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Some Think Demi Lovato “Shaded” Taylor Swift At The Billboard Music Awards

May 21, 2018 / Posted by:

Y’all, I’m so jaded with these awards shows. Most times I forget they’re even on, and the only reason I watched the Billboard Music Awards last night was so I could see Janet Jackson dip herself in gold and show everyone how a baby and millions of dollars will make you dance like your income tax check just arrived. But before that happened  Demi Lovato, dressed in an outfit from the Matrix Intimates collection, meowed like a cat dying in hot grease next to Christina Aguilera while performing their duet “Fall In Line”. The video of that is after the cut.

The viewers at home must have taken heed to those words because in true “we have no lives” fashion the internet chose Demi as its target when many viewers accused her of throwing shade from the audience, especially once aging Homecoming Queen Taylor Swift hit the stage.

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The Billboard Music Awards Fashions Put The “Bored” In Billboard

May 21, 2018 / Posted by:

The Billboard Music Awards were last night and if the red carpet is any indication, it lived up to it’s name because most stars looked as bored as can be. With very few exceptions, most of the night’s looks were uninspired and devoid of whimsy. Nick Jonas (above) looks like he just showed up for his shift at Applebees and still needs to go get his flair from his locker and take a quick shot at the bar before getting started. He’ll be with you in a minute, ok?

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Demi Lovato Hated The Met Gala So Much She Almost Broke Her Sobriety

March 8, 2018 / Posted by:

Considering the number of broads who come out and say how miserable Anna Wintour’s annual May ass kissing spectacle (also known as the Met Gala) is, the guest list is eventually just going to be Anna, Karl Lagerfeld, and Choupette the cat sitting around barking at cater waiters to refill their seltzer glass. Demi Lovato apparently had such a nasty experience that she almost broke her sobriety! Continue reading


Henry Cavill Has Broken Up With His Girlfriend Lucy Cork

February 6, 2018 / Posted by:

About a year after Henry Cavill broke up with his teenage girlfriend, he started to hook up with a stuntwoman named Lucy Cork. Henry and Lucy met on the set of Mission: Impossible 6, but now they’re over after seven months together.

According to The Mirror, Henry was seen at a recent Warner Bros. party with some friends, who were trying to set up their “single” friend. When one girl approached Henry and introduced herself, his friends allegedly shouted that he was “single and ready to mingle.” That’s a weird way to put it. But maybe “alone and ready for the photo op zone” was just his Kaley Cuoco-era dating strategy.

Henry has since unfollowed Lucy on Instagram, which as we all know in 2018 dating terms means they’re broken up for good. The only thing the Mirror doesn’t know is the reason for why Henry and Lucy broke up. I wonder whatever could have been the straw that broke the camel’s thirsty back? No, I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that Henry fell into Demi Lovato’s carefully laid Instagram trap last week. And really, I honestly don’t think Demi’s lingerie-covered titties did Henry’s relationship in. She probably just heard things were bad and decided to lay some groundwork for a possible relationship. And hell, why not get a little attention and some Instagram likes while you’re at it? Honestly, that’s just smart multitasking.


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