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Brad Pitt Is Trying To Avoid A Custody Trial

November 20, 2018 / Posted by:

Now for the 6,999,7777 update in the Brangelina divorce saga. And that number is an understatement.

Angelina Jolie reportedly got so vicious in fighting for the kids that Brad Pitt became so clean in his living that he didn’t even bother coming up this way to Massachusetts today to help us celebrate the first day of legal pot shops! Now Brad is said to be appealing to Angie to keep this thing out of court for the sake of the kids.

Us Weekly says Brad has called up Angelina to say “think of the kids!” in her push to send their custody battle the courtroom. A snitch gave more details:

“He reached out hoping to persuade Angie that the hearing will cause lasting psychological damage to their children. There will be no winners, no matter what the judge decides.”

Even though it seemed like shit was beginning to turn into a game of we’re-still-getting-divorced Patty Cake between those two, they filed documents in Los Angeles to get a judge to sort out their custody woes. While I wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to have Maleficent and Joe Black stroll into my courtroom, shit like this usually winds up getting settled out of court for the sake of it not being recommended for your overall development to see Mom and Dad duke it out in front of a judge. An Angelina source says Angie and Brad are “working together to reach a settlement outside of court.” I hope that just means Angelina will get the kids on the days she wants them in exchange for never writing and directing Brad in a movie ever again.


Stephen Belafonte Wants Temporary Custody Of Mel B’s Two Younger Daughters

August 31, 2018 / Posted by:

I can hear this picture, it sounds like an L.A.-by-way-of- Leeds accent, and it says: “He wants WOT?

Earlier this month, we learned that Mel B and Stephen Belafonte had finally settled their divorce. Stephen’s getting $20,000 a month, which includes $5,000 for child support of their 6-year-old daughter Madison Belafonte, and $15,000 in spousal support for himself. Mel B and Stephen had also reportedly agreed to share custody of Madison. Stephen may be ok with the money, but not the custody. TMZ says that Stephen appeared in court today, claiming Mel isn’t fit to care for her three daughters, because she’s drunk all the time. Here we go again.

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Angelina Jolie Wants To Take The Kids To London But Can’t Because Brad Wants To Stay In L.A.

May 24, 2018 / Posted by:

According to Page Six, if Angelina Jolie had her druthers, the child army would be grabbing their Europe summer bags (they probably have pre-packed luggage for every season and continent at the ready) and headed to London to be with her while she films Maleficent 2. But no matter how many withering sighs (band name alert!) she utters, Angie can’t get around the rules of her ongoing custody battle with William Bradley Pitt. Us Weekly reports that Brad purposefully chose projects filming in Los Angeles and rearranged his summer schedule just so he can spend time with the kids.

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Cupcake Renegade Jesse Williams In Trouble For Introducing His Kids To His New Girlfriend (UPDATE)

January 25, 2018 / Posted by:

Jesse Williams has run afoul of his estranged wife Aryn Drake-Lee once again. TMZ reports that Aryn has lodged a complaint that states Jesse is in violation of the couple’s custody agreement. Last time, Jesse was the one complaining about Aryn not let letting him see the kids over Christmas. Now Aryn is saying that Jesse has violated the agreement by introducing the kids to his new lady friend (NOT MINKA!). And for doing birthday cupcakes all wrong.

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