Awards last night was so I could see Janet Jackson dip herself in gold and show everyone how a baby and millions of dollars will make you dance like your income tax check just arrived. But before that happened  Demi Lovato, dressed in an outfit from the Matrix Intimates collection, meowed like a cat dying in hot grease next to Christina Aguilera while performing their duet “Fall In Line”. The video of that is after the cut.

The viewers at home must have taken heed to those words because in true “we have no lives” fashion the internet chose Demi as its target when many viewers accused her of throwing shade from the audience, especially once aging Homecoming Queen Taylor Swift hit the stage.

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