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The Trailer For Darren Aronofsky’s “Mother!” Has Arrived

August 8, 2017 / Posted by:

No wonder they fell in love! Who would have guessed that the long anticipated movie Mother!, the one that brought together lovebirds Jennifer Lawrence and director Darren Aronofsky, would turn out to be a rom-com!? The trailer for Mother! has just come out, and it looks like a delight. In a departure from his usual dark, demented and psychologically thorny fare, this one looks like an absolute lark.

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Jennifer Lawrence And Darren Aronofsky Relationship Update: Serious, But Also Not That Serious

August 2, 2017 / Posted by:

We’re on the cusp of a promo tour for mother!, the horror film directed by Darren Aronosky and starring his girlfriend, actress Jennifer Lawrence (maybe you’ve heard of her). And with that comes many more potential stories of barfing, pissing, rubbing her ass on things, but also many updates on Jennifer’s relationship with Darren. Strap in, it’s going to be a busy couple of months.

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Jennifer Lawrence And Her 48-Year-Old Boyfriend Get Along Because She’s “Mature”

March 29, 2017 / Posted by:

We were recently reminded that Jennifer Lawrence is still with Darren Aronofsky. Jennifer and Darren seem to be pretty private people; for instance, they only put on a PDA show for the paps every couple of months. When she has talked about her relationship, it has been very minimally. So those who really want to know about Jennifer’s relationship with Darren have to wait for sources to fill them in on the details. Like if their 22-year age difference is awkward for them. Is it though?!?! I need to know. Thankfully People has a source who can reassure us that it’s not awkward.

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Important Relationship Update: Jennifer Lawrence And Darren Aronofsky Are Still A Thing

March 21, 2017 / Posted by:

It’s been four months since we’ve talked about Jennifer Lawrence and her current boyfriend, director Darren Aronofsky. Four months without an update is enough time in which some famous people could split up, hook up with someone new, get married, and file for divorce. But apparently that’s not what has happened here. They might have been laying low over the past few months, but they’re still together.

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Jennifer Lawrence Briefly Talked About Darren Aronofsky To Vanity Fair

November 22, 2016 / Posted by:


Jennifer Lawrence hasn’t come straight out and confirmed how official she is with Darren Aronofsky. Instead, JLaw let her publicist do the talking with some “spontaneous” street-kissing pap shots earlier this month. Jennifer promoted her upcoming film Relatable Hotties in Space (aka Passengers) in the holiday issue of Vanity Fair, and the topic of Darren Aronofsky came up. Jennifer’s inner kewl girl probably really wanted to crack a joke about his head not being his only place without hair (wink), or that she loves just chilling out on the couch with an entire stuffed-crust pizza and watching Requiem for a Dream with him. But privacy-loving Jennifer decided to keep it extremely vague and non-committal. She doesn’t say a whole lot.

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