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Demi Lovato And Her Designer Boyfriend Have Broken Up

March 6, 2019 / Posted by:

After leaving rehab, Demi Lovato made us fully aware that she had a new man in clothing designer Henri Levy. With her black nails and tough attitude and his edgy clothing designs involving swastikas and Mickey and Minnie Mouse having sex, these two seemed like a match made in Overgrown Hot Topic Heaven. But alas, all good things must end, and it’s being reported that Demi and Henri have called it quits.

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Demi Lovato And Her New Man Are Instagram Official

December 30, 2018 / Posted by:

Despite Demi Lovato‘s recent plea to everyone to leave her the eff alone about her near death OD, there is one piece of personal info that she is happily serving up today. Demi has gone Instagram official with the news that she has upgraded her “sober companion” to her “slobber companion”, as she posted a video of her kissing her current purse holder, oh-so-edgy clothing designer Henri Levy.

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A Fan Accused Demi Lovato’s Team Of Being “Rotten,” And Demi Slapped Back

November 19, 2018 / Posted by:

Demi Lovato has been out of rehab for a while now, just a little earlier than we all thought she might be. Still, Demi’s choice. It’s also Demi’s choice who gets a paycheck from her every month, and she recently proved she doesn’t appreciate it when random fans try to tell her which members of her inner circle they believe don’t have her best interests at heart.

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Demi Lovato Will Spend The Rest Of The Year In Rehab

October 31, 2018 / Posted by:

Demi Lovato checked into rehab back in August after she was found unconscious in her home after a suspected overdose. It was reported that she’d be there for a while, something I think everyone could agree was a good choice. The general consensus was she’d be in recover for a few months, and now we’re learning that Demi won’t be out until sometime in 2019.

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